Stack 'Em to the Heavens!

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"Now you can play a game called Stack 'Em to the Heavens!"

Marshie's talkwords inspire a new Trogdor!! The Board Game minigame.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marshie, Wendell, The Sad Kids, Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Videlectrix Guys

Places: The Bar

Date: Thursday, October 25, 2018

Running time: 1:03


[edit] Transcript

{Four towers of marshmallows assemble in front of a purple background.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover} Stack 'em to the heavens!

{Three towers of obliquely placed peasant and knight meeples are assembled in the spaces in between.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover} Stack 'em to the heavens!

{Marshie flies in onscreen, knocking out the marshmallow and meeple towers in the center.}

MARSHIE: Now you can play a game called—

{Marshie becomes angry as the words he speaks come out of his mouth in spiky-edged yellow balloons.}

MARSHIE: —Stack 'Em to the Heavens!

{The text drifts upward to the top. The background fades to orange as a white bag with the words "Stack Em to the Heavens!" and a flaming Marshie appears onscreen with a tower of four meeples and several more meeples scattered throughout.}

WENDELL: {laughing} That's right, Marshie.

{The Boardelectrix logo slides in from the right}

WENDELL: New from—

{A record scratch interrupts. Marshie suddenly peeks in from the text above.}

MARSHIE: Oh no you don't, Wendell! {Close up} This my barbecue!

{Cut to Marshie sandwiched between peasant and knight meeples stacked in a tower. The scene pans out to reveal the bag.}

MASRHIE: Stack 'Em to the Heavens is a quick stacking game that's great for when your little brats—

{The scene stops panning out when The Sad Kids are shown beside the table.}

MARSHIE: —are waiting for their chicken fingers!

THE SAD GIRL: We're...

THE SAD BOY: ...vegan.

{Cut to a white screen. The TROGDOR!! The Board Game box slides in from the right. As Marshie speaks, Trogdor on the box spits out a Stack Em to the Heavens bag, which spins out onscreen.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover} And it comes free inside every box of Trogdor!! The Board Game!

{Cut to the Stack Em to the Heavens bag on a pink background.}

MARSHIE: {voiceover, anticipatory} Shake up the bag!

{The bag is shaken, and all the meeples are dumped out of it as Marshie's mouth appears and speaks}

MARSHIE: Roll the knights and peasants!

{Cut to a blue background with meeples scattered about. Marshie is wearing a pink helmet and rolling on a skateboard. The meeples assemble themselves into two towers.}

MARSHIE: And take turns {Marshie spins his skateboard} making radical stack-em-ups!

{Marshie jumps and spins in the air}

{Cut to Homestar and Strong Bad at the bar, playing Stack 'Em to the Heavens. A can of Coldson Lite and a bowl of peanuts are on the table.}

STRONG BAD: {unenthusiastically} If I can force you to {he places a meeple on top of the existing tower} stack three peasants in a row, you lose.

{Homestar adds a peasant meeple to the tower.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {unenthusiastically} Not if I can stack 'em weird-ways enough {Strong Bad adds a meeple to the tower} to topple you down.

{The tower becomes unstable and wobbles, then collapses.}

STRONG BAD: {raising his arms, unenthusiastically} Oh no, {trailing off} you toppled me down...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {unenthusiastically} Hooray. {He turns backwards} 'S great.

{The music resumes, cutting to a dark-faded scene of two Marshies wearing vampire costumes floating top-to-top. Below read yellow words "Talk-Say Re-Enactment". Stacks of yellow and black marshmallows appear behind them. Marshie floats past in front of it from the right.}

MARSHIE: "Stack 'Em to the Heavens" is a talk-say I made a long time ago...

{Cut to an angry Marshie in front of a black background.}

MARSHIE: And then-then—

{Cut far out to reveal a tiny Marshie floating in front of the pixelated forms of the Videlectrix Guys.}

MARSHIE: —these jerks STOLE IT!

{The words "STOLE IT" resound with an echo several times.}

{Cut back to the orange screen, where Marshie is peeking in upside-down.}

MARSHIE: The first one to stack a million, {comes in closer} is doing it wrong!

{Cut to a white screen featuring the Stack Em to the Heavens game next to the Trogdor!! The Board Game box. The yellow-spiked letters "Stack Em To The Heavens!" wiggle below.}

VIDELECTRIX ONE: {voiceover} Stack 'Em to the Heavens from {the Boardelectrix logo fades in on the upper left} Boardelectix and that floating horror. {A picture of an angry Marshie accompanied by the words "That Floating Horror" fade in next to the logo.} Included in every box of Tragdar cereal. I mean, board game. Don't... don't pour milk on it.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The YouTube description for this toon is:
Marshie's made up song from 15 years ago somehow turns into a stacking game included with Strong Bad's made up dragon board game!

Pre-orders for Trogdor! The Board Game end Oct. 31 at midnight!

[edit] Remarks

  • The Sad Kids state that they are vegan.

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