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"So there you have it. The contents of Trogdor!! The Board Game laid bare."

In this episode of Six-Sadded, Die, Strong Sad unboxes a copy of Trogdor!! The Board Game with Mike.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Mike Chapman

Date: Friday, July 12, 2019

Running Time: 7:25



{Shot of a black surface; a six sided die lands with a blank face up.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded— Oop.

{Strong Sad picks the die up and rolls it again; the die lands on two.}


{Strong Sad picks the die up and once again rolls; it lands on five.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded— {grunts in frustration}

{Strong Sad rolls the die again, landing on two and revealing that two of its faces have been modified.}

STRONG SAD: Six— {grunts in frustration}

{Strong Sad picks up the die and places it so the modified sides face the camera, revealing it to resemble his head.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade in. The Trogdor!! The Board Game box is standing upright in front of a stone-patterened wall.}

STRONG SAD: {waving his hand in the shot} {rolling his R} Grrreetings, Six-Sadders. Here we are at the official unboxing video of Trogdor!! The Board Game.

{Strong Sad picks up the corner of the box so that the image of Trogdor shines in the light.}

STORNG SAD: Take a look at that spot UV on the cover there. That looks real nice.

{Fade to back cover of Trogdor!! The Board Game.}

STRONG SAD: {flourishing his hand} And here's the back. {indicating the label} "From the web". {indicating the picture "taped" to the right side} Strong Bad has drawn some additions here. {indicating the icons at the top} We've got our icons at the top. Then let's get into it.

{Fade to the Trogdor!! The Board Game box sitting on the table.}

STRONG SAD: Okay, I got Mike here to help me.

{Mike waves his hand into the shot.}

MIKE: Hi, Strong Sad.

{Mike reaches in to take the box in both hands. He slowly lifts the cover of the box.}

STRONG SAD: He's got nicer fingers than I do.

{As the cover of the box is lifted, an emphatic "whumpff!" sound is grunted. The rulebook is on the top. Mike takes the rulebook and holds it toward the camera.}

STRONG SAD: What do we got?

MIKE: Here's the rulebook.

{Mike turns the page.}

MIKE: Exciting, huh? {continues turning pages} Full color.

STRONG SAD: Page count.

MIKE: {turns to the back page} A page count, and look, on the back, there's even a little turn summary.

STRONG SAD: Oh, so you can use this as a quick reference when you're playing.

{Mike sets the rulebook aside.}

MIKE: Sure.

{Mike turns the game box a quarter turn so the long side faces the camera.}

STRONG SAD: Okay, let's... delve in, shall we?

{Mike picks up a white bag with Marshie's face on it that reads "STACK 'EM TO THE HEAVENS!". The bite on Marshie's head is on fire.}

MIKE: All right, let's get rid of this abomination—

STRONG SAD: {simultaneously with "abomination"} Creepo.

MIKE: —here.


{Mike pulls the strings on the bag taut.}

MIKE: It's a little sack for your meeples.

{Mike sets the bag down on top of the rulebook.}

MIKE: There's a little game that you can play for stacking meeples.

{Mike takes out the little bag with the wooden dragon meeples in it.}

MIKE: So here are the, um, alternate Trogdor wooden meeples.

{Mike sets the bag aside.}

STRONG SAD: They all play the same, so just pick your fave—

{Cut to a close-up of the table. Mike places the notebook paper Trogdor meeple on it.}

STRONG SAD: —before each game. Oh, there's the notebook paper Trogdor that started it all.

{Cut. The table is cleared. Mike places the DAGRON carving meeple.}

STRONG SAD: Strong Mad's, carved in a desk, DAGRON.

{Cut. The table is cleared. Mike places the Chiaroscuro Dragon meeple.}

STRONG SAD: Oh, my personal favorite, Mike. Chiaroscuro Trogdor.

MIKE: {overlapping} You should finish that.

{Cut. The table is cleared.}

STRONG SAD: I— I never got a chance!

{Mike places the S is for Sucks meeple.}

STRONG SAD: The S is for Sucks dragon, looking quadruply beefy.

{Cut. The table is cleared. Mike places the Wormdingler meeple. The music stops.}

STRONG SAD: Oh. Oh no.

MIKE: Yeah, let's... let's move on.

STRONG SAD: Wormdingle.

{Cut back to the game box. The music continues. The meeples are stood upright on the side of the box with the other items. Mike pulls out the bag with all the other meeples and shakes it in front of the camera.}

STRONG SAD: And next— what's next, Mike?

{Cut to the empty table.}

MIKE: The rest of the wooden meeples.

{Mike places a peasant.}

MIKE: The... peasant!

STRONG SAD: What's in that tiny bag?

MIKE: {placing a flame helmet on top} Rocks!

STRONG SAD: Ooh, there he is with his flame helmet. He's burninating!

{Mike holds a cottage meeple.}

STRONG SAD: And here's a cottage.

{Mike, still holding the meeple, flips it over to display the burninated side.}

STRONG SAD: Clean side on one, burninated on the other.

{Mike sets the cottage down flat. He flips it over to the burnintated side.}

STRONG SAD: Flip it, flip-a-dip.

{Mike places the archers meeple.}

STRONG SAD: And the archer twins.

MIKE: Mendelev.

STRONG SAD: And Dongolev. Haldo!

{Mike places a knight meeple.}

STRONG SAD: Here's a knight. Look at him, Mike!

{Mike picks up the knight and plays around with it.}

MIKE: Oh, he can do a little dance!

{Mike spins the meeple around.}

STRONG SAD: Oh, that's a lovely little dance. And a spin move!

{Mike places the Troghammer meeple.}

STRONG SAD: And the Troghammer. Who's a little bit more difficult, Mike. Who's way cooler looking.

{Mike takes the meeple away.}

MIKE: {whispering} It doesn't dance!

{Mike places the classic Trogdor meeple.}

STRONG SAD: And there's Trogdor. What a lovely translation to a— a little chubby meeple.

{Mike takes Trogdor away.}

{Pan across an overhead shot of all the assembled meeples.}

STRONG SAD: There's our line-up. Your starting line-up. For your Trog-lanta Hawks.

{Cut back to the game box. Mike pulls out the deck of tiles.}

STRONG SAD: Okay, let's delve into more, Mike.

MIKE: Here are the, uh, twenty-five terrain tiles here.

{Mike displays a tunnel tile to the camera, green side up.}

STRONG SAD: Let's delve into untold depths.

{Mike flips the tile to show the burninated side.}

STRONG SAD: Burninated on one side, and beautifully illustrated by our friend Chris Schweizer on the other.

{Mike sets the deck of tiles in front of the game box in three piles in sped-up motion.}

STRONG SAD: Whoa, stop that!

MIKE: {quickly} Yeah, here I go!

{Mike starts panting as he arranges the tiles, placing a burnintated tree tile on top of the three stacks.}

STRONG SAD: You're creeping me out! I don't like it!

{Mike reaches his hand in from the right to pull out the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG SAD: {laughing, nearly breaking character} Now you're on that side! There's the Trog-Meter.

{Mike sets the Trog-Meter down on the other side of the box.}

STRONG SAD: You use that to put your peasants on to keep track of your peasant health.

{Mike pulls out a deck of cards reading Items of Trogdor.}

STRONG SAD: And now, the Items and Keepers of Trogdor.

{Mike flips the deck, showing a card with an image of The Cheat on the bottom.}

{Cut to an empty part of the table. Strong Sad plays a card featuring the Keeper Worchex on the top, and then spreads the deck across the table, with Worchex separating from Galgabulge, Hardybardy and the rest of the cards.}

STRONG SAD: I'll spread these out like a true blackjack pr—professional.

{Strong Sad continues to spread the cards so the faces are all visible, including Crangolev, Yubbitz, Cranjegg, Stonklar, Helgetha, Brovelade, Just The Cheat, and others.}

STRONG SAD: Okay, it's close enough. Pretty good. There's twelve of these. Nine with good illustrations, and three with Strong Bad illustrations.

{The table is cleared. Strong Sad plays a deck with the Ring of Voip card on the top, and spreads them out from right to left.}

STRONG SAD: Same with our i-tems of Trogdor.

{The cards are spread so That Dog Tennis Ball Thing, 'cept with Fireballs and the Disk of Healing, Two Gross Beans, Distracto's Pouch, Super Trinket, Ye Flask of Dennis, Shield of Cumberdale, Baubles of Astray, Trog Floaty, Keyswordtar and Old Man Rub cards become visible.}

MIKE: That's a little better.

STRONG SAD: Little better this time. More practice. Uh, so again, nine of these, three by Strong Bad, making a total of twelve.

MIKE: Good math, Strong Sad. Good math.

STRONG SAD: Okay, there they are.

{Cut back to the game box. Mike places the Items and Keepers deck on top of the Trog-Meter.}

MIKE: I'll put them right there.

STRONG SAD: {laughing} Good job!

{Mike pulls out the deck with a card that shows Stack 'Em to the Heavens! on top.}

STRONG SAD: What's this, Mike?

{Mike displays the deck for the camera.}

MIKE: So now we got the, uh, action deck.

{Mike separates the top card from the rest of the deck.}

MIKE: On top here we got the, um, rule card {flips the card} for the, uh, Marshie's Stack 'Em to the Heavens! game.

{Mike tosses the card on top of Marshie's bag. He displays the Action Deck.}

STRONG SAD: That's a separate mini-game, unrelated to the base game. You don't need to play it.

MIKE: You probably shouldn't.

{Mike turns over the first action card, Majesty.}

STRONG SAD: Here's some of the action cards. Majesty...

{Mike puts the card back on the bottom of the deck and draws another, Shot Put.}

STRONG SAD: Shot Put... Ptooey!

{Mike puts the card back and draws another, Sidewise.}

STRONG SAD: So these are what you'll be using each turn to modify your gameplay.

{Mike set the deck down on top of the Trog-Meter. He pulls out a deck featuring Trogdor on a compass rose.}

STRONG SAD: And, uh, now onto the Movement deck.

MIKE: This is how the Knights and Peasants move.

STRONG SAD: The countryside fights back with this one.

{Mike dislays a black card with dark gray peasant silhouettes on it reading "The Void."}

MIKE: Oh, and there's the... here's the void card. This is another...

{Mike flips the card, reading "Also The Void."}

STRONG SAD: Also the void.

MIKE: This is just where the dead peasants go.

{Mike sets down the void card next to the tiles. He tosses a peasant meeple on the card.}

STRONG SAD: Oh, poor guy!

MIKE: Yeah, he just lays there. In the void.

{Mike puts the peasant back with the others.}

STRONG SAD: Sorry, dead peasant.

{Mike puts the void card on top of the Trog-Meter. He shows the movement deck again.}

STRONG SAD: Okay, and then what else on the movement deck?

{Mike flips the top card. It displays a peasant movement.}

MIKE: Well, we've got, uh, peasant spawning information up in the top left corner, peasant movement, and then knight and archer movement there on the right. Lot of info on that card.


MIKE: Yeah.

{Mike sets down the card. He pulls out another one and turns it upright.}

STRONG SAD: Why are we looking at so many of these, Mike?

MIKE: We're gonna edit this out. {pulling out another card} We don't need to look at three of them, they're pretty much the same.

STRONG SAD: I feel like we should keep it in.

{Mike takes the discarded movement cards.}

STRONG SAD: We're not perfect.

MIKE: {setting down the movement deck} No, we're edit— we're gonna edit it out.

STRONG SAD: I think we're gonna keep this in.

{Strong Sad reaches into the frame, waggling his fingers.}

STRONG SAD: Oh, and last up, I can't stand it any longer! Let's get to these plastic miniatures!

{Mike carefully lifts the plastic cover off the side of the box with the miniatures.}

MIKE: All right, let's take the plastic cover off here.

{An emphatic SHUUMP! is heard as Mike slips the cover off.}

STRONG SAD: Ooh, nice shuump!

{Pan across the plastic figures in their housing, starting with cottages on the bottom, up to the peasants, Trogdor, and the Troghammer, with the Knights and the Archers on the top.}

STRONG SAD: Look at these! Pre paintèd, plastic miniatures sculpted by our friend Rick Van Velsor. Let's take a closer look!

{Cut to an empty space on the table. Mike places a peasant miniature.}

STRONG SAD: Okay, and here's our screaming peasant. And then with his flame helmet.

{Mike holds the flame helmet in his fingers.}

STRONG SAD: Look for the two licks of flame in the front. {Mike points to it} That's the best side to put on.

{Mike places the flame helmet on the figure.}

STRONG SAD: And it'll— won't snap down, but it should hold.

{Mike flips the figure upside-down. He shakes it, and the flame helmet stays on.}

STRONG SAD: See, look, the... like a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

{Mike sets the peasant down.}

STRONG SAD: Should stay upside down.

{Mike takes the peasant away. He places a cottage.}

STRONG SAD: And what's next?

MIKE: A— a cottage!

STRONG SAD: {French emphasis} Oh, a cottage!

{Mike removes the roof and flips it, showing flames on the bottom side and setting it down.}

MIKE: Look at that. Burninated cottage.


{Mike turns the cottage to the rear.}

MIKE: And look at my favorite part in the back. Look at that little door.

{Mike points to the door.}

STRONG SAD: Ooh, where does it lead?

{Mike takes the cottage away.}

MIKE: Into the cottage, probably.

{Mike sets down a knight figure.}

STRONG SAD: Oh, good, good point! Ah, there's a knight. That's all.

{Mike takes the knight away. He sets down the Troghammer.}

STRONG SAD: And there's the Troghammer. Looks real cool. Real intimidating.

{Mike takes the Troghammer away. He places the archers.}

STRONG SAD: The archers again.

MIKE: {deep, croaky voice} Haldo! {coughs, then repeats in a very scratchy voice} Haldo!

{Mike takes the archers away.}

STRONG SAD: Ooh! Remember their involvement!

{Mike places Trogdor.}

STRONG SAD: And here he is! The Burninator himself. Look at that beefy arm! Now can I grease that up, Mike?

{Mike rotates the figure.}

STRONG SAD: With like a... a Q-tip full of olive oil, perhaps?

MIKE: Sure.

STRONG SAD: Yeah? Season it with some garlic?

{Mike takes Trogdor away.}

{Pan slowly over the empty game box with all the game pieces assembled outside of it.}

STRONG SAD: So there you have it. The contents of Trogdor!! The Board Game laid bare.

{Fade to the game box with all the pieces assembled outside of it. Mike and Strong Sad flourish their hands over it.}

MIKE: Aah.

STRONG SAD: Whoa, that was pretty good, let's do it again!

{Mike and Strong Sad flourish their hands again, this time in opposite directions.}

MIKE: Whoa.

STRONG SAD: All right, I'll go down, you go up.

{Mike and Strong Sad flourish their hands again, this time the opposite way they did before.}

STRONG SAD: Wi— uh. And uh, greetings!

{Mike and Strong Sad waggle their fingers at each other.}

STRONG SAD: Now two points!

{Mike and Strong Sad each point two fingers into the shot, then pull out.}

{Cut to the die with Strong Sad's face. "end." is written below it in white.}

Fun Facts


  • The YouTube description for this toon is "Strong Sad and Mike unbox the Deluxe version of Trogdor!! The Board Game!"
  • When first uploaded, the video was titled "6sadded unboxing". This was promptly fixed.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Strong Sad compares the flame helmet staying on the peasant to a Dairy Queen Blizzard, an ice cream shake which is famously demonstrated as staying in its cup even when flipped upside down.
  • Strong Sad compares the meeples to the lineup of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

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