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It's a line
It's a TRAP!
[[Image:homestar.PNG]] [[Image:everybody-poster.PNG]]
[[Image:homestar.PNG]] [[Image:everybody-poster.PNG]]

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Oh, hello. Are you looking for a half-eaten poptart? Fret no more! For, we have found the answer to your dreams here! We've invented a thing called... uh... actually, we don't even know what it is called. For the love of Pete, Will you please stop eating those nails?!? It is so annoying! You do not want to miss out on this! Sign up now forever! Just 10 dollars monthly, or 450 dollars daily! If poop is good then I can make a link to Yep it's good.

Wait. Since that didn't work, Maybe this will! YAY!

woah! Bold letters!

  • Wee Look at me!
  • I'm listing
    • Beat that
      • HA!
Now it's in the middle!


It's a TRAP!

Image:homestar.PNG Image:everybody-poster.PNG

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