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"Now that sounds like a book worthy of every toilet-side magazine basket."

Count Longardeaux's Book of Party Tricks, Redneck Jokes, and Worldly Records is a record book made up and referenced by Strong Bad. Homestar Runner uses it to tell bad redneck jokes. It is seen in "record book".


[edit] Known Records

Image Record Chapter Record Holder
Biggest Waste of Dump 7 - Records of Loneliness Strong "The Biggest Waste of Dump" Sad
Least Healthiest (Man?) 3 - Disgusting Eating/Old Person Records The King of Town
The Semi-Annual Mustard Man Award

Or Best Offer!
81 - Awkwardnesses Homsar
Most Macaronis Nailed To A Paper Towel Tube... By Strong Mad

Just One!
2 - Special Records Strong Mad
Pole Vault

20 ft. 1.5 in.
11 - Records of Smell/Track and Field Marzipan
Cutest Couple 9 - Superlatives Bubs
Longest "Bull Honkey"

13.4 seconds
7 - Saying Words for a Long Time Records The Human Strong Bad

[edit] Trivia

  • There are two chapter sevens: one for "Saying Words for a Long Time Records", and the other for "Records of Loneliness".

[edit] Known Redneck Jokes

  • Q: What do you call a redneck, with no teeth, that watches stock car racing all day?
  • A: Man, they do not wear shirts!

  • Q: What does a redneck man call a dead possum, lyin' in the middle of the road?
  • A: Probably sushi!

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