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There's like fifty of these guys.

Green Helmets are the generic, expendable members of the Cheat Commandos, much like the "Greenshirts" in G.I. Joe (or the Star Trek equivalent, Redshirts). As such, their main purpose is to go on dangerous missions in place of the regular Cheat Commandos cast, so that none of the main characters have to be killed off. Gunhaver doesn't seem to be too concerned with their safety, since there are "like fifty of them".

Green Helmets do not come in individual packages, and instead are only available in "discount three packs" (three figures in one package). Gunhaver does not respect them for this.

A sketch of a jolly Green Helmet was revealed in the Sketchbook in December 2006.

[edit] Defining Traits

Discount Action 3-Pack!
  • Discount Action 3-Pack!
  • Extra Melty!
  • Naw, It's Cool!

[edit] Complete Filmography

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