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"Already low, low prices on paper towels and grout clean'r"

Price Style (also spelled PRiCE STYLE) is the place where the Cheat Commandos intercepted Blue Laser from buying things on double-coupon day in the toon Shopping for Danger. Gunhaver suspected that Blue Laser was taking advantage of the low prices here to buy devices that can turn babies into gold, and to screw with the weather (for example, making it snow at the beach). He ordered Fightgar to do some "undercover work". Fightgar dressed up as an old lady and spied on Blue Laser's actions. He then gave the Cheat Commandos the signal. The Commandos then entered the store by rope, shattering a window and stopping Blue Laser. The store next to Price Style is HAUSGOOD. A real-life Price Style was seen in Decemberween Dangeresque, where Dangeresque searches for Hot Jones.

A live action Price Style

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