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"Let's rrrrrrock, rrrrock on!"

Agent Chimendez is a Cheat Commando voiced by A. Chimendez. He assumes the role of leader of the Cheat Commandos after he leads Gunhaver into a box trap, while A. Chimendez leads Gunhaver's voice actor, Crack Stuntman, into a box as well. He claims to be an "expanded universe" character and wears a camouflage outfit with a safari hat on his head. After getting Gunhaver to become trapped in the box, he either sent Gunhaver to the moon or led the Cheat Commandos to believe that was the case. Because he is voiced by A. Chimendez, who has a Latin accent, he rolls his Rs, causing the phrase "rock, rock on" to become "Rrrrrrock, rrrrock on!" When the other commandos try to repeat this, they pronounce each R in an awkward attempt to mimic his diction (Ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-rock, ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-rock on!")

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