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"A low-calorie dessert that you can whip up for your family in under fifteen minutes!"

In the third episode of Six-Sadded, Die, Strong Sad explains the intricacies of peasant burninantion in Trogdor!! The Board Game.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad

Date: Monday, August 27, 2018

Running time: 4:53


[edit] Transcript

{Shot of a black surface; Strong Sad places down a die, revealing it to resemble his head}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade to black and then fade into a top down shot of Trogdor!! The Board Game}

STRONG SAD: Greetings, Six-Sadders. It's Strong Sad here with a good word about one of my favorite elements of Trogdor!! The Board Game. And that's peasant burnination!

{A brief shot of the Trogdor arcade game with the text "Peasant Burnination" is shown, accompanied by a voice saying "Paysan brûlant!", then returns to the game}

STRONG SAD: So, let's say it is my turn, and I have one action left. I'm going to burninate this peasant. {points to the peasant in question}

{A brief shot of the Trogdor arcade game with the text "Peasant Burnination" is shown, accompanied by a voice saying "Paysan brûlant!", then returns to the game}

STRONG SAD: So, we get out our trusty flame helmet—

{Strong Sad holds the flame helmet so it can be seen by the viewer}

STRONG SAD: —and plop it right on his peasant noggin there... {he places the flame helmet on the peasant} And now comes the fun part!

{Strong Sad displays a movement card: East-East-South-West-South}

STRONG SAD: We draw a movement card to determine where this peasant will go, leaving a path of destruction, including the space that he's currently on. Let's call it out!

{Strong Sad moves the peasant in the directions he says aloud, each tile changing to its burninated form as he moves across it}

STRONG SAD: East, east, south, west, south. Now you'll notice he only burninates the countryside here, not the cottage. {waggles his finger "no"} And once the peasant has finished his path of burnination, he does not go into the Trog-Meter. He goes into the void.

{Strong Sad removes the peasant from the play area and sets it off to the left}

STRONG SAD: {imitating the peasant} "Aah, I guess this is better than the plague!"

{a dissolve fade to another board setup}

STRONG SAD: Now here's a second example of peasant burnination, for all you peasant sympathizers out there.

{Strong Sad displays another movement card: North-West-West-North-North}

STRONG SAD: We're gonna burninate this peasant, so we draw a movement card. We burninate the space he's on...

{as before, Strong Sad moves the peasant, causing the tiles to change as he declares his movements}

STRONG SAD: And then he goes north, west—right into the lake! If a flaming peasant lands on a lake tile, they are immediately extinguished! {he removes the flame helmet}

{a bar of flaming text appears, reading "EXTINGUISHED!", accompanied by a voice saying "Eteindre!"}

STRONG SAD: And the lake tile is not burninated! So you kinda get the best of both worlds. You burninated a couple-a tiles for free, and then the peasant stays on the board so he doesn't go into the void!

{another fade and the board is reset}

STRONG SAD: {holds up three fingers} Okay, burnination example number three! Let's burninate this peasant down here...

{he displays a card: East-North-North-East}

STRONG SAD: —draw a movement card—

{once again, the tiles change as Strong Sad moves across them}

STRONG SAD: And we're gonna go east, north, north... onto the same tile as another peasant! That causes a flaming peasant chain reaction!

{the flaming text appears again, reading "FLAMING PEASANT CHAIN REACTION!", accompanied by a voice saying "Réaction en chaîne paysan enflammé!"}

STRONG SAD: Now first we finish the initial peasant's movement... He goes east, burninates this tile... And then, into the void. {he moves the peasant off the play area, and removes the flame helmet} And now we put the flame helmet on this peasant and draw a movement card for his path of burnination!

{He displays this card as well: South-East-East-South-South. He then moves the peasant, causing the tiles to change as he calls out each movement.}

STRONG SAD: And now he goes south, east, east—and he doesn't do anything to the knights, they just get really uncomfortable and sweat a lot in their armor—and then south, south. And now the second peasant goes into the void, but look at all the destruction that one action hath wrought. Though it does come with the price of two peasants that are no longer available for your Trog-Meter.

{another board change, this one displaying some already burninated tiles and a flaming cottage}

STRONG SAD: And now onto the fourth and final way to see some peasant burnination!

{the same shot of the arcade graphics and the text "PEASANT BURNINATION!" appears, accompanied by a voice saying "Paysan brûlant!"}

STRONG SAD: Now we'll say Trogdor's just moved and it's the countryside's turn, so we'll draw a movement card—

{displays the card: East-East-North-East, and moves accordingly}

STRONG SAD: —and peasants go northeast! {moves the first peasant} Go northeast... {moves the second peasant} And this guy goes northeast, right into a flaming cottage. Any peasant foolhardy enough to run headlong into a flaming cottage becomes burninated! {he applies a flame helmet to the peasant} So, whether you like it or not, you draw another movement card—be sure to keep them separate—

{he displays this card as well: South-South-East-South, and places it to the left of the play area}

STRONG SAD: —and this guy runs around and leaves a path of burnination. And now he's going to go south... and he wraps around... south, east, south. Again, he goes into the void.

{he moves the piece, flipping the tiles as he says each direction, and then removes the peasant from the field}

STRONG SAD: So there you have it: peasant burnination four ways! A low calorie dessert you can whip up for your family in under fifteen minutes!

{The flaming text appears again, now reading "A Low-calorie Dessert You can Whip up for your Family in Under Fifteen Minutes!", accompanied by a voice saying "Un dessert peu calorique que vous pouvez préparer à votre famille en moins de quinze minutes!"}

{a splat sound effect plays as a meringue decorated like Strong Sad's head appears, then the video goes blank}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • "Eteindre" actually means "to extinguish" in French. "Extinguished" would be "éteint".

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this video is "Strong Sad walks you through the finer -and Frenchier- points of peasant burnination in Trogdor!! The Board Game."

[edit] Remarks

  • The final one minute and six seconds of the video is blank.

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