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Jenga or Pictionary

Jenga is a game where players take turns taking a brick out of a tower and placing it on top, until the tower becomes too unstable and falls. Jenga has occasionally been referred to, usually in unusual ways. Homsar's "JengaJams" are also mentioned often.

[edit] Appearances

  • Where's The Cheat?Strong Sad says that he and The Cheat play Jenga on Tuesdays. While playing Connect Four with Strong Sad, Homsar says "you shanked my Jengaship" and tells Bubs "I just lost my JengaJam".
  • Strong Sad's Lament — Homsar invites Strong Sad to a "Late Night JengaJam".
  • Email concertLimozeen's concert rider includes "Jenga or Pictionary" among their list of demands.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory — If a play is taking too long, Strong Bad may say, "This is less fun than one of Homsar's late night JengaJams."
  • Meeple Grove — In the midst of other references to tabletop games, Homsar once again announces that his Jengaship has been shanked.
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