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"Or, Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian talkwords for saying from your mouth, for short."

Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian Jerktionary Fo' My Own Words!, alternatively titled Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian talkwords for saying from your mouth (for short, although it's actually longer), is a dictionary hypothetically created by Strong Bad in dictionary. The book is dribbled with butterscotch sauce, so as to stick the pages together and make for "way less words". A suffix section is included, featuring many natural disaster suffixes, and there is a section on "gutteral utterances" or "gutterances" which are used to express complete disinterest in specific people. Additionally, some entries, such as "paunch", have scratch-and-sniff stickers to further describe the word's definition. In order to keep the power of the Strong Badian language from falling into the hands of "lesser minds", the dictionary is booby-trapped with an endless "see also" loop.


[edit] Known Entries

"How are ya gonna define a word like paunch, without smelling Strong Sad's considerable paunch!"
  • ab-abber {definition unknown}
  • boodroscotch n. — a sweet, boodro-based sauce that doubles as a kudrow-based adhesive.
  • crapvalanche {definition unknown}
  • dribble-drabble v. — the act of making frozen cheescake appear delicious by scribbling raspberry sauce over it.
  • gutterances n. — low growly noises made to express utter disdain at another person's very existence.
  • hwimswelf n.The Cheat's carpet & couch and satin sheets ruining owndangself.
  • paunch (paw•nch) n. —
  • pukernado (pyook•er•nay•doh) n. — a cyclonic upchucking
  • pukevalanche (pyook•vuh•lanch) n. — a lot, lot, lot of the puke
  • sawesome adj. — not unlike having the qualities of an awesome sauce.
  • zawesome adj. — see crap-for-brains.

[edit] Known Suffixes

  • -valanche
  • -quake
  • -rnado
  • -onsoon
  • -forest fire (although this could just be another of Homestar's misunderstandings)

[edit] Known Gutterances

[edit] The See Also Loop

  • crap for brains n. — see also carp for brains.
  • carp for brains n. — see also brain for brains.
  • brain for brains n. — see also crap for brains.

[edit] See Also

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