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Happy T, everybody!

Happy T! is a bizarre little sign reading precisely that. It was put up on the Main Page for Thanksgiving 2002. Click on a letter to hear a character speak!

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Bubs, Strong Sad, Coach Z, Strong Mad, Homsar (Easter egg)

Date: Thursday, November 28, 2002

Running time: 0:24 (all 8 sound clips combined)

Page Title: N/A


[edit] Transcript

{It's a sign reading "HAPPY T!" Clicking on each letter (and the exclamation point) from left to right yields each of the bits of text outlined below}


MARZIPAN: Happy T, everybody!

STRONG BAD: Happy freakin' T... losers.

BUBS: Happy dappy T, everybody.

STRONG SAD: What are we all talking about? I mean, "Happy T"?

COACH Z: Horpy Tor!


[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Clicking near the bottom right (this was the bottom right corner on the main pages) reveals a hidden Homsar voice clip. It's easiest to use the Tab button to highlight it, as the clickable area is very small.
HOMSAR: Nooowowowow, this is the thrill of a lifetime.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • On the 2010 Calendar, it says "(Happy T!!)" on Thanksgiving.
  • The King of Town is the only main character with intelligible speech not to say anything.

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