Trogdor Live Playtest @ GenCon

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Trogdor!! The Board Game was playtested live at Gen Con with The Brothers Chaps.

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2018

Running time: 55:44

[edit] Transcript

{Trogdor!! The Board Game is set up, with all the pieces in place.}

MATT: All right. All right, guys. So welcome. We're gonna play Trogdor!! The Game. The Board Game. Uh, so this is a cooperative game. You will all be working together to play, but you all take on the roles of the Keepers of Trogdor, who are basically like Trogdor groupies. They're like his street team, they follow him around {someone laughs} and try and make optimal situations for burnination and eating of peasants and things. Um, you'll each take on your own separate role, you'll also have a special item, these will all give you different cool powers. Um, the object of the game, uh, if you know from the song, Trogdor likes to do three things: Uh, he likes to burninate the... countryside, {the others approve} yes, first. So that means, you will need to, in order to win, flip over all 25 of {points to a tile, which is suddenly burninated, and flips it to the normal side} these countryside tiles, to the burninated state. What is the next thing he likes to burninate? {someone answers} Burninating the peasants, right, so that means {points to a tile with a peasant on it} any peasant on the board needs to be eaten or burninated, so just— peasant, board devoid of peasants. And then finally, he burninates all the people—

FAN: {shrieking} Thatched roof cottages!

MATT: Exactly. {picks up a cottage and flips the roof to the burning side} So all three of these thatched-roof cottages will need to be flipped to their flaming, burninated state. {flips the cottage roof back to normal} Um, the bad news is, is that there are knights and archers that want hurt you. Uh, that you can take damage, and that the peasants can actually repair tiles, so flip them back their, like, well, they replant them basically. And then the knights can actually repair cottages you've already done. So, in addition to, like, doing these things, you're also having to kinda do a little maintenance, and go back and sort of uh, redo your work that gets undone.

FAN: Re-burninate?

MATT: Exactly. Um, so, uh, that is the object of the game. It will— you all work together and it's a— you'll each take, feel free to chime in to each other where it's like, "hey wait, no, if we use your actions to do this, uh, maybe we can— uh, you know, you can help me out on my turn." Um, that sort of the goal. It's not suppsoed to be antagonistic. Uh, and so you'll each take on these things and you will have actions, it's a game with action points. You'll draw a card that has action modifiers on the card. Um, an action in the {audio drop} is these things. Uh, movement. Trogdor moves north-south-east-west, unless you have otherwise says you can move like, diagonally or something else. {moving Trogdor} Um, Trogdor also, when he hits the borders of the board, Trogdor can no— cannot move any further than that. The knights and archers and peasants, however, uh, apply by Sierra King's Quest rules, {moving a peasant off the board, and then relocating it to the other side} and they actually wrap around to the other side. So if this peasant was told to move east, {moves the peasant off the game board, then plants it on the tile on the opposite side} he would move to here. {indicating Trogdor} Trogdor unless otherwise, like given a power that does this, {lifting Trogdor and jerking it towards himself} Trogdor just hits the bottom of the screen and just keeps bumping it.

{The fans laugh. Matt puts Trogdor down on the center tile.}

MATT: Uh, {restoring peasant to former position} let's see. So, movement {audio drop} action, {moves Trogdor one tile} moving one tile. Uh, burninating a tile. {removes Trogdor and flips the center tile} Also, one action. Flip the tile. Eating a peasant, {audio drop} tile you are standing on. Uh, eating a peasant. Uh, one action. The peasant goes into your Trog-Meter. {places peasant in the health meter} The Trog-Meter is... is Trogdor's health. This is your currency for the game. Uh, it is wha— when you take damage, the peasants leave the Trog-meter and they're gone, they're into the Void. Uh, there's only one thing in the game that can bring a peasant back from the Void... you may not even get that one. The peasants also {audio drop} that is where peasants will potentially get spawned every turn. Um, and peasants that get spawned {indicating the Trog-Meter} come also from your Trog-Meter. In Peasantry, peasants {audio drop} fully-grown, and in a robe already.

{One of the fans laughs uproariously.}

MATT: Uh, let's see. You could also, in addition, another action, so you've got movement, we've got burnination of countryside, we've got eating a peasant, and then we've also got— or devouring, as we like to say— we've also got, um, burninating a peasant. {taking Trogdor to the nearest tile with a cottage and peasant} So on the same tile you're on, {taking the flame helmet off the Trog-Meter} for one action you can burninate a peasant, you take the flame helmet, {places it on the peasant} you put it on his head, and then you will draw, um, one of these movement tiles— this is how the countryside moves when it's their turn to like, try and undo what you've done. You'll look at this movement card and the peasant will follow that movement card, and burninate every tile he touches. Um, if he touches another peasant, at the end of that peasant's movement, the peasant he touched gets the flame helmet and then does the same thing. The only downside to this— uh, it's great, it's chain reactions, it's super-fun to watch, but {audio drop} just disintegrate, like, uh, bad guys in the Blade movies. {the fans laugh} And uh, they don't go back into your health. So those— so burninated peasants go into the Void. So uh, unless there's one character that hopefully one of you will get that has a power that can undo that, because it's really fun to watch them run around flaming and wreaking havoc. Um, they cannot... {indicating burninated peasant} they can only burninate the tiles, they cannot like, if they were to run into a cottage, it does not set a cottage on fire. Um, but uh, yeah, {picks up the peasant} but again it's really fun to watch, you can set those, um... {puts the flame helmet back on the Trog-Meter} those chain reactions happening is one of the— the lovely things that can happen in the game. {flips center tile back to green and puts Trogdor back on it} Uh, then let's see, what else? For actions, oh, Trogdor, if you have, at the end of your actions, you do not have to use all of your actions, that is a— that is optional, you can get an amount, like I said, on a card. {taking Trogdor to a mountain tile} But if you have actions left over and you end on a {audio drop} tile, you can hide. And uh, look at this perf— {audio drop} —le camoflage.

{Matt lays Trogdor over on his side. The fans laugh.}

MATT: Where? Where's Trogdor?

FAN: Where did he go?

MATT: I have no idea! You cannot— while you're hidden, that is then— so each person, when you take your actions, then the countryside takes their actions, so during the countryside's actions, you would be immune from any damage. {sets Trogdor upright} Uh, uh, because the knights, they just can't see you. Um, so that takes an action. You have to have at least one action left at the end of your turn to hide. The other thing is, uh, there are these, {swaps positions for two of the tiles} I'm gonna move these guys, make them a little more effective. There's these caves that are connected by secret tunnels, uh, so uh you have to use one action, you don't automatically, {moving Trogdor to the tunnel tile} it's not Chutes and Ladders, like {sliding Trogdor to the tile on the far side} WHOAA! I go to here. {planting Trogdor back} You move to this tile and then spend one action {moves Trogdor to other tunnel tile} to take the subway to the other tile.

{The fans laugh.}

MATT: Um, these uh, will also both the hiding and the using of tunnels, it doesn't matter if they're burninated or not. You can still do that. Uh, it's a question we get a lot. {taking Trogdor back to center} Um, and let's see, what else? Uh... so that's all the types of movements. Uh, using, uh, hiding, using tunnels, burninating, uh, burninating tiles, burninating peasants, moving. Eating peasants. So there's like five things. We will— the game will probably come with those like, dummy cards that you will each— each get, which we did not give you here, 'cause we wanted this to be a train wreck.

{The fans laugh.}

MATT: Um, so uh, yeah, so let's start. So, let's, uh, now you understand how the game works, uh, and the— the, uh, the bad guys, like I said, each person will go, they'll take their actions, then the countryside goes. There's different stages for this, this has a lot of information on it. The first one will be how do we pawn— spawn peasants. So this hieroglyphic at the top there is the amount of peasants the board wants on it right now, at the very least. So right now, you would spawn no peasants 'cause it's just two, right? So if this had four, you'd need to spawn one new peasant. Peasants are just spawned to whoever's turn it is, the unburninated cottage, of your choice. So the good thing is that you also see this down here is the {audio drop} so you can see that and decide like, okay I want to move here 'cause he's gonna move closer to Trogdor on my turn. So you can kinda play that, uh, strategically. Uh, sometimes there's also like on this one, move and repair. Which means the peasants move and then flip over a card if it is burninated. Which can get a-very-noying, so that's why you want to get these peasants off the map. Um, so that's the peasants go. And then, then it's time for knights and archers. They just follow this movement path that's written at the bottom so it'll just be like, this guy would go {moves knight west first} east, north, north, wait, that wasn't east— {starts at the beginning, moving the right way} east, north, north, east. And the all— all the archers and peasants all do the same thing, so he would do the same east-north-north-east, and then if they cross paths with Trogdor or end their turn on the same tile as Trogdor, he loses a peasant from the Trog-Meter, into the Void. Um, yes?

FAN: Uh, yeah, I have a question. Do they end their movement if they hit Trogdor on the way?

MATT: No, they continue, yeah. So they, yeah, they don't stop on Trogdor, they continue movement, yeah. And so, but if they cross paths, they intersect with him at any time. If they intersected a burninated cottage at any time, during {audio drop} on their way, they just quickly whipped out their like, masonry stuff {a fan laughs} and repaired the thing and moved on. So, knights uh, intersect or land on burninated cottages tie the— the roof just gets flipped back to unburninated. Um, then uh, the archers, when they finish, so again let's say this guy goes {moving archers, knocking over a knight} east, north, north, east, the last direction they faced, east, is the way you will point them, {rotating archers} so if you ended on a north-south, you would go that way. And then they shoot arrows in both directions, and everybody yells {Strong Bad voice} ARROWED! {normal voice} in their worst Strong Bad impression.

{The fans laugh.}

FAN: The knight!

MATT: And if you happen to be in the, {sets the knocked-down knight upright} the knight— it just bounces off his shield, he's fine. If— uh, these sleeves. Yeah, these sleeves are gonna knock some stuff over. I should roll them up a little harder. Um, the uh, so if you happen to be in that path, again, you lose... lose a peasant. Um, so there is a chance, like you could get hit a couple times on a— when the— get the bad guys go, so you always want to be refilling your peasant meter, uh, as often as you can. Um, {taking archers} if these guys land on Trogdor they don't hurt him, {placing archers on Trogdor's tile} so if they ended their turn here, you're actually safe because they're shooting in the opposite directions. It doesn't go on this one. We say that it wraps around, this guy shoots one arrow, and then this guy just somehow catches it. They just have one arrow between them and they just keep... {restores archer as fans laugh} recycling it.

FAN: It's the whole world.

MATT: Uh, yeah. Uh, let's see, so that's about it for the— how the bad guys will move. Um, and uh... oh, and then the other thing. This jerk, over here, the Troghammer, he's the like, "oh the game just got a little harder", he's our added difficulty. Our Mario music getting faster, in the last ninety seconds of the board. Uh, we could i—i—if you really want to, we could all go {hums Mario crisis theme} when this happens as well, it's up to you. {quietly} Um, shoot, these are all items. {normal} Um, so these will not go, these cards will not be dealt into the deck, until you take your first damage. Once you take your first— we deal these Troghammer cards into the deck. When you draw a Troghammer card, he moves right away. He'll come out onto the board {indicating center tile} the first time you draw one, and then he moves right away. So like, not in the normal time that uh, the bad guys move. So you could finish it in twice. So the idea is— {audio drop} the difficulty, uh, the one of the problems we've had in developing this game was, it was, it was, been too easy, so we're trying to find a way, like, how do we make it more difficult without being annoying or frustrating? And so that will move in, then you would just— if you drew one of these, you would just discard it and then draw the next available regular card. Um, all right. So these will go here. Put these guys here. {places movement deck on the side} You will also, let's deal out everybody your, um, your personalities for this game. I want you to do some serious method acting and really try {passes cards to everyone} to embody these characters you see on the cards. These preteen weirdos.

{The fans laugh as they look over the cards they've been dealt, saying the names of the Keepers.}

MATT: Uh, let's see... uh, okay. And now you'll each get— {audio drop, Matt passes a second set of cards to everyone} table and everybody tell us who you got.

{Trogdor gets snagged on Matt's sleeve.}

FAN: {laughing} That's a great—

MATT: Oh no, did you get the, oh, I'm sorry. We— we thought that that would be a stretch. It just got caught onto my sleeve and like, ran off.

{Matt puts Trogdor back on the center tile.}

MATT: All right, let's go around the table, everybody tell us who you are.

STONKLAR: I am Stonklar, and I have wraparound movement.

MATT: Excellent.

STONKLAR: I also have the Ring of Voip, which is jump to any tile.

MATT: All right, so, these items, you'll notice the bottom it says recharge. So what this means is if on your— your Keeper's uh, power, uh, that is any time you are going. You automatically have that. You don't have to— you use— you just— adds— adds to your like, little Swiss Army knife of stuff you can do during a turn, right? That automatically happens, it's only on your turn, though. Um, the item, uh, can also be used once per your turn, but then once you use it, we turn it sideways, and then you have to satisfy that recharge before you can use it again. You could recharge on your turn, {audio drop} use it a second time. 'Cause there's a couple that you could just— {audio drop} and just win the game, all— if you just kept reloading. Um, so, uh...

STONKLAR: My recharge is... when a cottage or cottage tile is burninated.

MATT: Okay. So keep track of your— yeah, just keep an eye on that, uh, and that's only— they can only be recharged on your turn, too. So when you're going, make sure like, so you might be like "I'm going to visit the lake because I want to recharge my power!" Um, and then everybody else will yell at you, you're like "But it's nice by the lake. It's cooler by the lake."

{The fans laugh.}

MATT: All right, let's move around. Who you got?

HEGELTHA: I am Hegeltha... and I can use the hide action on any tile that does not have a cottage.

MATT: Nice.

HEGELTHA: And my ability is the Floppy Disk of Healing. Uh, once per— I think once per game, I can return a peasant from the Void to Trogdor's health directly.

MATT: Excellent, yeah. So that's— it has no recharge, but— so he's got the one way, that, like, if you guys start to get low on— on peasants, that you can bring somebody back. Little necromancy.

GALGABUDGE: Right. I am Galgabudge. And I may treat mountain tiles as if they're also tunnel tiles.

MATT: Excellent, so you— {indicating mountain and tunnel tiles} so these are like, new stops on your underground subway. You can go, and you can also go like, mountain to tunnel, it doesn't have to be mountain to mountain, you could go mountain to tunnel, whichever one you want. So you got four stops. On the Trog-line.

GALGABUDGE: He's got some... sweet synergy with his Baubles of Ashtray. Because I can use that during Trogdor's actions to move the knights to an empty space, but I can recharge it when he visits a tunnel.

{The fans find this fascinating.}

MATT: All right, so you can, yeah. If your— if your guy's like dangerously close, like, you can "I'm just gonna set you over here in the corner."

{Mike is heard talking in the background doing another presentation elsewhere.}

CRANGOLEV: All right. I have Crangolev. Each turn, I get one extra action point. And he uh, has the Shield of... Cumberdale. Uh, when I use it, I prevent Trogdor from taking one knight damage and it recharges when he gains health.

MATT: All right, excellent.

HARDYBARDY: I have Hardybardy. I have no special powers whatsoever.


MATT: But Mom loves you.

HARDYBARDY: But I have the Super Trinket. Prevent Trogdor from taking ar— archer damage.

MATT: Ooh, nice.

HARDYBARDY: Recharges when he visits— when Trogdor visits the archer.

MATT: Okay, so visiting the— just, you don't have to end on that. Those ones where it's like "Visit a forest tile", visit whatever, that just means you intersect with it. You don't have to end {audio drop}

YUBBITZ: I'm, uh, Yubbitz. I may trade action cards with other players either on my turn or on theirs. And I have Ye Flask of Dennis. When you burninate a peasant, add that peasant to Trogdor's health.

GALGABUDGE: How did you get ye flask? Ye cannot get ye flask!

HELGETHA: You got it! You finally figured it out!

FAN: He got ye flask!

MATT: He "went Dennis" and he got ye flask. So he, uh, is able to, uh, so yeah, {pointing to a peasant} when he burninates peasants, they don't go into... so he gets the best of both worlds, he gets to watch them run around and do all the damage, and then they get added to the health, so that's great. Um, and then remember, so he's got this card that can trade actions, so on that— that can happen on any of your turns. That's one of the few that can actually, uh, affect somebody else on their own turn. So sometimes if he's got a card, like you could {unintelligible} like "that'll really come in handy on my turn, do you want to swap?" All right, {picks up deck} so let's move on to action cards. {passes around action cards} You will all start with one. This will be your banked card. Uh, so each turn will start with uh, you will... um... you will draw a card at the beginning of your turn, and then you will decide if you want to use the one you have banked, or if you want to use one you just drew. You always have that option. {sets deck down} Uh, if you... uh, you do not have to use all the action points, I think I said that before. Um, you also, if you really, if you don't either of the cards you have, you can actually discard the one that you got, you just keep the banked card and just take five actions. You don't get any of the modifiers that are on the card because you can be just "I'm just gonna do a lot of burnination this time" or whatever. Um, so I think that's about it. And we'll— I'll address the other— all the other stuff that I'm sure I forgot.

CRANGOLEV: Uh, can you damage the knights, the archer at all? I'm assuming they just stay on the board at all times.

MATT: {setting down the other deck} Not until— so, we— we'll get to this when you guys get a little lower in health, but uh... so you can't lose the game. Trogdor doesn't lose anything. He rage-quits. So, uh, at the end of the game, there is a— there's an opportunity where he just becomes like, invincible essentially. Uh, and you're— but it's like, the game is essentially over at that point, so yeah. So there's no way you can prevent damage from them, you can never again move him around the thing, but you can never actually kill them or burninate them. Um, all right, so who— we just wanna start, we'll start with you, we'll start moving around, let's, uh, let's get Strong Bad over here to be a jerk.

STONKLAR: Excellent.

{Matt has left briefly. Mike is still presenting elsewhere in the background.}

STRONG BAD: All right, go ahead. You were supposed to just go.

STONKLAR: All right.

STRONG BAD: You weren't supposed to wait for me.

STONKLAR: {drawing a card} Sorry about that.

STRONG BAD: What do ya got?

STONKLAR: I have Slantwise. Once during Trogdor's actions, he may burninate a diagonally adjacent tile for free.

STRONG BAD: Excellent. All right. What do you g— how many action points you get for that one?

STONKLAR: Five action points for that one.

STRONG BAD: Okay. You also got wraparound movement?

STONKLAR: Yes, I do.

STRONG BAD: All right, so go for it. What do ya wanna start doin'?

STONKLAR: I think I'm going to burninate the tile that I'm on.

{The fan playing Stonklar reaches in to flip the center tile.}

STRONG BAD: All right. So that's one action. Flip 'em top-to-bottom if you wanna keep them upright.

{Stonklar rotates the tile so that it is the same direction as the others. She moves Trogdor to the cottage to the west.}

STONKLAR: And I think I'm going to go here.

STRONG BAD: Nice, two.

STONKLAR: And burninate the peasant.

STRONG BAD: 'Kay, you want to burninate? Not eat?

STONKLAR: I'm gonna burninate him.

STRONG BAD: Excellent. No, this is the time to do it, early in the game. All right, so put the flame helmet on him.

{Stonklar takes the flame helmet from the Trog-Meter, but it doesn't fit on the peasant.}

STRONG BAD: These are just our janky desktop 3D printouts.

{Stonklar laughs. She picks up the peasant, trying to get the helmet to fit.}

STRONG BAD: So you just gotta... pretend it fits on his head. The real one will fit really nice.

{Stonklar puts the peasant back.}

STRONG BAD: All right, now somebody draw her a movement card there.

{The fan playing Yubbitz, from the other side of the table, draws a movement card.}

YUBBITZ: {unintelligible} movement card right here?

STRONG BAD: Yup. And just look at the knights and archer movement. He will follow that path, so including this tile he's on, already.

{Matt reaches in to take all the figures off of Trogdor's tile. Stonklar flips the tile.}

STRONG BAD: So let's go ahead and burninate that one.

FAN: Ooh. Nice.

STONKLAR: {replacing Trogdor} And that doesn't count? Or it does?


STONKLAR: As an action point?

STRONG BAD: No, that's not a— that's— no, there's no action. Your action was just "burninate". So you did {Matt points to the center tile} one, burninate, {points to Trogdor's tile} two, move, three, burninate. And now he's just doing this...



YUBBITZ: So let's see what we got, we got south.


{Stonklar moves the peasant south.}

STRONG BAD: Burninated!

{Stonklar flips the tile.}

YUBBITZ: Yep. West.


YUBBITZ: That's uh, to the left, I guess.

{Stonklar moves the peasant.}

STRONG BAD: Burninated!

{Stonklar flips the tile.}

YUBBITZ: Wraparound west again.

{Stonklar places the peasant on the tile at the far end of the table. There is another cottage and another peasant on it.}

STRONG BAD: West, again!

{Matt reaches down to take all the figures off the tile.}

YUBBITZ: Ooh, and there's a chain reaction!

STRONG BAD: That's right! So don't forget, that guy's gonna catch fire.

{Matt flips the tile.}

STRONG BAD: This is the... really effective burnination here.

{Stonklar laughs. Matt puts the figures back on the tile.}

YUBBITZ: And we got one more south.

STRONG BAD: {as Matt moves the peasant} One more... south. All right. So this guy goes south.

{Matt takes away the peasant as Stonklar flips the tile.}

STRONG BAD: And flip the crunchberry bush.

{Matt returns the peasant to the tile.}

STRONG BAD: All right, so this guy goes into the Void. {taking peasant away, whining} Oh, I'm going into the Voooid! {taking the flame helmet} But then this guy, {plants it on the next peasant} so draw another card! And let's see what happens to this guy.

{Yubbitz draws a card. He gives it to his neighbor.}

YUBBITZ: Do you want to read this one?


{Matt moves the peasant north.}

STRONG BAD: North! Burninated! Flip that!

{Stonklar flips the tile.}


{Matt moves the peasant west.}

STRONG BAD: West! Burninated! Flip that!

{Stonklar flips the tile.}


sTRONG BAD: North! Burninated! Flip that!

{Stonklar flips that tile.}

HARDYBARDY: East! Burninated! Flip that!

{Matt removes the knight figure. Stonklar flips the tile.}


{Stonklar moves the peasant.}

STRONG BAD: And east again! Burninated! Flip that!

{Stonklar removes the archer figure and flips the tile.}

STRONG BAD: That's like the best {puts the knight down on the archer's tile; the fans all laugh} first turn of Trogdor that has ever {unintelligible}. That is fantastic! Look at this board, it's half burninated, give yourself a round of applause!

{The fans clap for Stonklar.}

STRONG BAD: And you still get like, two actions left, right? What do ya got? You used... which one did you use?

STONKLAR: Three actions.

STRONG BAD: Slantwise.

FAN: No, you didn't use three.

STONKLAR: No, I burninated.

HARDYBARDY: Burninate, move, burninate.

STONKLAR: Yes. Okay. Burninate the cottage and then...

STRONG BAD: No, the cottage, oh wait, did we not talk about cottages, I apologize.

FAN: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: Cottages need to be {Matt makes a circle in the air} surrounded. By burnination first before they can be burninated. Including the tile they're on.

{Strong Bad peeks in from the top, filling the screen.}

STRONG BAD: Pay attention.

{Stonklar laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Pay attention, everybody.

STONKLAR: {taking Trogdor} I'm going to... {moves Trogdor north and flips the tile} move, burninate... it...

STRONG BAD: So it's three, four?

STONKLAR: Use my Slantwise to {indicates tile southwest with knight, southwest of Trogdor} burninate this one for free. Slantwise is, I may a diagonally adjacent tile for free.

STRONG BAD: Awesome! Do it!

{Stonklar flips the tile.}

FAN: Nice.

STRONG BAD: Look at that! All right...

STONKLAR: And then discard?

{The card is discarded.}

STRONG BAD: And then discard pile. Excellent. All right, so, the other thing we may have. uh, left out is the {indicates lake tile} lake tile. The lake tile needs to be surrounded just north-south-east-west. You gotta like, lower the water table before you could burninate the lake tile. Uh, but the lake tile is susceptible to if you have a card that's like, "burninate some random card on the board", you can uh, go... you know, you can skip, and just flip it over. Um, all right, so... got some nice movements. We burninated more than half the board...

{The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: In one turn. Let's see what the bad guys do. So flip over a movement card.

{A movement card is drawn.}

STRONG BAD: This ones are gonna work.

YUBBITZ: {passing the card to a neighbor} All right.

CRANGOLEV: {taking the card} Movement card. Uh...

STRONG BAD: How many peasants does it show?

CRANGOLEV: {raising a finger} Just one?

STRONG BAD: All right, so we're good. There is one peasant on the board. Which way does he move?


STRONG BAD: Peasants goes west!

{Stonklar reaches in to move the peasant, which wraps around to the other side of the board. She hands it to another player to place it.}

STRONG BAD: Everyone's favorite Don Bluth joke.

{The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: I keep using that joke because it's great.

{The fans laugh again.}

STRONG BAD: All right, now, knights and archers. We'll start with this knight.

CRANGOLEV: Okay, move south.

{Matt moves the knight.}









STRONG BAD: East. All right, so same for this guy.


STRONG BAD: Little faster, for me.

CRANGOLEV: All right, south.










{Matt takes the archer.}

STRONG BAD: And south, west, south, east, east. And everybody, one two three, yell {runs his finger east-west across the row as everybody yells} ARROWED! So Trogdor's not in the way, we're good. Let's move on.

{Hegeltha draws a card.}

STRONG BAD: All right. Goin' around the table. Hegeltha. Comin' atcha!

HEGELTHA: Stump and Rock. Once this turn, and if Trogdor burninates a tile with a stump or rock on it, you get four more actions. I could also use Wingaling; before Trogdor's actions, he can move to any space. Ah...

STRONG BAD: And what are your powers? Don't forget, what are your... what's {audio drop} power?

HEGELTHA: I can hide on any tile that does not have a cottage.


HEGELTHA: Are there any stumps or rocks... left?

STRONG BAD: Let's see...

{Matt points at a stump tile far away from Trogdor's location.}

HEGELTHA: There's one way over there.

STRONG BAD: {unintelligible} you could use them, no matter, even if— do you need to burninate them?

HEGELTHA: Um... yes.

STRONG BAD: Okay. So yeah, stump.

HEGELTHA: So I don't think I could do that this turn, so I'll use Wingaling... and, uh... so before I act, I can go to any space.

STRONG BAD: Yes. Where you wanna start?

HEGELTHA: I think... I'll move... {places Trogdor on the center-south tunnel} here.


HEGELTHA: {taking Trogdor} All right, so for one action, I'll {flips tile} burninate, oops... {flips tile right-side-up}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Burninating the cave entrance.

HEGELTHA: And then... {points to lake tile} So I can't do this until {points to adjacent, unburninated forest tile} until this one is also destroyed?

STRONG BAD: That's correct.

HEGELTHA: Okay. {moves Trogdor east} So I'll go—


HEGELTHA: Two. {tries to flip tile horizontally, but remembers to flip it vertically}

STRONG BAD: Three. Flip-'em-ups. Burninate.


STONKLAR: Gonna hide?

HEGELTHA: I'll hide.

{He turns Trogdor on his side.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, nice. Just hidin' under that stump.

{The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: That's how incredible Trogdor's camoflage powers are. Um, all right, so we discarded that one. {Galgabudge draws a movement card} Now let's see what the bad guys do.

GALGABUDGE: All right, so we got an east. Oh, there's four peasants.

STRONG BAD: Look at those peasants. Okay, so, that means we need four peasants total on the board. So one peasant for each of these cottages. So, the other thing, if one of these cottages was burninated, we could only do one peasant per cottage, so then it would only be... sometimes you can't fulfill it, you just have to do the best. But in this case, unfortunately, all three cottages are available.

{Stonklar reaches in to take a peasant from the Trog-Meter. Yubbitz, on the other side, does the same. Yubbitz hands the third peasant to Stonklar.}

STRONG BAD: So you guys are going down to one peasant. These are dangerous times. In peasantry.

{Stonklar laughs as the peasants are spawned.}

STRONG BAD: The good news is, that Trogdor can't get hurt because you're hiding right now, so... All right, so, three peasants, which way do they all move?

GALGABUDGE: Northwest.

STRONG BAD: All right, move all these peasants northwest.

{Stonklar reaches in to move a peasant. She moves it north, then west.}

STRONG BAD: So just one— {Stonklar, confused, moves the peasant back north, then back to the northwest tile} no, sorry, yeah, so yeah, exactly. Yep.

{Stonklar moves the second peasant. With wraparound, she has to move it to the corner tile on the other side.}

STRONG BAD: {Matt indicates the corner tile} And then north, see, but this is the hard one. {Stonklar barely reaches but manages to move the peasant there} There you go.

{Matt moves the last two peasants.}

STRONG BAD: Northwest, and north... west.

{The last peasant has wrapped around to the tile where Trogdor is hiding.}

STRONG BAD: He's just practically hopping into Trogdor's mouth.

{The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Maybe we should add that rule, that if Trogdor's hiding and an unsuspecting peasant wanders off to him, he just gets like, ant-lioned.

{The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, so now we gotta move the bad guys.

{Stonklar picks up a knight.}








{Stonklar moves the second knight.}

STRONG BAD: East, south, south, west.

{Stonklar moves the archers.}

STRONG BAD: East, south, south, west, three-two-one...


{Galgabudge discards the movement card.}

STRONG BAD: All right. So that's not bad. All those peasants came out, but they just... they're just runnin' around basically with like, icing and whipped cream and cherries on their heads.

{The stream skips ahead.}

STRONG BAD: Oh. I think our time has ended. You have to put up with Mike. {the fans laugh} For the rest of the game. So I can go spread my style to the other table. All right, this is a perfect time. We just finished a turn, right? All right, good luck you guys. You guys are in great shape. {Crangolev gives two thumbs up} Go burninate some cottages. Eat some peasants. Enjoy the rest of your game. Whoooosh!

{The fans laugh.}

HEGELTHA: Bye, Strong Bad.

{Strong Bad is heard in the distance arriving at another table. He tells Mike not to blow it because he's going to be on camera. Strong Bad is heard presenting in the background from here on out.}

MIKE: Oh no. Oh no. How're we doing, everybody?

{Everyone greets Mike.}

MIKE: Okay. Um... no burninated cottages though.

STONKLAR: This is our third turn. {audio drop}

MIKE: I feel like we're already second round back there. All right, whose turn?

GALGABUDGE: All right. I'm up.

MIKE: You're up. Okay...

{Galgabudge draws an action card.}

STONKLAR: We did have a lot of commentary, to be fair.

GALGABUDGE: Smell the Daisies. Smell the Daises, if Trogdor ends this turn on a flower tile, the next player gets three extra action points.

MIKE: {indicating a burninated tile on the west edge} Flower tile's here, and {indicating a second tile to the southeast} that one.

CRANGOLEV: That's not likely to happen.

GALGABUDGE: But I can block, so if— Trogdor can't get hurt by knights or archers for any of the actions.

MIKE: {pointing to Trogdor} Is Trogdor hiding here?

{The fans tell him yes.}

MIKE: All right, okay.

GALGABUDGE: I'm gonna do Block for this turn, so there's four actions.

MIKE: {turning Trogdor upright} No, wait, he's awake now, though, right? Okay. Okay, so you're using Block.

STONKLAR: Does waking him up use an action point?



MIKE: Just automatically happens once the, uh, yeah.

GALGABUDGE: So Trogdor's gonna move north for an action.

MIKE: {moving Trogdor} One.

GALGABUDGE: He's gonna burninate. For an action.

MIKE: {flipping tile} Two. The lake's ready. {moving Trogdor to the lake} Three.


MIKE: {he moves Trogdor the opposite way to the cottage instead} Three?

GALGABUDGE: Then we will burninate a cottage.

MIKE: {flipping the cottage} Nice.

STONKLAR: Is this...

MIKE: What's that? {indistinct} No, the tiles surrounding it don't wraparound. So it's this, it only needs just those six and the corner needs just those four.


GALGABUDGE: All right.

MIKE: Um, okay, so that was all four of your actions?

GALGABUDGE: All four of my actions.

MIKE: Okay. {Galgabudge discards his action card} So draw your movement card, {Yubbitz draws a card and passes it to Galgabudge} and you've got... you used "block", so, um... you can't get hurt.

STONKLAR: One peasant, we're good there.

GALGABUDGE: One peasant, move and repair north. Oh, no!

{Stonklar reaches in to moves the peasants and flip the tiles.}

MIKE: Okay, so all the peasants move and repair. So this guy moves here. {Stonklar flips a tile, and Mike moves the peasant onto it} This guy moves here. {Mike moves a peasant to a burninated cottage; audio drop}

GALGABUDGE: Is it just the knight that can repair?

MIKE: He's just... he's just repairing the tile. Yeah, the cottage— the cottage remains.

{The tile is flipped to green, but the cottage stays burninated.}

MIKE: So that guy moves north.

{Lots of crosstalk. Stonklar moves the knight.}

GALGABUDGE: Knights are north, east, east, north.

MIKE: {indicating the tile at the end of the path} Just one. You go there.

STONKLAR: So north-east?

GALGABUDGE: Yeah, north-east-east-north.


GALGABUDGE: So north, east-east, north. Archer. North, east-east, north. He shoots north.


POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: That's Mike's Strong Bad voice. Arrowed. I can say "arrowed" too.

{The fans laugh.}

POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: I have said "arrowed" a few times in my life.

{The fans laugh again.}

MIKE: Okay. Um... Who is... has everybody announced their... who they're playing as? Gotcha.

CRANGOLEV: Um... Got Flip-'Em-Up Fran. After Trogdor's actions, he may burninate up to four orthoganally adjacent tiles.

MIKE: It's supposed to be "diagonal". It's my typo. I flipped...

FAN: Oh, so this one, I think it's "diagonal".

CRANGOLEV: It's my turn.

MIKE: Yeah, so you guys can decide if you want to go by picture or by words. You can choose.

{Crangolev picks a card.}

MIKE: Oh, you're gonna use that anyway? Yeah, Trog-Burst's good. Yeah, just give me Trog-Burst.

CRANGOLEV: Um, this... behold the field in which I grow my action points. See how it is rich in nutrients and loam.

{The fans laugh.}

MIKE: So that has seven actions, yes.

CRANGOLEV: But my guy has extra actions.

MIKE: Eight actions. I like it. So we can re-do some of this damage.


MIKE: If you want.

CRANGOLEV: Okay, and I can devour.

MIKE: And devour some peasants.

CRANGOLEV: But devouring does not...

MIKE: {taking a peasant to the Trog-Meter} That's one. So you have eight? Two. {Mike burninates the tile}


MIKE: You move there, you take a hit. But you do have the Shield.

CRANGOLEV: I have my Shield.

MIKE: So you can like... so you're gonna move there for three? So switch, flip that.

{Mike flips the tile.}

CRANGOLEV: Burninate.

MIKE: Four.

CRANGOLEV: We can devour that peasant.

MIKE: Nice.

CRANGOLEV: And then I'm gonna go to the, uh... pond. The lake. Burninate that.

{Mike moves Trogdor to the lake.}

MIKE: Five. {flips tile} Six.

CRANGOLEV: Uh... let's see.

MIKE: We could go up to that one, that's the last one that needs to be... repositioned.

CRANGOLEV: There's a cottage next to it, too.

HEGELTHA: Oh, no no, it's true. It's gotta be diagonal to... this guy.

CRANGOLEV: Let's get up to the...

{Mike moves Trogdor north.}

MIKE: Get up to that tree? Okay. We're good. Movement.

{A movement card is drawn and passed to Crangolev.}

MIKE: Bad guys move. Let's see what we got.

CRANGOLEV: No peasants.

MIKE: No peasants. Okay, where do they move?

CRANGOLEV: Southwest, and move and repair.

{Stonklar and Mike move the peasants.}

MIKE: That's a bummer. Repair. Southwest, repair, and I got a {unintelligible} Okay.

CRANGOLEV: Okay, so... the knights... uh... they move east, east, south, west, south.

MIKE: {moving knight} East, east, south, west, south. East, repairs. East, south, west, south. Okay, where was it? East, east, south, west, south. That's a difficult one. I'm gonna change that one.

{The fans laugh.}

MIKE: It's too complicated of a path. All right.

STONKLAR: Arrowed.

MIKE: We're moving this way? We already moved, right? Okay. Um, all right.

{The card is discarded. Stonklar draws an action card and passes it to Hardybardy.}

MIKE: Next up.

HARDYBARDY: Slantwise. Once during Trogdor's actions, he may burninate a diagonally adjacent tile for free. Or I can gain diagonal movement. Hmm...

MIKE: {indicating cottage} Uh, this cottage, this cottage is still, you know, relatively set up. You could, one, two, three... five actions would burninate that cottage. And what's your item?

HARDYBARDY: Uh, the Super Trinket.

MIKE: Uh, the Archer— {unintelligible} Um, have you guys taken damage? From the knight?

{The fans tell him "not yet".}

MIKE: Okay, good. I was wondering about the— {audio drop} avoiding— oh, okay. Gotcha.

HARDYBARDY: So let's burninate the tile.

{Mike flips the tile.}

MIKE: Sorry. {inaudible}


MIKE: Two.

STONKLAR: So, do you want to eat a peasant?

HARDYBARDY: Yes. Next turn, I bet the burninate, also I need health.

CRANGOLEV: That's true.

HARDYBARDY: So let's just do the three.

{Stonklar reaches in to flip the center tile where Trogdor is.}

MIKE: The cottage is ready now. How many actions do you have?


MIKE: Oh, so you could go four-five and you could go out-

HARDYBARDY: I could just burninate that diagonal one.

MIKE: Oh. You could do that now, 'cause that's free.

{Stonklar flips a tile to the northeast of Trogdor.}

MIKE: So you can do that now, right.

{Stonklar rotates the tile to be right-side-up.}

MIKE: Yeah. Nice. Cool.

HARDYBARDY: And... return.

MIKE: Movement?

HARDYBARDY: Yep. I don't think he got the movement bad.


MIKE: So you have to generate a peasant. You have to choose which of those two un burninated cottages- it's his turn.

HARDYBARDY: Yep. Close to that one.

MIKE: Yeah, just move and repair. Dude, which way, southeast?

HARDYBARDY: Southeast.

YUBBITZ: {pointing to a peasant} And then, this peasant?

MIKE: Oh, sorry. I forgot about it. {moving a peasant} So this guy moves southeast and it goes down here?


STONKLAR: And west-west south-south-south.

{Mike moves the figures.}

MIKE: West-west south-south-south. West-west south-south-south. West-west south-south-south.

ALL: Arrowed.

MIKE: These guys are clumped together.

{The fans agree. Stonklar passes the players new cards.}

MIKE: Into the void, yeah.

YUBBITZ: Okay, let's see what we got here. All right, I could get Jhonka Help. Before Trogdor's actions, I may burninate any peasant for free.

MIKE: Or devour. Or supposed... yeah, it's supposed to be on there. It's a burninate or devour.

YUBBITZ: Okay. Or I could do Flip-'Em-Up Dan, after my actions I can burninate up to four... uh, do I go by picture or words?

CRANGOLEV: Let's go with picture.

MIKE: We did... uh, what we do last time. Okay.

HEGELTHA: The item has synergy with the movement.

YUBBITZ: Oh yeah. We could burninate my end and...

HEGELTHA: That's a bonus, so it's... when you burn a peasant, it's added to Trogdor's health.

YUBBITZ: And this one won't let me burninate peasants, right?

MIKE: Yes.

YUBBITZ: Cool. So I'll just burninate...

MIKE: Yeah, so you could burninate a peasant and then let it go into health.

YUBBITZ: That sounds really good.

MIKE: Yeah, so you want to do the one that's closest to green.

YUBBITZ: Yeah. Close to green?

MIKE: Yeah, I mean it's- well, I mean-


MIKE: They're not gonna re-field... it won't do much damage.


MIKE: I mean it's a good chance that...

YUBBITZ: {pointing to a north peasant} All right. I light my thing on this one. I think I'll do this one.

MIKE: Okay.

{Stonklar starts moving Trogdor north, but is stopped.}

YUBBITZ: I think I'll start there.

MIKE: No, he doesn't.

YUBBITZ: I get it for free.

MIKE: {taking the flame helmet} You get to burninate it with the Jhonka Help.

YUBBITZ: {drawing a movement card} All right, so let's see what this peasant's got here. All right, uh, it's west-west.

MIKE: {moving peasant} West-west, so it gets that one. {flips easternmost tile} And?

YUBBITZ: North-north?

MIKE: Nice. {Mike moves the peasant. Yubbitz flips the northmost tile.} North-north.

YUBBITZ: And east. Didn't quite make it to the... quite. And east.

MIKE: Okay. {moves with wraparound to the westernmost tile} You got east.

'YUBBITZ: That's three tiles.

CRANGOLEV: That's good.

YUBBITZ: And it goes right to health.

MIKE: And then you get it to health instead of the Void. Very good. All right? And now you still got your...

YUBBITZ: Five actions. Right. Five whole actions. Let's see what I want to do here. Um... okay, {taking Trogdor} we'll go here. {moving north} One, two. Burninate the mountain. {flips tile, then turns it right-side-up} Sorry.

{Trogdor moves west to the corner cottage.}


MIKE: Four.

YUBBITZ: Four-five?

MIKE: Yeah.

{Stonklar flips the tile.}

YUBBITZ: Yeah, four.

MIKE: And burninate the cottage?

YUBBITZ: Burninate the cottage.

MIKE: All right, two cottages down. Yeah.

YUBBITZ: All right. Does burninating a tile and a cottage take one action?

MIKE: Two. No, he did two. He did two.

YUBBITZ: Then I can discard it.

MIKE: Yes, this looks very helpful.

YUBBITZ: All right, the peasants, we have one peasant, so we're good on that.

STONKLAR: But they do repair.

YUBBITZ: They do repair. They move north and repair.

{Stonklar moves a peasant and flips the tile.}

STONKLAR: We have two, then, actually.

{Mike moves the other peasant and flips the tile.}

YUBBITZ: All right. And here's how the knights aare going. Uh, we got south.

{Stonklar moves the knight in the corresponding direction.}

YUBBITZ: South. West. West. South.

{Stonklar moves the second knight.}

YUBBITZ: South-south, west-west, aw, no!

{The crowd boos as the knight meets the cottage that has just been burninated.}

MIKE: And he repairs, so we gotta {repairs the cottage} and he goes south one more, too?

YUBBITZ: Yeah, and we take damage.

{Stonklar removes a peasant from the Trog-meter.}

MIKE: And we take damage.

HEGELTHA: And this is the first time we've taken damage.

MIKE: We've taken damage. Now the uh, summon the Trog-Troghammer cards get shuffled into the deck.

HEGELTHA: And then we, the archers now, too.

{Stonklar moves the archers.}

YUBBITZ: Yeah. South, south, west, west, south. Uh-oh.

MIKE: Oh no.

{The archer is south of Trogdor and faces him directly.}


{Stonklar takes another peasant from the Trog-meter.}

MIKE: Somebody had to say how well we were doing.

{The fans agree and laugh.}


YUBBITZ: All right. So now we've been hit.

MIKE: All right, now the Troghammer cards are in there. The first one that comes out, uh, {points to center tile} he'll move there. And then every subsequent draw of the Troghammer card just has an extra movement. He always moves regularly with the knights, but the...

YUBBITZ: Gotcha.

{Stonklar draws a card.}

STONKLAR: Beautiful. I'm going to use Invisibility, which adds Trogdor can't be hurt by knights during his actions this turn.

MIKE: Nice. So it's just his actions. You would be able to move down here indicating green tile with knight on it, Stonklar moves there} and eat that peasant.

'STONKLAR: One. {flips tile} Two. {straining to put peasant in the Trog-meter} Threeee.

MIKE: Nice.

STONKLAR: And I'm going to go ahead and use my Ring of Voip and move {flies Trogdor over to eastern edge of board} over here.

MIKE: Nice. Okay. So that's not an action. So you can still...

CRANGOLEV: But you've got a movement, remember?

STONKLAR: Yeah, I could just...

CRANGOLEV: If you wanted to go there, you could use the ring to go somewhere else.

STONKLAR: Actually, I'm gonna- can I undo that?

MIKE: Yeah. So you got one action left there.

HEGELTHA: Could she jump and then use her action?

STONKLAR: No, I've done three. 'Cause I moved there, I eat the peasant...

MIKE: If she has actions left, she can void them.

STONKLAR: So, one, I think I have one action left. {moving Trogdor to green tile surrounded by burned ones} I think I'm gonna go here.

MIKE: So Ring of Voiping there, {Stonklar takes the peasant} and then devouring him last? Nice.

HEGELTHA: Good choice. That's good health.

{The card is discarded. Yubbitz draws a movement card.}

STONKLAR: You got it.

YUBBITZ: Let's see who we got movement-wise. We've got two peasants on board, so... we don't have any on the board.

MIKE: So you get two, you generate two.

STONKLAR: {spawning peasants} One for each cottage.

YUBBITZ: Undo all eating.

MIKE: It's good that we did it.

YUBBITZ: And they all move... peasants go west.

MIKE: Okay.

{Mike moves one peasant, Stonklar moves the other.}

MIKE: West, west.

YUBBITZ: And uh, here's how the archers and knights move.

{Stonklar takes a knight.}

YUBBITZ: We got uh, north, east, east, north north.

{Stonklar takes the other knight.}


YUBBITZ: East east, north north.

{Stonklar takes the archers.}


MIKE: These two always on the same?

YUBBITZ: Yep. Arrowed.

STONKLAR: Arrowed.

ALL: Arrowed!

MIKE: Um, okay. Pretty good. All right.

{Hegeltha draws a card.}

HEGELTHA: Sidewise. I can burninate an orthogonally adjacent tile for free. Or I could jump to any space. I think I will decide...

{Hegeltha stands up. He reaches over and takes Trogdor.}

HEGELTHA: All right. I'm good. {flips Trogdor's tile}

MIKE: So which one are you using?

HEGELTHA: Uh, side-wise.

MIKE: Okay.

HEGELTHA: {moving Trogdor north} So one, two, three. {flips adjacent tile} Burn this one for free.

MIKE: Yeah.

HEGELTHA: {moving Trogdor off his tile} And then four. Or actually... {hesitates} Hmm... I don't know. Do you think we need health, or I could burninate the peasant? Or I could take care of this one?

MIKE: Burninating that guy's tile while you're on it.

HEGELTHA: Yeah. I could do that, and then I have one more action, but I wouldn't be able to do anything. I gotta hide, that's true. So I could... this is a tunnel! I forgot, this is a tunnel.

{Hegeltha thinks about moving Trogdor, but Mike points out there are knights there.}

MIKE: You don't wanna move there.

HEGELTHA: But I can hide. {flipping tile} So I can burninate it and then hide. I could hide anywhere. That isn't a cottage.

MIKE: Oh, you've- oh, gotcha. Okay, yeah. Yes. Nice, nice.

HEGELTHA: Cool. And do I want to use my Floppy of Healing? Since we only got one peasant?

{The other fans agree that he should.}

MIKE: Oh, you can bring one back from the Void?

{The fans say yes.}

HEGELTHA: Yes. So I don't have any recharge, I can't ever use that again, but...

{Mike puts a peasant on the Trog-meter.}

MIKE: All right, your Disk is no good now.

{Hegeltha gives his item card to Mike. A movement card is drawn.}

STONKLAR: Four peasants.

HEGELTHA: Four peasants?


MIKE: Throttled by... number of cottages.

{Audio drop.}


MIKE: You still have to take a hit by a knight or archer at this point.

{The peasants are spawned.}


MIKE: You can't die by spawning.

GALGABUDGE: You can't rage-quit by spawning.

MIKE: Yeah.


HEGELTHA: Yeah. So peasants move east and no repair.

{Stonklar moves the peasants.}

HEGELTHA: And then north-north.

MIKE: {pointing to a northern peasant} Did you move this guy east?

CRANGOLEV: Oh. Not yet.

{The peasant is moved.}

HEGELTHA: North-north.

MIKE: No, wait, she did that.

HEGELTHA: West-west. North.

FANS: Arrowed.

HEGELTHA: North-north, west-west, north. Uh, so that one gets repaired.

{Stonklar repairs the only burninated cottage.}

MIKE: Doing good on tiles, though.

{The fans all agree. Stonklar passes Galgabudge a new action card.}

MIKE: Um, okay. Trogdor wakes up. {Mike sets Trogdor upright. He spawns the Troghammer on the center tile} So he comes out, he doesn't move yet, so we drop that on the... {Galgabudge discards his card for another one} Now draw another one. What's that?

GALGABUDGE: Maybe move me. The tunnel?

MIKE: No, he just comes out. The first one just brings him out.

GALGABUDGE: That's the only under...

MIKE: He'll move, if there was another knight on that tile, when he regenerates, he would move, just so that they're not on the same tile.

GALGABUDGE: Burninate all the tiles on the board, burninate all the peasants, burninate all the cottages.

MIKE: Correct. Before... yeah. So.

GALGABUDGE: I drew another Block, which should be cool. Both cool.

MIKE: Okay. I was thinking of pro-tools and giving you some health. {pointing to peasant} You got some to get... get to that guy. Or getting hurt by knights twice or archers.

GALGABUDGE: That's not during Trogdor's actions.

HEGELTHA: Right. You can't burninate the knights.

GALGABUDGE: So, brought it to this tunnel to mountains, so I could move down there and get some health this turn.

MIKE: {pointing to lone unburninated tile} Or that tile. How many actions does uh...

GALGABUDGE: They both give you four. But I could also move- this doesn't make sense right now, I could move the knights on my turn as well.

HEGELTHA: Oh, yeah, like if you wanted- if you wanted to try to get to that cottage, to burninate the roof on the way.

CRANGOLEV: You could also separate the archers, there.

HEGELTHA: Yeah. But I mean, clumped together, it's all...

GALGABUDGE: He has two health this turn.

HEGELTHA: Yeah, that's true.

GALGABUDGE: so I would... yeah, I'll use my Baubles of Ashtray and move some knights.

{Galgabudge takes the knight from the same tile as the archer.}

GALGABUDGE: Any honors {audio drop} will move together?

{The fans think about this.}

STONKLAR: Get hurt.

GALGABUDGE: Yeah, I did take two hits... I mean at this point...

HEGELTHA: We're kinda on the ropes, isn't it?

STONKLAR: That's true.


CRANGOLEV: Interesting... interesting choice.

{Some deliberation.}

GALGABUDGE: I mean, all the cottages are intact right now.

HEGELTHA: Move it to an empty space.

GALGABUDGE: Oh. Yeah yeah yeah, right. In that case... we should probably spend a bauble on it.

STONKLAR: Well, we'd probably put him far away from cottages.

{Galgabudge plants the knight on the northeast corner tile.}

GALGABUDGE: Well, I'm leaving it.

{The others okay this.}

GALGABUDGE: Okay. So now Strong Bad's back.


STRONG BAD: No no no. You sit down. I'm sent to observe.

{Audio drop.}

MIKE: They were close, they were close! They had some repaired cottages.

GALGABUDGE: So action one, we go from a tunnel to a mountain, used my special ability. {taking a peasant to the Trog-meter} I'm going to eat for action two. {moving Trogdor to corner cottage} I can move for actioon three and I can snack again for two health.

{Galgabudge takes another peasant into the Trog-meter.}

GALGABUDGE: {discarding his card} We're back up to two health, not bad.

HEGELTHA: And you're immune to archers and knights now.

GALGABUDGE: Yeah, on their movement.

{Yubbitz draws a movement card.}

YUBBITZ: We got three peasants board. We only need one.

STRONG BAD: One peasant.

MIKE: So just choose... choose which cottage.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, they move north.

{Galgabudge spawns a peasant on the same cottage tile as Trogdor stands.}

YUBBITZ: They do move north.

STONKLAR: {pointing to the center cottage} So why not move here? North.

{Galgabudge moves the spawned peasant to the center cottage. Stonklar moves it north. The other peasants are moved north as well.}

GALGABUDGE Knights, archers.

{Audio drop. Stonklar is moving figures.}

GALGABUDGE: East, north.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, I like that.

{Stonklar has trouble moving pieces, and the other players mention it. Yubbitz moves the figures on the other side.}

YUBBITZ: I'll move this one. South, south... east...

STRONG BAD: South, south, east...

{Yubbitz hands his figure to Stonklar to place it. Everyone agrees that the pieces are placed correctly.}

MIKE: We have block anyway. Right, okay.

{The action card is discarded and a movement card is drawn.}

CRANGOLEV: Tunnel warp. Before Trogdor's actions, you may swap with one tunnel tile with any other non-cottage free.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, nice. So, in that case, you could swap whatever else is on the tile. Like it's a knight, or an archer, or a peasant. You get to swap them as well. And it preserves the burnination of the... the... the tunnel, too. So if you move like, {Matt points to the last green tile} you needed this tile to be burninated, {points to tunnel closest to Trogdor} you could swap it with that tunnel, if you... {audio drop} you could swap with that one. Just not cottages. Cottages are too heavy.

{Audio drops. Crangolev plans his next move. Strong Bad approves.}

CRANGOLEV: You said we could swap it with the... unburninated one? Do that.

MIKE: Oh yeah, swap it with this one.

STRONG BAD: You gotta burninate the cottages, right? Think about what you're... think about the- eyes on the prize!

{Audio drops. Crangolev considers that the cottages still need to be burninated.}

CRANGOLEV: Okay, so I can get this one, right here.

{Stonklar reaches in to burninate the cottage on Trogdor's corner tile.}

MIKE: One.

STRONG BAD: One, burninate!

GALGABUDGE: But I think you use it before Trogdor's actions.


MIKE: You can just use it if you wanna just use the four actions.

STRONG BAD: Or you can discard and just get five actions, remember. So if you don't like either of...

CRANGOLEV: Yeah yeah yeah. Here you go.

{Crangolev passes his action card to Stonklar to be discarded.}

MIKE: Five actions might be good.



HEGELTHA: What's the next one?

STRONG BAD: Sorry, Tunnel Warp!

{The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Useless!

HEGELTHA: So you got six actions because you have an extra action point.

CRANGOLEV: Yeah, I have an extra action.

STRONG BAD: Hot dang!

CRANGOLEV: Uh, so it's six?


CRANGOLEV: I'm gonna go towards the peasant there.

{Stonklar moves Trogdor south.}




{South again.}


StONKLAR: Eat him?

STRONG BAD: Chompers. Four.

{Stonklar takes the peasant to the Trog-Meter.}


{The other fans tell him that if he moves east to the cottage, he'll take damage unless he uses his shield.}

STRONG BAD: The Shield of Cumberdale! Activate!

CRANGOLEV: Yep. And then the... burninate the cottage.

{Stonklar has already done so before the command was given.}


MIKE: All right.

CRANGOLEV: All right.

STRONG BAD: All right, only one cottage, one tile! T-two peasants left!

{Audio drops. A movement card is drawn.}

STRONG BAD: ...the damage.

CRANGOLEV: Two peasants on board, we're good there.

sTRONG BAD: Nice. They move which way?

CRANGOLEV: Southwest.

{Stonklar moves the peasants.}

STRONG BAD: Southwest. Other way. That peasant will be in the forest. This guy went southwest. Right?

CRANGOLEV: She's uh... {audio drops}

MIKE: {indicating tile} This guy was southwest, here. Southwest is there.

{Stonklar moves the peasant there.}

STRONG BAD: There we go.

CRANGOLEV: Uh, west-west, {audio drop} the archers knights.

STRONG BAD: All right.

{Stonklar moves the knights and archers.}

STRONG BAD: West! West!

{The fans all give negative reactions as the knight repairs the corner cottage.}

STRONG BAD: Friggin' jerk!

CRANGOLEV: Can't believe these master cards are...

STRONG BAD: West! West! South! South. {losing enthusiasm} West-west, west-west south-south.

ALL: Arrowed!

MIKE: And the last knight, yeah.

STRONG BAD: West, west, south-south. Ugh. What did that- we say that the archer shot like a... {Stonklar points a path from the archers to the repaired cottage} a bomb-arrow and it hit that thing?


STRONG BAD: Set it on fire.

{The fans laugh. Stonklar passes an action card to Hardybardy.}

HARDYBARDY: Wraparound. I gain wraparound movement this turn. {The fans react positively} That could be very useful.

MIKE: Hm, you could get to this cottage much... probably two fewer actions.

{Audio drop.}

CRANGOLEV: That's so close.

MIKE: What's your other card? Besides Wraparound?

HARDYBARDY: Uh, diagonal movement.


{Audio drop.}

HARDYBARDY: I get to that cottage, I'd be right there by that knight.

MIKE: You could devour the peasant... off-set the close...

{Audio drop. Stonklar is tidying the board. Hardybardy is considering the east.}


{Stonklar moves Trogdor west and devours the peasant on the next tile.}


STRONG BAD: Two, devour.

{Stonklar moves the peasant to the Trog-meter.}

HARDYBARDY: Wraparound.

{Stonklar moves Trogdor to the eastern side.}

STRONG BAD: Three, nice.



HARDYBARDY: Burninate.

STRONG BAD: Five, burninate. All right!

{Stonklar flips the cottage on the eastern side.}

{The other fans repeat the sentiment. The action card is passed to Stonklar to be discarded.}

HARDYBARDY: Gettin' there.

STRONG BAD: You guys are dancin' around victory here.

{The fans laugh. A movement card is drawn.}

HARDYBARDY: Okay, two peasants.

STRONG BAD: One goes up to the that one.

{Stonklar spawns one peasant at the sole remaining cottage in the northwest corner.}

HARDYBARDY: And they move south.

STRONG BAD: They all move south.

{Stonklar move one peasant. Yubbitz moves the other one.}

HARDYBARDY: And no repairs.

STRONG BAD: No repairs, sweet.

HARDYBARDY: East-east, north, west, north.

{Stonklar moves a knight.}

STRONG BAD: East-east, north, west, north. Oogh.

STONKLAR: {reaching for second Troghammer} Oh, gosh.

STRONG BAD: Here, Mike, do that one.

{Mike assists Stonklar in moving the Troghammer.}

STRONG BAD: East-east, north, west north.

{The second knight joins the first knight on the sole green tile.}

STRONG BAD: Consulting with peasants.

{The archer is moved.}

STRONG BAD: East-east, north west north. Arrowed! Dodged some bullets there, you guys.


{Stonklar passes an action card to Yubbitz.}

YUBBITZ: Got a Majesty. Before Trogdor's actions, he can burninate any tile on the board for free!

STRONG BAD: Lookit that! Lookit that! Lookit that!

{Stonklar flips the sole green tile, leaving the whole countryside purple.}

YUBBITZ: Four actions. I'll have to get through that way. Yeah, I'll burninate that. And... for four actions...

HEGELTHA: You could go to the tunnel and get all the way to the top of the board.

YUBBITZ: Ooh, yeah. Where's that tunnel?

HEGELTHA: {pointing to tile} It's in the middle on the bottom. {pointing to other tunnel tile} And then up here.

{Yubbitz moves Trogdor.}

YUBBITZ AND STRONG BAD: One, two, three, {moves through tunnel} tunnel.

{Audio drop.}

YUBBITZ: That's how you do. All right.

{Yubbitz passes his action card to be discarded. A movement card is drawn.}

YUBBITZ: Let's find out, shall we? Peasants, none on board.

STRONG BAD: No peasants!

YUBBITZ: But they do move and repair.



STRONG BAD: Which way?

YUBBITZ: Southeast.

STRONG BAD: Wait, southeast? He's running into the flaming cottage!

{Stonklar moves the peasant. The fans laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Remember what happens, you guys! Peasants stupid enough to run into flaming cottages become flaming peasants!

{Yubbitz puts the flame helmet on the peasant, while Mike moves the other one. The fans cheer.}

STONKLAR: He reburninates.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. So that stays burninated. Right, he doesn't uh, repair it.

STONKLAR: {pointing to peasant moved to northeast corner} And then we got one other peasant.

MIKE: I moved that. I already moved that.

STRONG BAD: So let's move this flaming peasant.

HEGELTHA: But he repairs also.

STRONG BAD: He does repair.

{The corner tile is flipped to green.}

STONKLAR: We're moving our flame peasant.

YUBBITZ: Okay, so here's the flaming peasant.

STRONG BAD: So, starting at the tunnel. Uh, the uh, cottage.

YUBBITZ: Yeah. South-south, east-east, south.

{Stonklar moves the peasant to the same tile as Trogdor. Yubbitz laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Aw, man! And then he goes into the Void.

YUBBITZ: Yeah. And uh, here's our archers and knights movement.

STRONG BAD: But at least he didn't repair that tile.

{The fans state that they are close.}

STONKLAR: And I can jump to any tile.

{The fans remind her she can use wraparound.}

STRONG BAD: So smart. All right, so where did they go?

YUBBITZ: Here. Okay, it's south-south, west-south.

{Stonklar moves the archers.}

STRONG BAD: South, south, west, south. Arrowed.

{The knight is moved.}

STRONG BAD: South, south, west, south. {The knight joins the peasant on the green tile} Consulting with peasants.

{The fans laugh. Audio drop.}

STRONG BAD: South, south, west, south. Ouch!

{The Troghammer is moved. Audio drops.}

STRONG BAD: South south, there...

{The fans give negative reactions.}

STRONG BAD: All right, all right, you guys are so close I can taste it!

{The fans laugh.}

MIKE: All right, who's next?

{Audio drops. Stonklar draws an action card.}

STRONG BAD: Augh, the Troghammer! He just moves with a movement card.

{A movement card is drawn.}

HEGELTHA: He can repair, can't he?

YUBBITZ: Uh, east-east...

STONKLAR: {moving the Troghammer from the center} Oh, my gosh.

YUBBITZ: South-south. West.

{The fans shout as the Troghammer passes a burninated cottage and repairs it.}


MIKE: So he repairs? He moves again.

STRONG BAD: You drew two in a row. Isn't there... you still just do it?

MIKE: New rule, we just do it.

STRONG BAD: Games are... punishing you personally.

{The fans laugh. Stonklar discards her card. Another movement card is drawn.}

YUBBITZ: All right, again. Uh, north-north-north, west-west. For the Troghammer.

{The Troghammer is moved.}

STRONG BAD: North, north, north, west-west. Ooch. Come on.

{Stonklar draws a new action card.}

STONKLAR: Okay. Path O' Burnination. Take no actions, just draw a movement card and burninate everything in that path.

STRONG BAD: It's just cards, though. All right? Doesn't apply. Does that apply to...

MIKE: Tiles. It doesn't apply to...

GALGABUDGE: We're gonna burninate everything in that path.

STRONG BAD: It says "everything".

MIKE: Yeah, that sounds like a cottage. That cottage is ready to go, yeah. sO you could take a risk, actually.


MIKE: {indicating green tile in corner} If you got one that started with east east, you would win, 'cause it would get that tile, that peasant and this cottage.

YUBBITZ: But we'd have to get that cottage...

{Everyone agrees there is a cottage to the east that still needs to be burninated.}

MIKE: I forgot about that.

HEGELTHA: She's got wraparound movement, so she could potentially go... do all these in one...

STRONG BAD: She could also voip to any tile. And you could use five actions.

MIKE: Yeah.

STONKLAR: Okay, I'm gonna do that.

STRONG BAD: So many choices!

YUBBITZ: Or you could trade with me if that would help. I don't know if that would do it,

STONKLAR: What is yours?

{There is crosstalk, but everyone agrees it's a bad idea and rejects it.}

STONKLAR: So I'm going to take the damage and go...

STRONG BAD: All right.

STONKLAR: One over.

STRONG BAD: One over.

{Trogdor is moved to the green tile in the corner.}

STRONG BAD: Take that peasant away.

STONKLAR: Burninate.

STRONG BAD: Burninate.

{The tile is flipped.}


MIKE: Two.

STRONG BAD: Two burninate.

MIKE: Three, our devour.

STRONG BAD: Three, devour. {The peasant is placed in the Trog-meter} Put it back in there, yep.

STONKLAR: {pointing to northwestern cottage} Over here, 'cause I can wraparound.

STRONG BAD: Wraparound.

MIKE: Four.

STONKLAR: Actually no, I'm just going to... teleport. No, okay. I'm going to just wraparound.

MIKE: Four.

STONKLAR: Burninate.

MIKE: Five.

STONKLAR: And then I'm going to voip down here.

{Trogdor is moved to the remaining unburninated cottage.}


{The fans applaud Stonklar.}

MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: That was an effective move!

{A movement card is drawn.}

MIKE: The only way we don't win is if we take two... two hits.

YUBBITZ: Four peasants on the board.

STRONG BAD: That one peasant comes out.


{The only peasant in the Trog-meter is spawned on the only available cottage.}


YUBBITZ: And he comes here.

STRONG BAD: Yes. Only one choice.

{Trogdor falls down. Stonklar sets him upright.}

YUBBITZ: Only one choice of home. He moves east.

STRONG BAD: He moves east.

{Yubbitz moves him with wraparound to the western edge.}

YUBBITZ: All right. Here's the archer the next.


{Audio drops.}


STRONG BAD: Go for it.

{Stonklar moves.}

STRONG BAD: East, east.

YUBBITZ: North, north.

STRONG BAD:North, north.



MIKE: No, one more north.

{Audio drops.}

STRONG BAD: North, west. 'Kay?

YUBBITZ: East, east...

{The fans boo, as a cottage is repaired.}

STRONG BAD: East, east, north, north, west.

MIKE: And then...

YUBBITZ: East, east, north north.

MIKE: Oh wait, that was west. You're moving west. East.

STONKLAR: I am directionally challenged.

{Yubbitz points to the correct tile.}

STRONG BAD: It's okay.




{The archer is pointed directly at Trogdor.}

STRONG BAD: ARROWED! DO you have anything to prevent it?


STRONG BAD: All right. But it's not on your turn, though. Okay. So you guys, this is it. So now, you have entered Trogdor's Fiery Rage-Quit. He now gets perma-burnination. You're going to turn over five movement cards, and if in those five cards, {the movement deck is taken} burninate. {Matt points to the cottage Trogdor stands on} He's automatically gonna burninate this one 'cause that's where you start. If he can hit this peasant, and this cottage, then you guys win the game. Like a walk-off home run.


STRONG BAD: He also- it's also fun- we also say he destroys the archers and knights so {Stonklar burninates Trogdor's cottage} flick them off the board, too. Just 'cause it feels good.

{Audio drops.}

YUBBITZ: Here we go?

STRONG BAD: Here we go! Call it out!

{Yubbitz draws the first card.}

YUBBITZ: All right! We got north!

{Stonklar moves.}



STONKLAR: Can't go.

YUBBITZ: Sorry. North-north-east.

MIKE: Trogdor, he gets wraparound for this.

STRONG BAD: East. East!


STRONG BAD: North! Kill that knight!

YUBBITZ: He gone.

STRONG BAD: Card number two!

YUBBITZ: North! East!

STRONG BAD: Kill him!

{Stonklar flicks the Troghammer away.}




STRONG BAD: South! {whispering} Come on, Troggie.

{The third card is drawn.}

YUBBITZ: You can do it, Trogdor. North!




{Stonklar flicks the archers away. Everyone laughs.}



{Stonklar moves to a cottage already burninated.}

STRONG BAD: You already did that one, Trogdor!

{Everyone laughs.}


{Everyone cheers as Stonklar takes the peasant away.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, peasant! Just one last thing!

{Another card is drawn.}

MIKE: Is this our fourth?

STRONG BAD: Number four.




{The crowd reacts negatively, as Trogdor wraps around in the wrong direction. Audio drops.}


{The last card is drawn.}

YUBBITZ: And then west. Oh no, sorry, sorry, you're right. North.



STRONG BAD: East. No. Wrong way.

{Yubbitz takes the knight away. Strong Bad begins crying.}

YUBBITZ: North. North.



{The whole crowd pines for Trogdor. One cottage remains unburninated.}

STRONG BAD: So close! {Strong Bad reaches into the frame as Matt discreetly takes the cottage} This stupid cottage! All right, guys.

GALGABUDGE: {inaudible}

{The fans all laugh.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, that's the way to lose a game of Trogdor, I gotta tell you. That's pretty awesome. All right, we like to end every game with a Teen Girl Squad way. With a rousing "it's over". So on the count of three, let's all chant together. One, two three.


STRONG BAD: Nice job, you guys.

LITTLE KID: {moving Trogdor to unburninated cottage} And then Trogdor teleports here.

STRONG BAD: Awesome. Aw, he saved us!

{The cottage is burninated. Everyone cheers triumphantly and gives applause.}

LITTLE KID: I did it. Trogdor took some auto-port there.

STRONG BAD: There you go. {the little kid giggles} You could always do that at the end of games.

{Everyone laughs and agrees.}

STRONG BAD: I haven't lost a game since I was twelve.

{Everyone laughs. Some knocking is heard, Someone says "thank you" several times. Most of the fans get up and go, but Galgabudge and Crangolev stay to clean up.}

{The camera pans up. Strong Bad peeks into the frame from the top.}

STRONG BAD: Good bye, kidster {audio drops} Thank you for watching this blurry video.

{Galgabudge gets up.}

STRONG BAD: I apologize. It's bad Wi-Fi. Probably.

{Strong Bad turns his head a few times and leaves. The faces of the players are now visible and smiling. Strong Bad peeks back in.}

STRONG BAD: Blame Apple. It's the built-in MacBook camera.

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