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"Where the meeples all speak in board-gamery terms while I over-explain everything."

Twelve Homestar Runner meeples stand around on a board game and chat. Homsar's Jengaship gets shanked again.

Cast (in order of appearance): The Poopsmith, Strong Mad, Bubs, Marzipan, Pom Pom, The King of Town, Homsar, The Cheat, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Strong Sad, Pleasant Narrator, Balding Man

Places: Basement of the Brothers Strong

Date: Thursday, July 26, 2018

Running Time: 1:55


[edit] Transcript

{Open on a game board sitting on a table in the basement of the Brothers Strong, with meeples of the twelve main characters standing on it. Soft music plays. Whenever a meeple speaks, he rattles back and forth.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uh, you guys? How come we look like this? {close up} And how come I can only kinda... shimmy in place? Not that I'm complaining. Everybody knows Homestar Runner loves a good stand-in-place shimmy!

{Pan to the Strong Sad meeple in the bottom-right corner}

STRONG SAD: We're meeples! I've had so many dreams like this!

{Wide shot. The Cheat meeple turns to face Strong Bad as he speaks.}

STRONG BAD: {rhythmically} Gross. I hate you. Gross, gross, I hate you.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: What's a meeple? Sounds like Intendo.

{Close up on Strong Sad meeple}

STRONG SAD: A meeple is a wooden approximation of a human character in a tabletop game!

STRONG BAD: We look like we belong in one of those old British stop-motion shows. You know, where we all speak in board-gamery terms while a pleasant narrator over-explains everything?

{Pan over the board while music plays and the title "Meeple Grove Market" appears over top. During the narration, panning shots are shown of various meeples toddling around the board.}

PLEASANT NARRATOR: {voiceover} Welcome to Meeple Grove Market. Where the meeples all speak in board-gamery terms while I over-explain everything.

{Close up of Strong Bad meeple}

STRONG BAD: {fake Italian accent} Okay, as is the custom of-a my meeples, everybody sound off!


BUBS: I just eradicated all disease in Jakarta!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I lost a turn in the chocolate swamp! Chocolate?! What happened to molasses? Kids love molasses!

COACH Z: I'm creepin' and I'm creepin' down Baltic Ave! (actually says "Ave", not "avenue")

KING OF TOWN: I'm takin' back Irkutsk!

STRONG SAD: Pret-ty sneaky, sis!

{Wide shot, drum roll plays}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Do it Homsar, do it, do it, do it!

STRONG BAD: Do it Homsar, do it!

BUBS: Yeah, yeah! Do it!

COACH Z: Dort!

KING OF TOWN: Yeah, do it! Do it, do it!


HOMSAR: Oh, no! {close up} You just shanked my Jengaship!

{Triumphant tune plays. Wide shot.}

STRONG BAD: Oh no, it's our mortal enemy: someone going to get a drink during the game!

{A silhouette of the Balding Man sighs his drawn-out sigh as he gets up from the table, making The Geddup Noise and jostling it, which knocks over all the meeples. Everybody yells in alarm.}

{Slow zoom out as music plays.}

PLEASANT NARRATOR: And so, all the meeples fell down, because you see, when you're playing a tabletop game and you get up to go to the loo—

STRONG BAD: {still lying on his back} Yeah, we get it.

PLEASANT NARRATOR: —sometimes your knee strikes—

STRONG BAD: We get it!

PLEASANT NARRATOR: —the corner of the table—


PLEASANT NARRATOR: —upsetting everything on the—


{"End" screen}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • This was a surprise video posted to Kickstarter to promote Trogdor!! The Board Game. It was linked to by the board game's Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with this message:
Everybody (Everybody) Check out our surprise meeple video we made! We're still working on the other stuff, but we figured this would be a good amuse bouche.

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this email is "An old stop-motion show featuring your favorite Homestar characters in meeple form. King of Town is in it, too!"

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • A similar show with a pleasant British narrator was featured in the "Trauncles" segment of Two More Eggs, also produced by The Brothers Chaps.
  • "What's a meeple? Sounds like Intendo." might be a reference to amiibo, Nintendo's line of plastic figures that interact with their games.
  • Strong Bad's description of "old British stop motion shows" involving wooden figures and pleasant narrators calls to mind such shows as Postman Pat.
  • The "board-gamery terms" used by the characters refer to various tabletop games:
    • Strong Mad's "grain" is a tradeable resource in the popular game Settlers of Catan.
    • Bubs eradicates disease in Jakarta, one of the cities players must save in Pandemic.
    • Homestar loses a turn in the Chocolate Swamp from the children's board game Candy Land. He also refers to the earlier versions of the game that had Molasses Swamp instead.
    • Coach Z creeps down Baltic Ave, one of the properties in the classic board game Monopoly.
    • The King of Town takes Irkutsk, a conquerable territory in the strategy game Risk.
    • Strong Sad's "Pretty sneaky, sis" comes from an old commercial for Connect Four.
    • Homsar's self-quote references Battleship and the non-board game Jenga.
  • Coach Z's "I'm creepin' and I'm creepin'" is once again a quote from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's "Nuthin' But a "G" Thang"This Wikipedia article contains mild language mild language, previously referenced in Strong Sad's Lament.

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