Trogdor Live Playtest @ GenCon

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Trogdor!! The Board Game was playtested live at Gen Con with The Brothers Chaps.

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018

Running time: 55:44

[edit] Transcript

{The video opens. The Trogdor!! board game is set up, with all the pieces in place.}

DEALER: All right. All right, guys. So welcome. We're gonna play Trogdor!! The Game. The Board Game. Uh, so this is a cooperative game. You will all be working together to play, but you all take on the roles of the Keepers of Trogdor, who are basically like Trogdor groupies. They're like his street team, they follow him around {someone laughs} and like, try and make optimal situations for burnination and eating of peasants and things. Um, you'll each take on your own separate role, you'll also have a special item, these will all give you cool powers. Um, the object of the game, uh, if you know from the song, Trogdor like to do three things: Uh, he likes to burninate the... countryside, {the others approve} that's first. So that means, you will need to, in order to win, flip over all 25 of {points to a tile, which is suddenly burninated, and flips it to the normal side} these countryside tiles, to the burninated state. What is the next thing he likes to burninate? {someone answers} Burninating the peasants, right, so that means {points to a tile with a peasant on it} any peasant on the board needs to be eaten or burninated, so just- peasant, board devoid of peasants. And then finally-

SOMEONE: {shrieking} Thatched roof cottages!

DEALER: Exactly. {picks up a cottage and flips the roof to the burning side} So all three of these thatch-roofed cottages will need to be flipped to their flaming, burninated state. {Flips the cottage roof back to normal} Um, the bad news is-is that there are knights and archers that want hurt you. Uh, that you can take damage, and that the peasants can actually repair tiles, so flip them back their, like, well, they replant them basically. And then the knights can actually repair cottages you've already done. So, in addition to doing these things, you're also kinda having to do a little maintenance, and go back and sort-of uh, re-do the work that gets undone.

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