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"It'll take quick wits, lightning reflexes, and more quarters than you or your zit-faced friends could possibly have."

Blue Laserdisc Challenge is a DVD mini game that allows you to take control of Blue Laser Commander as he tries to escape the Cheat Commandos by mashing the left or right buttons on your DVD player's remote control whenever you come upon two different possible paths.

Cast (in order of appearance): Blue Laser Commander, Fightgar, Silent Rip, Gunhaver, Firebert, Crackotage, Blue Laser Minion

Places: Blue Laser Commander's Summer Temple Getaway, Blue Laser Commander's Nana's Backyard

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 2

Running Time: 3:29 (YouTube version)


[edit] Transcript

{Open to Blue Laserdisc Challenge logo with music playing.}

ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} Cheat Commandos Blue Laserdisc Challenge! Take control of Blue Laser Commander {a remote control appears} by mashing left or right on your laserdisc remote when you see this flashing style. {The mountain top and pile of rocks flash, then the mountain top explodes and rocks fall on top of Blue Laser Commander. Cut to Fightgar and Silent Rip shooting.} But act fast. The Cheat Commandos are hot on your trail!

ANNOUNCER: {voiceover} It'll take quick wits, {cut to Blue Laser Commander swinging from a vine} lightning reflexes, {cut to Blue Laser Commander jumping around and doing somersaults} and more quarters than you or your zit-faced friends could possibly have... in your zit-faced pockets. {Cut to a shot of U.S. quarters with the words "Get Ready to Pay" written above them that changes to "Get Ready to Play"}

{Cut to Blue Laser Commander inside a temple of some kind, holding a glass of wine.}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: At last I can relax in my ancient, secret, summer temple getaway.

{The doorbell rings.}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Bonus! My pizza's here!

{Answers the door to reveal Gunhaver, Fightgar, Silent Rip, and Firebert meeting him at gunpoint.}

GUNHAVER: Sorry, Blue Laser! The only -za you'll be eating is a deep dish justice pie with extra sausage and sun dried freedom!

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Eh, wait, does that mean you're giving me freedom?

GUNHAVER: Uh, get 'em boys!


[edit] Waiting too long to decide your path

If at any point in the game you take too long to decide one of two automatic outcomes will be decided for you, each depending solely on the DVD player you're using to play the game. The most common outcome involves Fightgar and Silent Rip catching up to you and shooting you full of holes, causing Blue Laser Commander to fall down as if he was a two-dimensional cutout figure. The other outcome is an automatic choice of the incorrect way and its resulting consequences, which vary as the game progresses.

[edit] 1. The Crossroads

{Blue Laser Commander runs away with the Cheat Commandos right behind him, he finds himself at a crossroads with two passageways and a statue in the middle.}

[edit] Mash Left

{Blue Laser Commander dodges laser fire and exits the room. The statue is shot down and blocks the passageway door)

[edit] Mash Right

{The statue shoots a laser out of its mouth and Blue Laser Commander is zapped into skeletal remains.}

[edit] 2. The Bridge

{Blue Laser Commander runs into a cavern with a broken rope bridge and a vine hanging from the ceiling}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Oh! How con-freaking-venient!

[edit] Mash Left

{Blue Laser Commander runs and jumps up to grab the vine, only to discover that the vine is actually the tail of a green monster, which electrocutes and eats him, then burps out a few bones.}

[edit] Mash Right

{Blue Laser Commander runs and jumps over the hole in the bridge, but the bridge snaps and he has to climb the rest of the way to the other side.}

[edit] 3. The Pendulum (Part 1)

{He runs into a room with two large blades swinging like a pendulum}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Why did I put so many booby traps in my own summer getaway?!

[edit] Mash Left

{Blue Laser Commander dodges the swinging blade and dives to the other side of it as it slams into the wall}

[edit] Mash Right

{A blade slices right through the Commander, revealing his insides.}

[edit] 4. The Pendulum (Part 2)

{Blue Laser Commander goes past the first blade, stopping at the second.}

[edit] Mash Left

{A blade slices right through the Commander, revealing his insides.}

[edit] Mash Right

{He leaps off the wall and jumps on top of the blade as it swings towards the ceiling and breaks through. He leaps onto a rooftop of the temple with a gun and a branch off the side.}

[edit] Warning

If you choose the wrong path in Part 2, you will have to start the entire scene over again from the beginning.

[edit] 5. The Temple Rooftop

{As the second pendulum swings toward Blue Laser Commander, he grabs it and rides on it as it swings up to the ceiling and smashes into it, sticking there. The ceiling leads to the roof with an anti-air gun installation on it. Cut to a jet in the air with Crackotage}

CRACKOTAGE: Your ancient temple sure looks Mayan, I'm about to send some missiles flyin'! Hoo hoo, Ha ha!

{Two missiles are fired and head straight for the Commander on the roof}


[edit] Mash Left

{Blue Laser Commander runs for the AA gun and tries in vain to shoot down the missiles, and misses both of them.}


{Both missiles land a direct hit and blow the roof off the temple. Blue Laser Commander falls out of the sky burned up.}

[edit] Mash Right

{Blue Laser Commander runs and jumps off the rooftop before the missiles hit. His parachute opens and he glides down into Nana's Backyard}

BLUE LASER MINION: Your pizza's arrived sir.

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: Vengeance at last!

GUNHAVER: Next state-of-the-art Laserdisc game, Blue Laser! Next state-of-the-art Laserdisc game!!

ANNOUNCER: {singing} Buy All Our Playsets and Toys!

[edit] 6. Game Over

{A black screen appears that has The Cheat style skull and crossbones with the words "Try Again! Press 'Menu' at any time to exit" below. Then the skull and crossbones turn into Blue Laser Commander and he runs off screen}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "Frak" is a substitute expletive made popular by the film and television series Battlestar Galactica.

[edit] Trivia

That's got to hurt...

[edit] Remarks

  • If you look carefully at Fightgar when the Commandos first appear at the door to the temple, you will notice that he is missing his stubble.
  • If you wait too long at the first pendulum choice, the pendulum in front will disappear as the Blue Laser Commander falls.

[edit] Inside References

  • Gunhaver's line, "Next state-of-the-art laser disc game, Blue Laser! Next state-of-the-art laser disc game!!" is a reference to Shopping For Danger, in which, at the end, he says, "Next episode, Blue Laser! Next episode!!"
  • Blue Laserdisc is a portmanteau.
  • Crackotage's missiles are the same ones full of green tea seen in Commandos in the Classroom.
  • Blue Laser Commander's skeleton uses Homsar's walking sound.
  • This game is played on a Laserdisc.
  • Blue Laser orders pizza.
  • The instructions given involve mashing left or right when the player sees the flashing style.

[edit] Real World References

[edit] YouTube Version

  • The YouTube description for this toon is "Full playthrough of the classic interactive DVD game! Includes all possible outcomes for each scene! For real bonus content from Everything Else Vol. 2 DVD".
  • All the scenes play automatically. The "successful" choice is always played first, followed by the "incorrect" choice, and then the "too late" choice for each scene. The exception is the final room, where "successful" is played last.

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