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Gunhaver and Silent Rip at the screen

The Screen is the computer used by the Cheat Commandos. It is located in the Cheat Commandos HQ. In contrast to the Blue Laser Supercomputer used by Blue Laser, which looks old and Commodore-like, this computer looks brand new and has lots of brightly colored buttons, keyboards, and panels. Its main feature is the "Blue Las-Alert," which goes off whenever Blue Laser is spotted. It shows a video stream of them, transmitted from the spy camera. It first appeared in Shopping For Danger, complete with Blue Las-Alert, when Blue Laser was spotted at Price Style on double coupon day. It was also used in Commandos in the Classroom to watch Pony Fights 2 and later a film on making appropriate peer-2-teen choice behaviors. It alerted the Cheat Commandos of Thanksgiving Break in Let us give TANKS!, and informed the Commandos when the doorbell was ringing in Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 1.

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