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Most Strong Bad Emails seen on the website and DVDs include a closing from the sender. These range from complex ("With lots of anticipation,") to simple (merely appending a hyphen before the sender's name); approximately 1/3 of emails have no closing at all. Strong Bad typically will read the valediction as written, but occasionally will change it or make up one of his own.

One popular closing is "Crapfully Yours"; this closing and its variations are recorded in its own article.


[edit] "Sincerely"

[edit] "Thank you"

[edit] "Your (type of person)"

[edit] "-(Name of Sender)"

[edit] "Crapfully Yours"

See main article: Crapfully Yours

[edit] Other

[edit] Strong Bad reads what's written

[edit] Strong Bad makes up his own closing

  • sb_email 22 - Strong Bad suggests alternates to the "Thank you" the sender used:
    • "Cheers,"
    • "Cheerio,"
    • "Nevermind the bullocks,"
  • lunch special - "Keep on tranglin,"
  • long pants - "Some ants toot"
  • do over - "Totally not gettin' old," (Strong Bad says this instead of the written closing, "Crapfully yours,")
  • boring (really) - "With lots of groan," (Strong Bad says this instead of the written closing, "With lots of crap,")
  • space program - "Good jokes," (Strong Bad says this instead of the written closing, "Doo doo crap,")
  • your edge - "Yours, etc" (Strong Bad says "Yours, His, Hers, Mine, Ours")

[edit] None

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