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"Strong Bad is a giant and he comes out of the middle of the chasm!"

In the final hour of the Trogdor!! The Board Game Kickstarter campaign, The Brothers Chaps and Lucky Yates play it live.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, Lucky Yates, Strong Sad, Puppet Marshie

Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Running time: 1:01:01


[edit] Transcript

{Trogdor!! The Board Game is set up on a table.}

LUCKY: Three. Two. One.

STRONG BAD: Bwuuuuuaaaaah!

{The Strong Bad puppet's head slowly peeks into the screen, blocking it.}

STRONG BAD: Here we are! You peoples! Thank you so much! For supporting us! And checkin' it out! We're just gonna... {clears throat} 'Scuse me, I uh, I'm taking the wrong tone. {whispering, soothing} We're just gonna relax and smooth it out. With some light Trog-enating. That's right, far out.

{Strong Bad leaves the screen.}

STRONG BAD: Who we got here? Who we got here today?

{Mike gives a thumbs up from the right side of the screen.}

MIKE: Mike. {waves} Hi, Strong Bad.

{Lucky gives a thumbs up from the top of the screen.}

LUCKY: Lucky. {waves} Hi, Strong Bad.

{Strong Bad peeks in and looks into the camera.}

STRONG BAD: And me too! Hi, Lucky and Mike.

MIKE: What's up? What're we gonna do here? {straightens the tiles on his side}

STRONG BAD: Let's play some Trogdor!!, man! Let's just play it, man. {the others agree} There's no pressure, you know...

LUCKY: {pointing in} Hey man, thanks for inviting me on this very spectacular occasional experience.

STRONG BAD: Hey, thanks for helping us out, Lucky. You've been great. And it's nice to finally see you, instead of my stupid baby brother.

LUCKY: Hey, where is that guy anyway? I kinda miss him.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I dunno, I locked him out. He's— he's, uh, don't ask. Don't ask. Right now.

LUCKY: Don't ask, don't tell.

STRONG BAD: The less you know, the better.

LUCKY: Okay.

STRONG BAD: He won't be interrupting.

LUCKY: Great. Uh, well, tell him I said hello.

STRONG BAD: Uh, well, let's, uh... let's tell everybody. So we've already selected our Keepers and our Items to start a nice game of Trogdor!!.

{The group agrees.}

LUCKY: Yeah. Should we go around and tell people what we're doing? Okay, my Keeper is... {displays his Keeper card for the viewer} Crangolev. Aw, look at that.

STRONG BAD: What can that guy do?

LUCKY: Yeah, he uh, each turn I get one extra action point! {withdraws the card} Oh-ho-ho! And then, as my item card, I took a {displays his Item card for the viewer} one-turn-only, no-recharges Disk of Healing.

STRONG BAD: Oooooooh.

LUCKY: {withdraws card} That means I can bring a peasant, a burninated peasant back from... the beyond.

STRONG BAD: That's right. What about you, Mike? What're you gots?

{Mike displays his card for the viewer.}

MIKE: I'm... Yubbitz?

STRONG BAD: Yaaaaay!

MIKE: {withdraws card} Yubbitz can trade action cards with other players, either on my turn or theirs.


MIKE: {displays his item card} And then I have the Ring of Voip.


MIKE: {withdraws card} Voip. Uh, I can jump to any tile.

LUCKY: Ooh, that's a good one.

MIKE: {indicating the cottages} It is recharged when a cottage or cottage tile is burninated.

{Strong Bad peeks into the frame.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, looky. So we don't get sued by the hand modeling guild, {turns to the other players} would you... would you hold my cards up for me?

{Lucky takes Strong Bad's Keeper card.}

LUCKY: Oh yeah, sure, of course, yeah. I didn't realize you were in the hand union.

{Lucky displays the card for the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: So I chose Worchex, there, who uh... knights cannot repair cottages during my turn. Which is very handy, very handy indeed.

{Lucky withdraws the card.}

LUCKY: And your item.

{Lucky displays the Item card for the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: I got the... the Baubles of Astray.

LUCKY: Baubles of Astray.

STRONG BAD: Yes. So during Trogdor's actions, I can move a knight to an empty space. Like wherever I want, if I'm afraid he's gonna hit me. I can tr— teleport him wherever I please.

LUCKY: Wow! {withdraws the card} That's a power that is... unbeknownst to anyone in this game.

STRONG BAD: I will lead him astray.

LUCKY: {laughing} I hope— one can only hope.

STRONG BAD: Um, so let's uh, who's gonna start? You guys?

MIKE: Um...

LUCKY: I don't know how this is, uh... Mike, why don't you start?

MIKE: I'll start!

{Mike places a hand on the deck closest to him.}

STRONG BAD: Someone has asked where is the appropriate music. Mike, you start... singing some, some like music, some background music.

{Mike scats a little tune.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh. {soothing} That's right, everybody.

LUCKY: Some of that smooth jazz.

STRONG BAD: {soothing} Thanks for tuning in to playin' a little board game. That's right. This board game has stopped bein' about burnination. We're gonna have Trogdor plant an herb garden in at least one of these peasant's houses, that's right.

{Lucky cracks up.}

STRONG BAD: {soothing} Maybe a little basil, maybe a little oregano.

LUCKY: A little basil goes a long way.

STRONG BAD: {soothing} That's true. Don't forget to pick it, or it'll turn black.

{Mike takes his deck.}

MIKE: Um— {begins speaking}

STRONG BAD: {overlapping; soothing} C— cilantro is surprisingly difficult. To keep a hand on, that's right, far out.

LUCKY: Welcome to the splendid cottage.

{Mike begins dealing cards.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, okay, nevermind, no.

MIKE: Deal our banked cards first.

LUCKY: Deal what? Banked cards?

MIKE: Yeah.

LUCKY: What does that even mean, Mike?

{Mike flips Lucky's card.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, flip over! Why did you even... turn them the other way?

{Mike flips Strong Bad's card.}

MIKE: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

STRONG BAD: No drama.

{Mike flips his card.}

LUCKY: Stump and Rock.

MIKE: So you start with a banked card and then you uh... you draw, turn a turn— a card on your turn...

LUCKY: Right, and then you choose between them. What an excellent, uh... sort of advantage it gives you.

MIKE: Yeah.

LUCKY: It gives you uh, the... {unintelligible}

MIKE: I'm gonna go first.

{Mike draws a card.}

LUCKY: Okay.

MIKE: So, I start my turn by drawing a card. So I have Slantwise...

LUCKY: Mmm-hmm.

MIKE: {holding the card to the viewer} Once during Trogdor's actions, uh, {withdraws card} he may burninate a diagonal tile for free.



MIKE: {displays his other card} Or Shot Put, {withdraws card} which is after all Trogdor's actions, he may burninate from up to two tiles away.

STRONG BAD: And you have to go {peeks in, hovering over the game board; high-pitched, imitating a fireball flying} toooo... {imitates an explosion}

{Mike points to various tiles on the board, making the same sounds Strong Bad did.}

STRONG BAD: That's right.

LUCKY: Question. If you had buy this game, and you uh, take it home, and you don't go booo-{explosion sound}, how d— how do you guys...?

STRONG BAD: You're voiding your warranty. No customer service.

LUCKY: Who is... who is, are there little devices in the— in the tiles? That are listening?

STRONG BAD: There're talismans in— in Trogdor. He's made of magic, ancient... PVC.

LUCKY: Great.

STRONG BAD: That uh, talks to me through the runestone.

{Mike displays the Slantwise card again.}

MIKE: I'm gonna use Slantwise.

STRONG BAD: Go for it, Mike.

MIKE: Five actions. Not from that, five actions, this gives me my diagonal mark. So five actions, I'm gonna discard it right here.

{Mike discards his card sideways in front of him.}

STRONG BAD: Discard pile.

MIKE: Okay. So, we got five actions here. Uh...

STRONG BAD: Head for the corner!

MIKE: I say we head for this corner. {points out the area with the cottage in the upper left} We're gonna get this guy first.

STRONG BAD: Why would we do that, Mike?

MIKE: {indicating corner tiles} Because these corner tiles, the corner cottages only need these four tiles to get burninated.

STRONG BAD: That's right.

MIKE: Uh, they have to be prepped. {indicating the tiles surrounding the cottage on the right edge} These side ones, on the side only need six, {indicating the tiles around the remaining cottage on the lower left} but these interior ones need all nine, so {indicates cottages in order} easiest, middlin', hardest cottage. So usually we go for the easy ones first. Um, okay, Slantwise. Um, it's five actions. So I go {taps tile north of Trogdor} one, {taps one west} two, {taps second time} three, {taps north} four, {taps again} five, {taps nearby forest tile} and then burninate that one, and {gestures to the tiles around the corner tiles} these three will be done?

STRONG BAD: That's nice. Box 'em in.

LUCKY: Yeah. Yeah.

MIKE: Is that right? {counts tiles} Yeah.

{Mike picks up Trogdor and moves him. Lucky and Strong Bad count along with him.}

MIKE: One, move there. Two, move there, Three, {flips tile} burninate, four, move here, {flips tile} five, burninate here, and then Slantwise allows me to burninate a diagonal tile for free. {Lucky flips the forest tile} So that one.

LUCKY: {unintelligible}

STRONG BAD: For Cheap as Free!


MIKE: Um, okay, so that's my turn. Slantwise.


STRONG BAD: The chat says Strong— Strong Mad. Shot Put in Strong Mad's voice. {pause} I dunno. I can't do Strong Mad's voice.

LUCKY: I'm with you, man, I don't know. Yeah, he's not here.

{Strong Bad peeks in.}

STRONG BAD: He'd probably, like, yell it.

LUCKY: I can give it a whirl. {imitating Strong Mad, poorly} I'm Strong Mad!

MIKE: Deeper, come on.

LUCKY: {as Strong Mad} Heeey! Stop it!

STRONG BAD: Think about the Dread Pirate Roberts.

MIKE: Or um, Fesick.

LUCKY: {deep voice, slightly British} Hello. I'm the Dread Pirate Roberts.

STRONG BAD: {cracking up} That's terrible. Bolder.

LUCKY: {deep voice, slightly British} Hello. Hello. I'm Strong Mad.

{Mike draws a card.}

MIKE: All right.


MIKE: Now the knights, the bad guys move.

LUCKY: Is that right?

STRONG BAD: It's great! It's dead on, Lucky, dead on.

LUCKY: I never met the guy. This is— it's the mystery brother to me.

STRONG BAD: You probably thought—

{The audio cuts out for a moment. Mike shows the movement card for the viewer.}

LUCKY: —thrifting, a weekly thrifting date, with your brother Strong Sad? We do games sometimes, you and I, but it's... it's Strong Mad I've never met.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I think you thought he was like, a load-bearing wall of my house.

LUCKY: Is that what that weird, sort of gummy wall is?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, he's— {laughs} that's right. That's not a flesh-eating wall. That's my brother.

LUCKY: {laughs} I hung up a show poster on Mad!

STRONG BAD: He loves that kind of thing.

LUCKY: Wow. {laughing} I feel terrible! I'm so sorry.

STRONG BAD: It's all right.

{Mike displays another card for the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: All right, Mike's trying to play a game here.

MIKE: So, movement, uh, so four peasants?

LUCKY: Wait, you're not done yet? Wow.

MIKE: Well, we gotta move the bad guys.

STRONG BAD: The countryside's turn.

MIKE: Four peasants, but there are three on there, there are only three cottages. So none get generated, because, uh, right? Throttled by the number of cottages?

STRONG BAD: What do you mean? No. We gotta bring out one.

MIKE: We gotta bring one.


MIKE: Okay.

{Mike takes a peasant from the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG BAD: You just pick one and... there has to be four peasants on the board, and the only way there wouldn't be any is if there were only— if all three cottages were burninated.

MIKE: Correct.

STRONG BAD: So there'd be two peasants.

MIKE: All right, so, where should we put him? {indicating the corner cottage} Should we just put him right there? It's easy to...

LUCKY: Oh, yeah, of course.

MIKE: Well, they're moving southwest, which will be {points off the board} that way, so they're {points to the other side} gonna move there, {indicates southern peasant} this guy's gonna move here, {indicates western peasant} and this guy's gotta move here. So none of them are gonna be close once they move.

STRONG BAD: That's true.

MIKE: It doesn't really matter.

STRONG BAD: Peasants on the move.

{Mike places the peasant at the Eastern cottage.}

MIKE: Let's move him... here.


{Strong Bad makes computer beeping noises as each peasant moves.}

MIKE: Okay, and they move— all move southwest. {moves the peasant diagonally to the southwest} Southwest. {moves the other peasant} Southwest. {moves the western peasant} Southwest. That guy wraps around, {indicates a northeast tile} to go there. {displays the movement card for the player} knights and archers move west-west, north-north.

LUCKY: Uh-oh.

{Mike moves the western knight in the indicated movement, using wraparound.}

ALL: West, west, north, north!

{Mike moves the other knight in the indicated movement, with wraparound.}

ALL: West, west, north, north!

{Mike moves the archers in the indicated movement, with wraparound.}

ALL: West, west, north, north!


{Mike points vertically across the column.}

MIKE: Shoot this way!

STRONG BAD: Arrowed! Right between those— look at those peasants! {Mike moves a peasant to clear a space between them} They're doing some like, whoo!

LUCKY: Friendly fire.

STRONG BAD: Some daredevilry.

LUCKY: Friendly fire going in both directions.

STRONG BAD: That's right.

LUCKY: They're just shooting willy-nilly.

{Mike discards the movement card.}

MIKE: Discard that there.

{Sounds of agreement are heard across the board.}

MIKE: So, Lucky, you're up.

LUCKY: Good, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, I— I—

MIKE: Draw your card.

{Lucky draws a card.}

LUCKY: Draw an action card. {shows to the viewer} Maaajesty caaaard! I get four action points, and my banked card is {shows to the viewer} Stump & Roooock. Uh, Majesty, which I drawed, is {reading, displaying the card} before Trogdor's actions, he may burninate any tile on the board for free! Ooh, that's pretty good. {puts card down} That's a good one. Feel like that's a good bank one.

{Mike points to the lake tile.}

MIKE: The lake.

LUCKY: Yeah, the lake. And uh, Stump & Rock is {reading, displaying the card} once this turn, if Trogdor burninates a tile with a stump or rock on it, you gain four more actions. Four more actions. {puts card away} Uh, boy, what do you think? You think I oughta play Majesty?

MIKE: We already burninated the rock, so you're probably not gonna get to stump.

LUCKY: Get to stump, yeah. Uh...

MIKE: Yeah, I mean Ithink the gettin' the, um... gettin' the lake—

LUCKY: Might as well take out the lake, right?

MIKE: {indicating the lake tile} Because normally, the lake, in order to burninate the lake regularly, you have to do the, um, {indicates adjacent tiles} north, south, east, and west tiles before you can do this one.

LUCKY: Right, so...

MIKE: But we can burninate it from... long distance.

LUCKY: {taking Trogdor} So, if I use the Majesty, with my four action points, I can go, one {points to corner cottage}, two, burninate the land, three, burninate the cottage, and then four, move— {points to a corner stump tile on the other side} ooh! It won't do me any good...

MIKE: Uh, you don't have— you don't have wraparound.

LUCKY: Oh, no. {points to a tile south} So do I have to just go down there? Right.

MIKE: {overlapping} Yeah. Yeah.

{Some crosstalk as Lucky and Mike discuss the burninated tile.}

LUCKY: That sounds good. Then I burninate the lake, right?

MIKE: Then the lake's burninated. And we'll have to start...

STRONG BAD: Hey, the people want, um, a stretch goal where Lucky Yates will, uh, play, uh, come to your house.

LUCKY: {laughing} Man!

STRONG BAD: And play this game with you.

LUCKY: No, this is a trap I have fallen— this is— three of my ex-wives used this exact same trap. And I'm not falling for it a fourth time, Cassandra!

STRONG BAD: {laughing} Okay. Let's do it. They're also making fun of... of how Mike just wants to play the game.

LUCKY: {over Strong Bad} Three— I should point out, three of my ex-wives were all the same woman. I should point that out.

MIKE: I'll let you guys... continue with your shenanigans.

LUCKY: {overlapping} Her name was Cassandra.

STRONG BAD: Listen to this! Listen to what happened. Wait, no, how does it go?

MIKE: Turn it up, turn it up!

STRONG BAD: I'm trying.

{A short Trogdor theme plays.}

STRONG BAD: I got— I got to remember how to play the video game sound effects for Trogdor!! Here, here's a peasant.

{A short sound theme plays.}

MIKE: Yep, that's good.

STRONG BAD: Burninated peasant.

MIKE: What was the one you were doing before?

STRONG BAD: That's like, in between the levels, level beaten.

{A short theme plays.}

MIKE: Yeah, I think it's that.

STRONG BAD: Is that it?

{A short theme plays.}

STRONG BAD: Can you guys hear that?

MIKE: Is that when his smoke, like his animated pixely smoke goes up?

STRONG BAD: That's right. So we'll do that every time we burninate something.

LUCKY: Okay. All right, we're about— get ready, {takes Trogdor} 'cause I'm about to burninate a lot of stuff.

MIKE: But, you gotta... {trails off}

LUCKY: What? You don't want me to use it? You want me to use Stump and Rock?

MIKE: No, no. We're, uh... peasants. We haven't, uh, devoured peasants, I'm just afraid...

{Burninated peasant theme plays.}

LUCKY: Ooh, you know what? {takes Trogdor} I could go {moves Trogdor west across the board} one, two, th—

MIKE: No, you don't have wraparound.

{Lucky moves Trogdor back to the cottage and has him move east the long way, counting out tiles as he does.}

LUCKY: One, two, three, four. Uh, I can't... {drops Trogdor on the corner cottage, despite him being on the tile next to it before} I can't burninate it, though.

MIKE: Uh— oh, you're thinking {points to stump in the corner} to get—

LUCKY: To get four actions.

MIKE: {pointing down the western edge, where there is also a stump} Oh, well you could do this one, I mean if we wanted to do that, you could...

LUCKY: Oh, there you go.

MIKE: I mean, one, two...

LUCKY: Yeah, there you go.

MIKE: ...three, burninate that, so you would have one left, but then you get four more—

LUCKY: Four more actions.

MIKE: —so then you get five. So you could do...

LUCKY: We could come back up here and burninate... no, no.

MIKE: Oh, yeah, um...

{Shuffling sounds are heard.}

LUCKY: Hold on, hold on, hold on.

{Lucky moves Trogdor back to the correct tile.}

MIKE: I'm just— I'm just afraid if {indicates movement deck} this movement, if the movement card has three peasants on it, three or four peasants on it...

STRONG BAD: Mike is a very conservative Trogdor!! player. Let's watch him in his actions!

MIKE: No, there's four on the board. There's four on the board, so none can come out, right? If there's not, if there's four on the board, none...

STRONG BAD: Four on the board. Yeah.

MIKE: Isn't that how it works?


MIKE: Yeah, okay. So we're... if there're four on the board, then we're good.

STRONG BAD: You're overthinking this.

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: The crowd, they're uh, they're dropping like flies.

{Lucky laughs.}

STRONG BAD: We're down to 200 viewers.

LUCKY: I'd rather do work... than listen to {unintelligible}...

MIKE: All right, do the cottage. Do the cottage.

STRONG BAD: Make this game look exciting and crazy, Mike. Come on!

LUCKY: Okay. {moving Trogdor to the cottage tile} One! {burninating tile} Two! {burninating cottage} Three!

{Burninated peasant theme plays twice.}

LUCKY: {moves Trogdor south} Four.

MIKE: Okay.

LUCKY: Dooj! {burninates the lake from afar}

MIKE: Then we're using Majesty to burninate.

LUCKY: {burning noises} No more lake. Discard pile.

{The level up theme plays four times.}

MIKE: All right, good job, good job. One cottage down. All right, um, and what's your... {unintelligible} to the Void. Okay.

{Burninated peasant theme plays.}

STRONG BAD: My turn!

MIKE: No, Lucky moves the bad guys.

STRONG BAD: Lucky, move the bad guys.

LUCKY: {overlapping; unintelligible} Where is that? That's this card. That's this card.

{Lucky draws a movement card and displays it for the viewer.}

LUCKY: We got, uh, four peasants on the board.

MIKE: There are four on the board.

LUCKY: They're moving northwest.

MIKE: {moving a peasant} Okay, northwest. {moving two peasants} It's gonna move northwest. {moves a peasant northwest, which wraps around to the east onto a bush tile} Northwest.

STRONG BAD: Crunchberries!

LUCKY: Okay, and then uh, the knights and archers go, uh—

MIKE: {pointing in the frame} Up here, Lucky. They can't see.

{Lucky displays the card for the viewer.}

LUCKY: Sorry, I gotta look at it, though. That's my problem.

MIKE: {laughing} East, south-south-west.

LUCKY: East, south-south—

STRONG BAD: East, they start at the top.

{Mike moves the northmost knight.}

STRONG BAD: East, south, south, west. East!

{Lucky hesitantly reaches for a southern knight, but Mike takes it instead.}

LUCKY: I'll knock this guy down.

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East, south, south, west.

STRONG BAD: And the archer!

{Mike moves the archer.}

STRONG BAD: East, south, south, west. Peow! Arrowed!

{Mike motions horitonally to show where the arrows should fly. The row is empty. Burninated peasant theme plays. Lucky waves the movement card in front of the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: I can't do the— I don't have the, like, {Lucky gives a thumbs up} modulator-pitch-shift thing on this so I can't go "pyoo!", I can just go...

{A beep plays.}

STRONG BAD: That's not quite as cool.

{A lower tone plays.}

MIKE: Get the SK-1.

STRONG BAD: Imagine that it's going {plays a note} "peooow!"

MIKE: Um, all right, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: What's up?

LUCKY: You're— you're in.

STRONG BAD: My turn? Sweet!

{Mike draws a card.}

STRONG BAD: Deal me out a card. What do I gots?

{Mike places the card with Strong Bad's items.}

MIKE: You got Block.

STRONG BAD: I got... Wingaling or Block? I can't be hurt by knights or archers during their actions.

{Lucky picks up the cards to show them to the viewer.}

LUCKY: Here, I'll hold these up, since you're over there holding the keyboard.

STRONG BAD: I got like, holds... sweet, and Wingaling lets me start anywhere. So, we could go get a head start on one of these other cottages.

{Lucky puts the cards down.}

MIKE: Or we could go to the tile where there are two...

STRONG BAD: Two peasants and have a little peasant feasty?


MIKE: {pointing to a tile with a peasant on it} Or we could just move over here, get this guy, and then we {unintelligible, gesturing to the cottage area}

STRONG BAD: Let's go! Wait. Yes. All right. I'm playing Wingaling. Play it. Grab it for me. Four actions.

{Mike reaches across the table to pick up the Wingaling card from Strong Bad's side.}

MIKE: Four actions.

STRONG BAD: I'm playing Wingaling.

MIKE: You can jump to any space.

STRONG BAD: Okay. Now, I'm going to start on that double peasant tile.

MIKE: {moving Trogdor} Okay.

STRONG BAD: All right? I'm going to chomp for my first action. {Mike removes a peasant and places it on the health meter} Chompers, eat one peasant. Now, for my next action, I would like to substitute out that peasant for, uh, my stupid brother Strong Sad.

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: If we can.

{Mike reaches across the table and pulls out a Strong Sad figurine.}

MIKE: I'm gonna sub this.

STRONG BAD: This is not a—

LUCKY: {removing the other peasant from the board as Mike places Strong Sad there} Subbing this guy out?

STRONG BAD: This is— uh, yeah, this is just a household move, people. This is not a legal move, usually. Uh, and I'm going to burninate him, because it's way more fun to burninate Strong Sad than it is just to— a peasant.

{Mike places the flame helmet on the Strong Sad figurine.}

STRONG BAD: So, uh, in order to burninate a peasant, we d— we draw another one of those movement cards.

{Mike draws a card.}

STORNG BAD: He looks really good. He looks like...

{Mike displays the card for the viewer.}

MIKE: We're just gonna look at the movement.

STRONG BAD: He looks like, his uh, Vyvyan from The Young Ones costume.

{Lucky laughs.}

MIKE: North, north, east, north.

STRONG BAD: All right, so let's send him...

{Mike sets down the card.}

MIKE: He burninates the tile he starts on.

{Mike removes Trogdor and Strong Sad so Lucky can flip the tile.}

STRONG BAD: Right, so that's right there.

LUCKY: Yep. Rooarg!

{Mike puts Trogdor back and moves Strong Sad.}

STRONG BAD: Nnnnnorth! Burninated!

MIKE: Do it!

LUCKY: {flipping tile} This one burninates.

MIKE: North!

STRONG BAD: {overlapping; unintelligible} again!

LUCKY: {removing knight to flip tile} Eyaaah!

STRONG BAD: Burninated! East!

MIKE: {moves Strong Sad east, accidentally knocking a peasant off the tile} East!


LUCKY: {flipping tile} Eyaah!

STRONG BAD: Burninate that! Leave that guy there. {Lucky sets down the peasant on the tile} Because, he's gonna get the business in a second. And then north again!

{Mike moves Strong Sad with wraparound to the south on the tile with the archers.}

MIKE: North again.

LUCKY: {flipping tile} Aw, these guys.

STRONG BAD: And then Strong Sad fizzles out! {imitating Strong Bad; mumbling} Ohh, I'm so— I burninated into the Void...

{Mike takes Strong Sad off the playing board, leaving him lying on the side.}

MIKE: He goes in the Void.

STRONG BAD: And now, we s— you guys, a flaming peasant touched another unflaming peasant, which means we started a peasant chain reaction!

{A peasant burnination theme plays as Mike caps the north peasant with a flame helmet. It drops, so he caps it again.}

STRONG BAD: So put that thing back on him, and Lucky, draw another movement card!

LUCKY: {drawing a card} See, you are kidding me, that's this one!

STRONG BAD: What've we got?

LUCKY: Oh, man, we gots... we gots, uh, west, west, uh— west-west-north-west.

{Lucky displays the card for the viewer. Mike moves as Strong Bad narrates the actions.}


MIKE: Already burninated.


MIKE: Already burninated.


{Mike moves the peasant with wraparound to a tunnel tile in the south.}

STRONG BAD: There we go.

{Mike flips the tunnel tile.}

STRONG BAD: And west!

MIKE: Got that one.

{Mike flips the corner tile.}

STRONG BAD: There we go. That's not too bad.

LUCKY: Wow, man.

STRONG BAD: And now he fizzles out into the Void.

{Mike removes the peasant from play and removes the flame cap, dropping him next to Strong Sad and placing the flame cap back on the health meter.}

MIKE: So the only problem is that we lost two... two peasants in the Void.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, but I am very confident in my abilities.

MIKE: Lucky's got the Disk of Healing, so he can bring one of 'em back.

STRONG BAD: Exactly. Like I said, Mike is like, a very conservative Trog-player, you guys. Don't, uh, you don't have to mimic his tactics.

{The "level up" tune plays several times throughout.}

MIKE: Like to win! I'm doing pretty good, though.

LUCKY: Yeah.

{A few notes are played.}

MIKE: That's not bad. Um, all right. So now, uh, that was your, um... what did you do? That was your... full turn?

STRONG BAD: No, that was my f— my second action!

MIKE: True, so you got two more.

STRONG BAD: I got two more actions. So, uh, should we just start on this— this— nine cottage?

MIKE: {indicates the cottage with eight tiles surrounding it} You only got three of them.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, we just get all of them. Um, so let's move, uh, let's go south, {Mike moves Trogdor south} that's three, and burninate four.

MIKE: {flipping tile} Okay. Great.

STRONG BAD: All right, now, a movement card, Lucky, if you would.

LUCKY: Yes. {draws a card}

STRONG BAD: If we— we didn't take no damage yet, right?

MIKE: No, we did not.

LUCKY: {displaying card for the viewer} We got north, west, west, north, north.

MIKE: Wait, hold on, we got to—

STRONG BAD: Sorry, some peasants? Any new peasants?

LUCKY: Peasants, zero peasants.

STRONG BAD: What is the existing peasant move? Which way?

MIKE: Southeast.

LUCKY: Southeast, move and repair.

STRONG BAD: Oh, come on, you jerk!

{Mike begins to move the peasants.}

LUCKY: Oh no!

MIKE: So he moves southeast. {starts to flip the archers' tile}

STRONG BAD: No, that's west, Mike. Looking the wrong way. Southeast.

MIKE: {moving peasant with wraparound to the southwestern corner} Moving southeast, sorry. {flips the tile}

STRONG BAD: We need that— one of them fancy Wyrmwood boards that's got the compass rose in it apparently.

{Lucky breaks out in laughter.}

STRONG BAD: So we don't get it confused.

{Lucky holds up the movement card and laughs.}

STRONG BAD: So you undid my hard work, as it says move and repair. Uh, all right. Now, what are we doin' next? Uh, the knights! North, west, west, north, north! So Mike.

{Mike moves the knight.}

STRONG BAD: North! West! West! North! North! And again!

{Mike moves the second knight.}

STRONG BAD: North! West! West! North! North! And the archers.

{Mike moves the archers.}

STRONG BAD: North! West! West! North! North! Arrowed!

{Mike points vertically down the board. A tone plays. Mike makes a "pyoo" sound.}

STRONG BAD: There you go.

{Mike makes another "pyoo!" sound.}

LUCKY: Trogdor is...

STRONG BAD: You just do a— do a kitty meow, Mike. For the arrow.

{Mike meows. He lifts the archers and shows them to the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: {stutters}— They're asking if there's any Old Man Rub in the game.

{Everyone laughs.}

STRONG BAD: There's going to be an entire, uh, expansion that's the Old Man Rub expansion.

MIKE: {pointing at a burninated lake tile} You could put a tube of Old Man Rub at the bottom of the lake, like unburninated.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's a good idea.

MIKE: Um...

STRONG BAD: The Inn! Maybe we should add the Inn. There should— there should be an entire Peasant's Quest expansion if you ask me.

{A burninated peasant theme plays. Everyone laughs.}

LUCKY: Yeah.

MIKE: My turn.

{Level up theme plays.}

LUCKY: That's it. You're up, Mike. Finally, your second turn.

{Mike draws a card.}

MIKE: Trog-Burst.

{He shows the card to the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: The Trog-Burst!

LUCKY: What does that mean?

MIKE: It's just seven actions. {puts card away} It's just seven actions. Just a bunch of actions. {reading} Behold the field in which I grow my action points. See how it is rich in nutrients and loam.

STRONG BAD: I love loam! I'm a huge fan of loam.

MIKE: I also have Shot Put and... first of all, I forgot last time I've got Ring of Voip, where I can... uh, jump to any tile. And then I can also switch action cards with anybody. You have Block, and you have Stump and Rock.

STRONG BAD: Hey, where's the actions, Mike? Everybody— people keep asking about ye flask.

MIKE: What's that?

STRONG BAD: They keep asking about ye flask, and we have— we have a nod to ye flask. You're mixing your universes there. That's Peasant's Quest and Thy Dungeonman, which we haven't had the epic crossover just yet.

{Mike displays the Ye Flask of Dennis card for the viewer.}

LUCKY: {laughing} Just yet.

MIKE: The item card is Ye Flask of Dennis.

STRONG BAD: But there's a little nod to, uh, to our good friend Thy Dungeonman in there.

LUCKY: Uh, I like that you said "just yet". You've given us hope, for, uh...

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah. The crossover of the century.

LUCKY: Yeah. Can't wait for that crossover.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. D— It's gonna be an all-text PC game that comes with a six thousand-page manual.

LUCKY: Oh-ho, man.

STRONG BAD: Slash novel.

LUCKY: Yeah, well, the— as it should.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. It's a manuscript that we're working on.

MIKE: All right, I'm gonna, um...

STRONG BAD: I'm gonna do this.

{Burninated peasant theme plays.}

MIKE: Good work. {picking up Trog-Burst} I should use the Trog-Burst, I think.

STRONG BAD: Yeah yeah, let's uh, do it up.

LUCKY: Yeah, yeah, go nuts.

MIKE: And should I use my Ring of Voip and start? {points to peasant in the southwest corner} Like here or something?

STRONG BAD: Ooh. Can you sneak around a those knights and still do some good damages?

MIKE: {indicating a northeastern path avoiding the knights} Well, I could do all of these.

STRONG BAD: And eat that peasant?

MIKE: I could eat the peasant and then probably get some damage on this, and then {points to cottage tile} if I burninate this tile, my ring of voip gets, uh, re... re, uh...

STRONG BAD: Recharged?

MIKE: Recharged.

STRONG BAD: Re-uhed?

LUCKY: {as Mike is about to move} Just, uh, you know, if you're doing that though, you're gonna put yourself in the middle of these guys {gestures to the knights} and... moving.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, get outta there, if you've got seven actions, you might be able to get out.

LUCKY: Yeah, {unintelligible}

MIKE: {pointing to mountain tile} Or I can hide. I can use an action.

LUCKY: Oh, true that, true that.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's true. Sevenonda, you could go to Sevenonda at the end of this turn.

MIKE: I should just start, I could just start {points to cottage tile} here, no wait, {points to bush tile to the north} start here...

LUCKY: ...And limit the land of Sevenonda?

{Level up theme plays.}

MIKE: And then move like {counts out the tiles} one, two, move there, {points to cottage tile} three, burninate... {thinks} I'm trying to be able to— I could hide in the mountains too, since I'm right there. {picks up Trogdor} Um, okay.

STRONG BAD: More overthinking by Mike.

{Lucky laughs.}

MIKE: You be funny while I think about what I'm supposed to do.

LUCKY: Aw, come on, now.

STRONG BAD: Act on impulse, Mike!

LUCKY: Yeah. Yeah, go for it!

MIKE: All right. {placing Trogdor on the southwest corner} I'm gonna go here.


MIKE: I'm gonna use my Ring of Voip.

{Mike turns his Ring of Voip card to demonstrate that it is inactive.}

LUCKY: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: {unintelligible} Ring of Voip.

MIKE: {moving peasant to Trog-Meter} Seven things. One, I'm gonna devour this guy.

STRONG BAD: Chompers! Go!

{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

MIKE: {flipping tile} Two, I'm gonna burninate that.


{An improvised tune plays.}

MIKE: {moving north to mountains} Three, I'm gonna move there. {flips the tile} Four, I'm gonna burninate that. {moves Trogdor east to cottage} Five, I'm gonna go here.

{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

MIKE: {flips the tile} Six, I'm gonna burninate that. And then I got one more action.

LUCKY: So you gonna hide or you gonna burninate?

MIKE: {pointing to mountain tile} Well, I can't hide, I don't have two.

{The burnination sound from TROGDOR! plays.}


MIKE: So...

STRONG BAD: Just get outta there, man!

MIKE: {pointing to east tile} So I just go over here? That's better, or... {point to north tile, which is not burninated} I mean, that's gonna help Lucky.

STRONG BAD: {mumbling} How will it help Lucky?

LUCKY: Stump and Rock...

MIKE: Well, he's gonna... he's got two... {points to two unburninated tiles} he's gonna be closer to what we need to burn.

STRONG BAD: Oh, that's true. We gotta do that anyways, yeah.

{Mike moves Trogdor east.}

MIKE: I'm just gonna go here. I'm gonna go there.


MIKE: All right.

{Mike draws a movement card.}

STRONG BAD: What's the damage, Mike? What's the damage?

LUCKY: Oh, boy, here we go.

{Mike displays the card for the viewer.}

MIKE: Two peasants.

STRONG BAD: Two peasants. So one peasant... to each.

MIKE: So one comes out.

{Mike takes a peasant from the right side of the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG BAD: Wrong side.

MIKE: Oh wait, there's none. {taking second peasant} So both come out.

{Mike puts them down and takes two peasants from the other side of the health meter.}

STRONG BAD: Two of thems.

{Mike plants the peasants.}

MIKE: One on each cottage.

STRONG BAD: One there. One there.

{Peasant burnination theme plays. Mike displays the card for the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: That's them screaming, they're terrified.

MIKE: They both move northeast.

{Mike moves the peasants.}

LUCKY: Why did they come back?

MIKE: Northeast.

LUCKY: Why would they come back?

STRONG BAD: They're birthed— they're birthed into the world.

LUCKY: Whoa, man.

STRONG BAD: Terrified and screaming and fully grown.

LUCKY: This game really...

MIKE: Confusing, uh, complicated movement path. North, east, north west west.

{Mike moves the knight.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: North, east...

{The knight lands on Trogdor's tile.}


{The knight continues to move.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: North, west west.

MIKE: {moving a peasant from the Trog-Meter to the Void} You take damage.

STRONG BAD: Yep. Get that guy outta there.

{Mike moves Trogdor north.}

MIKE: North...

STRONG BAD: That's the wrong— you're moving Trogdor.

{Mike, realizing his mistake, puts Trogdor back and starts moving the knight. Lucky laughs.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: North, east, north, west, west.

{Mike flips the flame cap on the corner cottage.}

STRONG BAD: Augh, that guy repaired the cottage too!

LUCKY: Aw, man. Come on, now.

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: {moving archers} North, east, north, west, west.

STRONG BAD: Peow! Arrowed!

{Mike motions horizontally across the southmost row. Nothing is hit.}

STRONG BAD: Look at what all your cautious playing has got us, Mike! This game is about chause!

MIKE: Chause?

STRONG BAD: {uncertain} Uh, ch— chaos. How do you say that? Chause!

LUCKY: Yeah, chause!


MIKE: That's right.

LUCKY: Chause-belle.

MIKE: Uh, all right, Lucky, you're up.

LUCKY: Okay. Here I go.

{Level up theme plays. Lucky draws a banked card.}

LUCKY: Yes, that was quite a big um... {displays card for the viewer, sing-song voice} Smell the Daises!


{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

LUCKY: {reading card} If Trogdor ends this turn on a flower tile, the next player gets three extra action points! {sets down card} You get that, Strong Bad, if I end on the daisies.

STRONG BAD: I sure would like that! It's a daisy age.

{Mike and Lucky laugh.}

STRONG BAD: As De La Soul likes to tell me.

LUCKY: Let's get—

MIKE: {picking up the Troghammer cards} No wait, we just took damage. We gotta put the Troghammer—

STRONG BAD: Oh, the Troghammer! Tell 'em about the Troghammer, Mike!

MIKE: {picking up the Troghammer figurine and displaying it for the viewer} So the Troghammer is this third knight that will come out. {sets Troghammer down}

STRONG BAD: And when you take your first damage, you shuffle the Troghammer cards into the deck.

LUCKY: This makes me nervous.

{Mike is shuffling the Troghammer cards into the deck.}

STRONG BAD: And then if, whenever it shows up, he comes out and then moves, he can move like an extra time, and then he also moves with the knights. So the guy, he can move like, two times in a turn and hit you twicetimes.

LUCKY: Oh, man.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, it's real bad.

LUCKY: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: It's real bad.

MIKE: Okay.

LUCKY: Okay.

STRONG BAD: I feel like we should uh, swap the Troghammer out at this time, though, with our friend here.

MIKE: Marzipan?


MIKE: Um, okay. Uh, so Lucky, you got a... it's your—

LUCKY: Mmm. Mmm. Four action points.

MIKE: And remember about your Disk of Healing. {sets Void peasants upright} We got three peasants in the void over here.

LUCKY: Right.

MIKE: We could bring one of them back if we— if we...

LUCKY: Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Let's see, four...

{Strong Bad pokes his head into the frame.}

STRONG BAD: Let's do it. Let's do it.

LUCKY: One, two, three...

{Strong Bad withdraws. Lucky points out his movements.}

MIKE: No no no, no no. That's not ready. {points to unburninated cottage perimeter tiles} We gotta do these three tiles before we burninate that cottage.

LUCKY: Oh, right right right. {whispering} Oh, God.

STRONG BAD: You must surround the cottage with burnination.

LUCKY: {whispering unintelligibly}

MIKE: You could go... {points to peasant north of Trogdor}

LUCKY: Oh, I get to chomp him... one, chomp... oh boy. Three, four? Let's see.

{Lucky takes Trogdor, moving north to a tile with a peasant.}

MIKE: Which one are you using?

STRONG BAD: One. Chompers would be two.

LUCKY: I'm chompin' him. {moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter} Chomp!

STRONG BAD: Twopers.

LUCKY: What do you want, Mike?

MIKE: {pointing to Lucky's banked cards} Are you using either of these?

LUCKY: Uh— oh, I can do {pointing to eastern tiles} three-four. Yeah.

{Lucky moves Trogdor east, ending on a flower tile.}

STRONG BAD: Three, four.

LUCKY: Then smell the daisies, and that gives this guy three extra action points!

MIKE: That's pretty good.

LUCKY: {pointing his thumb in Strong Bad's direction} That gives this guy over here's—

STRONG BAD: That's me!

LUCKY: Strong Bad!

STRONG BAD: That's me!

LUCKY: Three extra action points!

STRONG BAD: Hey, Strong Bad!

LUCKY: We'll use that one!

STRONG BAD: Here's some extra action points.

LUCKY: Uh... and I'm getting away from these guys, {gestures to the bad guys} which is kinda nice.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, that's true. Laying low, man. Laying low.

MIKE: All right.

{Level up theme plays.}

LUCKY: Uh, which puts him, one of them down the board, {draws a card} now let's move some bad guys, hey nonny?

{Lucky displays the card for the viewer.}

LUCKY: Uh, uh-oh.


LUCKY: I got three peasants.

STRONG BAD: Three peasants?

LUCKY: Move and repair?!

STRONG BAD: Oh, dang! A peasant comes out on each one! This is looking bad, you guys.

MIKE: {pointing to a peasant} There's already one on there.


MIKE: So we only bring out two.

STRONG BAD: Two out, two peasants.

{Mike picks up two peasants from the Trog-Meter.}

LUCKY: Aw, man.

MIKE: They move and repair northeast.

STRONG BAD: Okay, so... oh man. We're hosed.

MIKE: Every one of them, every one of them's got repair.

STRONG BAD: Hosed in each case.

{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

MIKE: Oh, you know what?

LUCKY: {displaying movement card} Hmm.

MIKE: {pointing to Lucky's Keeper card} You've... haven't been using your one extra action point.

LUCKY: Augh!

STRONG BAD: Burninate the daises that he's on. Let's just say he used it.

MIKE: Yeah, either one of those. Burninate either one of those tiles.


MIKE: {pointing to forest tile} How about this one?

STRONG BAD: We're gonna say you did that.

MIKE: {flipping tile} Yeah.


MIKE: Just forgot to...

LUCKY: I forgot.

MIKE: To do that, yeah.

{Mike spawns a peasant.}

STRONG BAD: This is like, every time Mike plays Pandemic, you just get to the end of the game and you're like, "I was supposed to do twelve things".

{Lucky laughs.}

STRONG BAD: And then you just like, you're like, "Okay, we won".

MIKE: Northeast.

LUCKY: Uh-huh.

MIKE: It doesn't matter, right? They're all, they're gonna repair?

{Mike spawns the second peasant.}

LUCKY: Uh-huh.


MIKE: This is terrible.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, this is real bad.

{Mike moves the peasant.}

MIKE: Northeast. {flips the tile}

STRONG BAD: And repair. Stupid farming peasants!

MIKE: {moving second peasant} Northeast. {flips the tile}

LUCKY: You know, it's a numbers game.

STRONG BAD: This is the worst game I've ever played!

LUCKY: There's more of them than there are of us.

{Mike moves the last peasant.}

MIKE: Northeast.


MIKE: {flipping tile} Repair.

STRONG BAD: Look at all this burnt, beautiful burnination! Gone to waste!

MIKE: Um, should we consider...

STRONG BAD: Giving up.

MIKE: Disk of Healing?

LUCKY: Oh, yeah. We absolutely should. Yes.

MIKE: {picking up Strong Sad figurine from the Void} Should we bring back Strong Sad?

STRONG BAD: Uh, sure.

{Mike places Strong Sad on the Trog-Meter. He is big enough for two spaces.}

LUCKY: Yeah, bring him back.

STRONG BAD: Oh, man!

LUCKY: {removing his Disk of Healing} That's a one-use-only, so do I just...

MIKE: Yeah.

LUCKY: {placing it back face-down} Turn it over. I'm done with that guy.

STRONG SAD: Are you guys playing with me in the game?

LUCKY: Hey! There he is! Where is it? Where is him?

{Strong Sad's hand pokes into the frame, wagging his finger.}

STRONG SAD: I told you guys to stop doing this!

LUCKY: Hey, buddy.

{Mike picks up Strong Sad's figurine and plays with it.}

STRONG SAD: This whole tabletop thing is my domain!

{Mike sets Strong Sad's figurine back down.}

LUCKY: Uh, yeah, I don't know what, uh... don't know what to tell ya, man. Uh...

STRONG SAD: {laughing} Where did Strong Bad go all of a sudden?

LUCKY: Oh, there, he's like, around.

POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: Strong Bad is still here. {Lucky laughs} He has never left the... place.

STRONG SAD: I like it when you do that voice, like, do the one of me! Your— your me is real good, Mike!

MIKE: {as Strong Sad} I've actually been Strong Sad in a cartoon before.

STRONG SAD: Yeah, you keep— bring that up every time!

MIKE: {as Strong Sad} It's a pretty interesting factoid, if you... {cracks up} know about...

STRONG SAD: Are you trying to out Strong Sad the... Strong Sad the Deathly Pallor? Himself?

MIKE: {as Strong Sad} I could never do such a thing.

STRONG SAD: Okay, well, I approve—

LUCKY: This is scary.

STRONG SAD: I approve of my addition to this particular game, although it is not regulation. Uh, but I enjoy being a peasant in real life. So... uh, go forth.

LUCKY: I... I'm sorry, and I just want you to know that I did ask for you. I just want you to know that.

STRONG SAD: I appreciate that, Lucky. You know, you're like one of those friends that rides the line between the cool kids and the lame kids...

LUCKY: I like to hang in each group. For a little while.

STRONG SAD: Yeah, social butterfly.

LUCKY: That's me. Just a little butterfly.

STRONG BAD: All right, get outta here you stupid stay... steak-face!

STRONG SAD: All right, that's a terrible insult. Almost like you... made it up just now.

MIKE: All right, we gotta move the bad guys.

STRONG BAD: Theater time is over.

LUCKY: Uh, we gotta move these clowns.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, do that guy up at the top.

{Lucky takes the movement card.}

STRONG BAD: The top-right, over there.

LUCKY: We go south, west-west, south-south.

{Mike moves the knight.}

STRONG BAD: West-west, south-south!

{Mike moves the next knight.}

STRONG BAD: South. West, west, {meets Trogdor's tile} Ouch! South, south. Get rid of Strong Sad! He's dead! Put him into the Void!

{Mike picks up Strong Sad and moves him back to the Void.}

MIKE: We have one!


LUCKY: {moving archer} And then...

{Burninated peasant theme plays.}

ALL: South... west, west, south, south.

{Mike adjusts the archers to point vertically, which causes them to aim at Trogdor. Mike indicates the columns the archers fire.}

STRONG BAD: And then ptoo! ARROWED!

LUCKY: {removing last peasant from the Trog-Meter} Ouch!

STRONG BAD: We got actually arrowed!

LUCKY: {passing peasant to Mike} We're in our death throes, guys.

MIKE: Well, we...

STRONG BAD: Not yet.

LUCKY: Oh, not yet.

MIKE: We got one more hit.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, once your Trog-meter is empty... then you take damage, then Trogdor never loses. He rage-quits the game.

LUCKY: Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah right.

STRONG BAD: As we always like to say.

MIKE: Yeah, we gotta get some...

STRONG BAD: We're gonna eat some peasants, all right. Put that dis— put that movement card in the discard pile.

{Mike discards the card.}

LUCKY: Oh yeah.

STRONG BAD: Deal me out another Trog-deck card.

{Mike draws a card and places it on Strong Bad's side.}

LUCKY: You get three extra action points on this round.

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's true! And I got—

MIKE: {indicating Strong Bad's Block card} And you got Block.

STRONG BAD: I got Block. So even though Sidewise gets me five, I think we should go with Block, and then three extra actions. So we're safe!

LUCKY: Will get you seven actions.

MIKE: {picking up Block and discarding it} Seven actions.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, all right.

MIKE: And you can't take damage.

STRONG BAD: I could also move a knight to an empty space if I want to. Uh, so, knights can't repair cottages which is good but probably won't apply. All right, so, I got seven actions. And we eat some peasants, right? Is that what we're saying?

MIKE: Yep.

STRONG BAD: Is the... priority here? All right, so... let's just, let's... chomp away first, I think and burninate second, right?

MIKE: {indicating peasants northwest of Trogdor} Yeah, I mean you might be able to get...

STRONG BAD: So just go... let's go north.

MIKE: {moving Trogdor} One.

STRONG BAD: For one. West. Two. Chompers, three. Uh... {thinking} four, five, six, seven! I could get to that one guy south of the cottage in the top-left corner, right?

MIKE: Yeah, either one of them. Yep.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Uh... yeah, which one should we start with?

MIKE: So we did one, two, three chomp.

STRONG BAD: Now go north. Four. West, five. Then let's go north. Yeah, six-seven. Do the north one. I don't like the way that guy's looking at me. Chompers! All right. Some replenishments.

{Mike takes the peasant to the Trog-Meter. A sigh of relief is heard.}

STRONG BAD: Uh, now we'll be safe, from the knights on this one, which is good.

MIKE: Yep.

STRONG BAD: Um, should I use my, uh, Baubles of Astray?

LUCKY: Oooh!

STRONG BAD: To move a knight to an empty space? I dunno, we're not too close. Oh, but I can't get, uh,

MIKE: You can't get hit.

STRONG BAD: I can't get hit anyway. It'll be a waste. A waste.

{Burninated peasant theme plays.}

LUCKY: Waste of a bauble.

STRONG BAD: All right, so yeah, let's just move the bad guys. Let's see what the damage is.

LUCKY: Uh-oh.

{Mike draws a movement card and displays it for the viewer.}

MIKE: No peasants.

STRONG BAD: That's sweet.

MIKE: They move northwest and repair. This guy. There's only one of them, {Mike moves the peasant with wraparound to a green tile} so he moves up here.

STRONG BAD: Kind of a... Roberta Williams, to the other side of the board.

MIKE: Wraparound. That's good. And...

STRONG BAD: Do you think it was Roberta or Ken, that came up with the wraparound in King's Quest?

MIKE: Roberta. She was the driving force. South-east, south-west-west.

{Mike moves the knights.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South, east, south, west, west. South, east, south, west...

{The knight ends on Trogdor's tile. They gasp.}


MIKE: No, no, we're blocked, though.

LUCKY: Doink!

STRONG BAD: Oh, we're blocked. Nice, nice. In your face, knight!

MIKE: {moving the archer} South, east...

STRONG BAD: Hang on.

{Level up theme plays, followed by the peasant burnination theme, then the sounds of burnination.}

MIKE: South, west, west. {Mike points horizontally across the south tiles, and nothing is hit} Peow!

{Mike and Lucky make arrow sounds simultaneously. A tone is played.}

MIKE: All right. Good. {discards the movement card} Uh, all right, my turn?

STRONG BAD: What are the notes of Trogdor, again, Mike?

{Keyboard notes play.}

MIKE: Uh, it starts with D.


{The "burninating the countryside" part of the song plays.}

MIKE: Uh— oh, you thought that part? I was gonna do {to the tune of the intro of Trogdor} duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh... {draws a card} Oh, two Shot Puts.

LUCKY: Oh no.

MIKE: Well, I can—

LUCKY: You can swap.

MIKE: I can swap and Strong Bad has Sidewise...

LUCKY: Mm-hm.

MIKE: Sidewise actually might come in handy.

LUCKY: Mm-hm.

MIKE: Um, because I could just go there, {indicating corner cottage} sidewi— {indicating Trogdor's tile} Burninate this, go there, sidewise that, {indicating tile south of cottage} and then— and then the cottage will be done.

{Lucky makes sounds of agreement.}

MIKE: All right, Strong Bad.

{Saria's Song begins to play on the keyboard.}

LUCKY: Heeey.

MIKE: All right, Strong Bad. Strong Bad, we're—

STRONG BAD: Baagh! I was just playing the Lost Woods theme, you guys.

MIKE: It's good. Um, I'm gonna trade cards with you.

STRONG BAD: Oh, sweet!

MIKE: {passing his card} I'm gonna give you Shot Put and take your Sidewise.

STRONG BAD: {as Lucky takes his card} All right. {Mike and Lucky trade cards} Thank you for my hand-model substitute.

{Lucky gives a thumbs-up.}

MIKE: All right, so Sidewise, we get five action points and I can, um... so I'm going to {discards card and takes Trogdor} go... one, burninate this.

{Mike flips the tile and puts the knight back.}


MIKE: {moving Trogdor to cottage} Two, go here.


MIKE: Uh, for free, I'm going to burninate {flips forest tile to the south} this.


LUCKY: For free?

MIKE: Sidewise, yeah. Um, so that was one, two, so three is do this, {burninates cottage} and I have two more actions. Um...

{Lucky points to a peasant on the other side of Peasantry.}

LUCKY: {whispering} Eat him, eat him. {normal voice} Oh, you can't do that...

MIKE: {turning his item card} I just burninated a cottage, so my Ring of Voip, look at this, my Ring of Voip is, um... recharged.

STRONG BAD: So can you use it now, if you recharge it at the beginning of your turn?

LUCKY: {points to peasant} Can you voip?

STRONG BAD: It's just that you can't use it twice in a turn, right?

MIKE: You can't use it twice, yeah, yeah.

LUCKY: Can you voip here and eat that guy?

MIKE: I could voip there.

STRONG BAD: And have a chompers.

MIKE: And have a... did I say I have two more actions?

LUCKY: Mm-hm.

STRONG BAD: Hey, people think— people are all worried we're gonna get cease-and-desisted by— by Nintendo of America.


STRONG BAD: But I think I butchered— I think I've successfully butchered that song for that.

LUCKY: For that simple riff? That sample?

STRONG BAD: Yeah. I think, uh... I think we're all right.

LUCKY: Yeah, thirty-three percent, uh, off. Or whatever it is.

MIKE: I got one. Yeah, okay. Um... two more actions, so... {takes Trogdor to the northeast} yeah, I'll go here. I'll voip there. And chompers, all right.

{Mike moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter. The peasant burnination theme plays.}

STRONG BAD: Chomped him! {burning sound}

MIKE: {deactivating his Ring of Voip card} So I used that, so that's done. Used my power, all right.

{Mike draws a movement card and displays it for the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: What're you gonna do?

MIKE: Peasants get generated, four. So two get generated at at the two extra cottages.


MIKE: {spawns peasants} He goes there, and he goes there. They move west. {moves the peasants}

STRONG BAD: Peasants goes west, Mike!

MIKE: Yeah, your favorite joke.

STRONG BAD: My favorite joke about Don Bluth!

{Lucky laughs.}

MIKE: They go west, they don't regenerate and...

STRONG BAD: Space Ace!

{Lucky laughs louder.}

LUCKY: Was that the— the...


LUCKY: What's his name? Dragon's Lair, space one?

MIKE: Yeah.

LUCKY: Space Ace.

MIKE: East-east, south-east.

{Mike moves the knights.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East, east, south, east.

{Mike moves the second knight.}

STRONG BAD: East, east, {the knight is on the tile adjacent to Trogdor} stay away, south, east. Stay away from me.

{Mike moves the archers.}


LUCKY: Oh no!


{The archer is moved to Trogdor's tile.}

MIKE: That's okay. Oh, no...

STRONG BAD: No, he goes east! And then pyoo!

{Mike runs his finger horizontally across the northmost row, hitting Trogdor.}

STRONG BAD: Augh! He got us again!

{Lucky removes a peasant from the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG BAD: Do you got any kind of magic, Mike?

MIKE: I... don't. {moves discarded peasant to the Void} Kind of magic. Uh...

STRONG BAD: What are your Keeper powers? Well, you can swap cards.

MIKE: Swap cards.

STRONG BAD: Dang it, we're back down to the... to almost rage-quit.

MIKE: {discarding movement card} We've only got two potential health points, too.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, we're— we're...

MIKE: We've taken some damage. Um...

STRONG BAD: All right, my turn.

MIKE: You're up.

STRONG BAD: I gotta do some chompins.

MIKE: No, it's Lucky's turn.

LUCKY: No, it's my turn.

{Mike draws a card and passes it to Lucky.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, Lucky's up. We're going the other way, that's right. OH NO!! The TROGHAMMER!

LUCKY: Oh no... {displaying card for the viewer} The Trogham— we summoned the Troghammer!

STRONG BAD: All right, so put him out in the middle.

{Mike spawns the Troghammer in the center.}

MIKE: So he just comes out there. So now we got three knights.

STRONG BAD: Do we move him right away, or does he just come out?

MIKE: No, he just comes out.

LUCKY: Okay.

MIKE: He'll move— he'll move at the end of Lucky's turn.


LUCKY: Uh... so I've got, {Mike draws an action card} I'm using Stump and Rocks, and...

STRONG BAD: No, you draw another one.

MIKE: {simultaneously} Should probably not... Well, now you can draw another one.

STRONG BAD: If you draw the Troghammer. Put the Troghammer in the discard pile.

{Mike discards the Troghammer card from Lucky's bank and adds Path O' Burnination.}

LUCKY: Path O' Burnination.


LUCKY: Take no actions this turn, uh... draw a movement card, and burninate everything {displays card for the viewer} in that path.

STRONG BAD: So it's kinda like you're being a— a— it's like, a flaming peasant, but...

LUCKY: Right.

STRONG BAD: Trogdor breathes out a prehensile... trail of...

LUCKY: Or this one, {points to Trogdor's tile} I can burninate this stump and get four more actions.

STRONG BAD: That might be pretty cool.

MIKE: Yeah, so you start with four, you burninate that with your first action, you go up to seven, so then you get seven actions.


STRONG BAD: Yeah, let's do it! Do it!

LUCKY: All right.


LUCKY: {flipping Trogdor's tile} Burninate! {takes Stump and Rock and attempt to place it somewhere} Then seven actions here... I don't— I can't remember where I put that.

{Lucky gives the card to Mike, who discards it.}

MIKE: Okay, but... {points to peasant} so we still have to get that guy...

LUCKY: Uh... {points to knight} I don't want to touch this guy, so we go...

{Lucky moves Trogdor.}

STRONG BAD: {moves west} Two. {moves south} Three. {moves south} Four. {Lucky moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter} Chompers. {east, to the cottage} Five.

{Lucky picks up the pieces and Mike flips the tile.}

LUCKY: Six, burninate. {flips the cottage roof} And then cottage?


STRONG BAD: No, you gotta surround it, man!

MIKE: {indicating green tiles to the south} Burn these.

LUCKY: {restoring cottage} Oh yeah... man, I keep forgettin' that part!

STRONG BAD: It's like a dog going in circles.

MIKE: Oh, and you get an extra action. You get your extra— don't forget your extra action.

LUCKY: And I get an extra action.

STRONG BAD: You got eight.

{Lucky moves Trogdor south.}

LUCKY: So...

STRONG BAD: That's seven.

LUCKY: {flipping tile} And then burninate?

STRONG BAD: Eight, burninate that, yeah. {rapping} Eight, to burninate. You gotta do an eight. To burninate. Lucky Yate.

LUCKY: All right. All right, all right, all right, all right, all right.

STRONG BAD: Now the bad guys.

LUCKY: {drawing a movement card} Now... these guys.

STRONG BAD: Let's see if we can survive this. How many peasants?

LUCKY: {displaying card} Three peasants!


LUCKY: They move southeast.

STRONG BAD: All right, so only one comes out 'cause that's all that's left.

MIKE: Only one comes out. {spawns the only peasant in the Trog-Meter}

STRONG BAD: It doesn't count as damage.

MIKE: He's gonna move southeast.

STRONG BAD: They're not repairing.

LUCKY: Nope. Just moving.

MIKE: They move— if we put him here {indicating a peasant on the other side} he'll go on the same tile as that guy.

STRONG BAD: Doesn't really make a difference.

LUCKY: {moves the other peasant southeast} So this guy goes there...

MIKE: {points to the peasant's destination} He's gonna move there. Yeah, yeah.

STRONG BAD: And so then...

MIKE: {pointing to forest tile} He's either gonna be there {points to mountain tile} or there.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, put him in the forest.

LUCKY: Yeah, put him in that forest.

{Mike spawns the peasant on the western cottage and moves him to the forest tile.}

STRONG BAD: I love a peasant in the forest.

MIKE: There...

{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

LUCKY: But I got a bad feeling...

STRONG BAD: Makes me do that.

LUCKY: I got a bad feeling about this next thing, guys. 'Cause it's east-east, south-south.

STRONG BAD: Uh... the Troghammer—

LUCKY: Here comes Troghammer.

STRONG BAD: Okay guys, I think we're about to start.

MIKE: Oh, we're gonna do these first! Hold on, we don't know yet.

{Mike moves a knight.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East, east, south, south.

MIKE: Okay.

{Mike moves the other knight.}

STRONG BAD: And that guy, goes...

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: East, east, south, south.

STRONG BAD: And the Troghammer! Oh no!

{Mike moves the Troghammer.}


LUCKY: {pointing to the north knight} What about this guy?

MIKE: We already moved—

STRONG BAD: We already did him.


{Mike resumes moving the Troghammer.}

STRONG BAD: East, east, {the Troghammer meets Trogdor's tile} SOUTH! All right, so freeze 'em right there when you take your last damage. You just freeze the Troghammer in the spot that he is. Or whatever knight gives you damage.

LUCKY: When you take your final one?

STRONG BAD: And now, we enter the death throes, or the— Trogdor's Fiery Rage. Or, the Rage-Quit, as we like to say.

{Mike takes the entire movement deck. He deals several cards and puts the deck back.}

STRONG BAD: So now what's gonna happen is, we're gonna deal out five movement cards, and turn them over one at a time. Trogdor gets perma-burnination! Everything he touches turns to ruin! He gets wraparound movement so he can go up and down, left and right through the board.

{Mike is laying down the five movement cards face down.}

LUCKY: Oh, man.

STRONG BAD: And we also even get to kill these stupid knights and arch— except the archers. Somehow, the archers always survive and I— don't ask me how they get away with it.

LUCKY: It's the tights.

STRONG BAD: But they— yeah, I think it's their tights.

LUCKY: Uh, yeah, I, uh... asbestos tights. It's Old-Timey, so asbestos was quite in vogue.

STRONG BAD: That's right.

LUCKY: All right.

MIKE: All right. Start us off.

LUCKY: {draws the first card} All right, first off, we go... north, east, east, south.

{Mike moves Trogdor. The keyboard plays.}

MIKE AND LUCKY: North, east...

MIKE: Good, {Lucky flips the tile} east, good, {Lucky flips the tile} south. All right, knight's gone, cottage is burninated. 'Kay?

LUCKY: Ready? Next is north-north, east-east, north.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor} North-north, east-east, north.

{None of the tiles are flipped.}

STRONG BAD: Boo, a waste of a card!

LUCKY: {draws the next card} Terrible. We don't got them, we got nothing. South-south, east-east.


{Mike moves Trogdor.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: South-south, east—

{Mike burninates the cottage.}

ALL: That's pretty good, that's good.

MIKE: And another east.

STRONG BAD: Aw, come on, come on!

{Lucky draws the fourth card.}

LUCKY: South, west, west, south.

{Mike moves Trogdor.}

STRONG BAD: South, west, okay, {Mike removes the Troghammer} not bad, get rid of that Troghammer.

MIKE: West... {flips the tile}

STRONG BAD: West... we should have made it Marzipan! South!

MIKE: Oh, forgot.

STRONG BAD: I don't think we can do it, you guys.

LUCKY: {playing final card} No, we're not gonna make it, we're not—

MIKE: {indicating unburninated tiles} We need these two peasants, and these four tiles.

LUCKY: Yeah, we're never gonna make it. East-east, north-north-north.

{Mike moves Trogdor.}

STRONG BAD: Boooo! East, {Mike flips a tile} east, north-north-north?! That's no way to end a game!

{Lucky tips Trogdor onto his side.}

LUCKY: Blah.


LUCKY: At least he died in the woods.

STRONG BAD: He doesn't die! Trogdor just goes back to sleep for a thousand years.

LUCKY: That's like Godzilla. I now understand.

STRONG BAD: Until all of the Trog-medallions are like, brought into the same room again, and they break the seal, and then...

{The keyboard plays.}

LUCKY: Does— does he have to wait the thousand years? Like if they get all the medallions together before the thousand-year...

STRONG BAD: {unintelligible}— there's like a clock, and they can just manually change the numbers.


STRONG BAD: Come on.

LUCKY: Okay. Like it's a {unintelligible}

STRONG BAD: {simultaneously} As long as Trogdor thinks it's been a thousand years, it's fine. It's like a big stone thing and they just, like, move it like {whipsering} "quiet, just make it look like a thousand years have passed".

LUCKY: Maybe put something that they consider to be futuristic in their hoods...

STRONG BAD: Well, they put like cobwebs.

LUCKY: In the future, right, the future, they will have cobwebs and everybody will be wearing oranges in their hat.

STRONG BAD: Exactly. And as long as he feels there's been some fashion change, he's convinced.

LUCKY: Whoa, this is weird.

STRONG BAD: A century has— a millenium has passed.

LUCKY: In the future, they're playing their guitars backwards.

STRONG BAD: {laughing} That's right. Um, all right, should we reset? We gotta— what we got left, you guys, in this campaign? How much longer... are we hanging out with people?

MIKE: Twenty minutes.

STRONG BAD: Twenty minutes left.

{A slap is heard.}

LUCKY: The final twenty, they call it.

STRONG BAD: {soothing} Call it the final twenty, here. Everybody just cool down for a little bit of Trogdor. Hey, now that we've finished this game, why don't we show 'em the work-in-progress of Stack 'Em to the Heavens, right?

LUCKY: Hell yeah, let's see what the Stack 'Em to the Heavens perk is all about. Stack 'Em to the Heavens.

STRONG BAD: {soothing} So, uh, we— we don't— it's not official rules, we've been playin' around Stack 'Em to the Heavens. Just try and figure out something smooth and relaxing for you, maybe waitin' in line at the... Department of Motor Vehicles, that's right, that's right.

MIKE: It's your board, Lucky.

LUCKY: {cleaning up the movement cards} Where is the, uh... what is the origin of stacking to the heavens? {picks up cards} Is it a Marshie, uh...?

MIKE: Yes. {cleaning up figurines} Stack 'em to the heavens, stack 'em to the heavens, I can... write a song? Called Stack 'Em to the Heavens?

LUCKY: {picking up movement deck} Something like that. I can't remember.

MIKE: Strong Bad?

LUCKY: How does one summon a Marshie?

{The Marshie puppet suddenly flies into the frame.}

MARSHIE: {shrieking} That's right, Mike! That's right! I can write a song called "Stack 'Em to the Heavens"! Did I freak you people out? I hope I didn't freak you out! I made a great game called "Stack 'Em to the Heavens"!

{Marshie leaves as Mike and Lucky continue picking up the plastic figurines and game cards.}

LUCKY: {laughing} Oh, man. Wow. Why...

STRONG BAD: It's alarming, it's alarming when that happens.

LUCKY: {laughing} I don't know why... I insisted on his marshmallows when I was a kid.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, why did—

LUCKY: He's so terrifying. I have friends that were traumatized by Guy Smiley from, uh, Sesame Street, but he is nothing compared to that marshmallow.

MIKE: What's wrong with Guy Smiley?

LUCKY: {unintelligible} like insane and manic and "BLAGHK"!

{Everything is cleaned up, except for the tiles, the health meter and the movement deck.}

STRONG BAD: Don't take it all apart. We'll probably— are we gonna just play Stack 'Em to the Heavens for twenty minutes?

MIKE: Oh, well, I thought we had— we had to play it on a clear board.

STRONG BAD: Oh, that's true. Just spread out, just make a hole in the middle of this thing there. There you go.

{Mike spreads his hands on the tiles to take the three eastern columns and slide them across the table closer to him, and pushes the two western columns away from him.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, look, a crevasse has opened up in the middle of Peasantry! And out comes... the expansion pack! Which is the...

{Strong Bad suspends himself down in the space between the tiles.}

STRONG BAD: Strong Bad is a giant and he comes out of the middle of the chasm!

MIKE: {holding meeples in his hands} All right, so here's how we're going to be playing. {shakes the meeples and displays them for the viewer} We take—

STRONG BAD: {to Mike} You— you don't like my expansion?

MIKE: {withdrawing meeples} I do. {Strong Bad withdraws} Always.

STRONG BAD: All business, Mike. In these livestreams.

{Everyone laughs and speaks over each other.}

LUCKY: Hey, everybody.

MIKE: I'll let you do it, I'll let you do it.

LUCKY: We got—

MIKE: Yeah, no, you— you do it, Strong Bad, you...

STRONG BAD: I can't. I have a hard time manipulating... how do you play Stack 'Em to the Heavens with boxing gloves on? It's a question I get all the time.

{Lucky shakes the meeples.}

STRONG BAD: All right. So tell 'em how we're— how we're— {Lucky rolls the meeples, which spread out on the table} how we're gonna do this— this round, Mike.

MIKE: So this round, we're gonna play where, uh... roll 'em again. Come on.

{Lucky takes most of the meeples, leaving a few behind. Mike collects the stragglers.}

LUCKY: I— but that wasn't a {unintelligible}! Rolls are going to happen like that in real life!

MIKE: That was not a fair roll!

{Lucky rolls the meeples again.}

STRONG BAD: You need them all to be flat?

MIKE: All right, so what we've been doing {moves the green archer meeple off the pile and onto the table} is that, uh, face-up, face-up meeples have to be stacked vertically.

LUCKY: Uh-huh.

MIKE: Face-down meeples are stacked flat, horizontally. And we'll alternate, you and I.

STRONG BAD: Make it a Jenga stack.

MIKE: We're gonna stack 'em. {takes the archer meeple} So I'm gonna start since all the face-down ones, you have to lay like this. {places the archer meeple horizontally to begin the stack} So we'll start, this is our tower.

LUCKY: Okay.

MIKE: So now you get to pick one.

LUCKY: {taking a peasant} I just take one face-down and...

STRONG BAD: Whatever you want. Face-down or face-up.

MIKE: Wait, but you want—

STRONG BAD: But you want Mike to fail.

MIKE: You want me to fail.


MIKE: You want me to knock the tower down.

STRONG BAD: So whatever you—

LUCKY: But there's no— there's only three face-up tiles to stack!

MIKE: I know, that's why you're a terrible roller!

{Lucky laughs.}

STRONG BAD: You gotta think—

LUCKY: It just happened the way it happens!

MIKE: This is, we— we—

STRONG BAD: Look, we thought up this yesterday in— in five minutes.

MIKE: Yeah, we worked on this for two minutes.

LUCKY: This is a terrible marshmallow-based game! It's not— {laughs}

MIKE: Um... we'll— we'll play, we'll see how terrible it is..

LUCKY: Okay. Okay. {stacks a knight face-down on the archer} Okay, well, I'm just gonna go stacking.

MIKE: All right. You didn't even put it squarely on there.

LUCKY: Why don't you shut your face-mouth?

MIKE: {playing with the Troghammer meeple in his hand} All right. I'm gonna stack this guy.

{Just as Mike places the Troghammer vertically, the Marshie puppet drops in suddenly into the frame.}

MARSHIE: {shrieking} Maybe you should all shut your face-mouths! Stop playing my game!

{Marshie leaves. Lucky stacks a peasant face-down on top of the Troghammer.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, this is getting real gripping. You guys.

{Mike stands the knight vertically on top of the peasant.}

STRONG BAD: Now they want you to come to their house and— and play Stack 'Em to the Heavens.

LUCKY: {taking a peasant} Okay. All right. Just give me your address and... {places peasant face-down on the top} give me forty bucks in gas money.

{Mike takes a peasant.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh. It's looking good. It's looking good. Mike's gonna blow it.

{Mike hovers his peasant face-down on the one below it, then withdraws.}

MIKE: Why do you sound so excited about that, Strong Bad?

STRONG BAD: I can see, I can tell... {Mike successfully stacks the peasant} gr-gr-gr-gr. Gettin' dangerous.

{Lucky stacks the next peasant vertically.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, Lucky's going vert. He's going vert. He's going full vert. {whispering} Can he do it?

{When Lucky places the peasant, the whole tower falls over.}


LUCKY: I couldn't.

STRONG BAD: A winnah!

{Mike cleans up the meeples.}

LUCKY: I couldn't stack it to the heavens. Okay, master roller. Let's see what you got.

STRONG BAD: One more time, and then we'll—

LUCKY: Big-shot. Let's see you roll.

STRONG BAD: then we'll start another game of Trogdor, see if we can play a speed round.

{Mike rolls the meeples on the table.}


MIKE: {pointing to a knight meeple, which has been rolled upright on his side} Oh, look at this! We gotta start on that guy!

STRONG BAD: All right, that sounds good.

MIKE: {cracking up} That shouldn't be impossible!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, that's not gonna work. Why don't you roll— re-roll. Re-roll.

{Mike only takes the upright knight and rolls it again. It lands face-up.}

STRONG BAD: There we go.

MIKE: Look at that, {counting face-up meeples} one, two, three four five six seven... one two...

LUCKY: There's three! That's exactly opposite of what it was last time. It's you can see more faces, so that makes it a good...

MIKE: All right, you go first.

STRONG BAD: You can do 'em upside-down, too, Lucky, don't be...

LUCKY: All right, all right, all right, all right.

{Lucky takes the archer and sets it upright, but upside-down.}

MIKE: There you go.

STRONG BAD: There you go. All right.

MIKE: All right. Um...

{Mike begins his turn.}

STRONG BAD: What's he gonna do?

{Mike picks up a face-down peasant and tries to balance it on the archer.}

STRONG BAD: {radio news voice} Mike has taken a new strategy here. He's going to stack it flat-peasant, call that the... flat-peasanting over here.

{Lucky is taking the Troghammer.}

STRONG BAD: {radio news voice} And Lucky Yates is eyein' that Troghammer there. Is he gonna do it? Is he— {Lucky picks up a peasant} Oh, he's looking at a peasant. He's gonna put that peasant— putting that peasant upright. That's right. {the peasant is stacked upright} Not gonna put him... in the headstand position. Which we often see in the Eastern European finals.

{Strong Bad is shushed.}

LUCKY: {unintelligible}, but these meeples, uh, are very nice.

{Mike takes a knight. He sets it upright and places it at the top of the tower.}

LUCKY: They really did it. It's terrific. When I was a kid, that would have been enough.

STRONG BAD: {resuming radio news voice} There we go, Mike's go... we're gettin' some altitude here. We're gettin' some height.

{Lucky picks up the other knight and stacks it upright on the first knight.}

STRONG BAD: {radio news voice} Just keeps goin', lookit that, lookit that, that's... {Mike takes a peasant} really getting some height here. We got a l— lotta height here. And we may run out of space...

{Mike stacks the peasant flat on the top of the tower.}

STRONG BAD: {radio news voice} ...for the— ooh, and Mike's going back to— he's gonna—

{As soon as the peasant is dropped on the tower, the whole stack collapses. The players scream in astonishment. Lucky gathers up all the pieces.}

STRONG BAD: The jitters, the jitters.

{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

LUCKY: Stackin' 'em to the heavens, boy. STACKIN' 'EM TO THE HEAVEANS!

{Level up theme plays. Mike is flipping some of the burninated tiles back to green, and Lucky rolls the meeples again.}

STRONG BAD: Should we play like, a speed-round of Trogdor!! before this campaign ends?

MIKE: {arranging green tiles in the center of the table} Should we try a three-by-three? Let's see what happens if we play a three-by-three grid.


MIKE: Should we try that or no?

STRONG BAD: Three-by-three grid? Ooh. Is that the speed-round?

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: How many— how many cottages you do in a three-by-three grid?

MIKE: {clearing the center tile and replacing it with a cottage tile} One cottage in the middle?

STRONG BAD: {whispering} Hey, you're gonna mess up... everybody's gonna think that this is what you do. {normal voice} No, travel Trogdor!!, this is the travel edition. Yeah, do three— three-by-three.

LUCKY: Yeah. We're d— kids in the backseat.

STRONG BAD: Cottage in the middle.

LUCKY: Will there be some, like...?

{Eight of the nine tiles are places. The northeast corner is empty.}

MIKE: I'll put a mountain in there so you can {places mountain tile in the northeast corner} hide if you need to.

STRONG BAD: 'Kay. No tunnels. No wraparound.

LUCKY: Where's the cottage going?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, move it into the center...

{Mike takes a cottage and plants it on the center tile.}

STRONG BAD: Move it in the center for the— for the peoples at home.

{Mike pushes the tiles closer to the center of the screen.}

MIKE: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

STRONG BAD: A lot of dead space. Come on.

MIKE: Sorry, I was...

LUCKY: Come on. Didn't you go to film school?

MIKE: I did not!


{Level up theme plays.}

LUCKY: What'd you study? Marketing?

MIKE: Photography.


{Peasant burnination theme plays as Mike cleans up the unused tiles on his side of the table.}

STRONG BAD: I just burninated your degree.


{The burnination sound plays.}

MIKE: Uh, one knight? {places Trogdor figurine on center north tile} Trogdor's gonna start here. {a peasant is spawned on the cottage tile} Peasant here. {Knight is spawned on the southwest tile} And one knight.

STRONG BAD: This is gonna be, like, really easy, right? I think there needs to be two knights.

MIKE: Okay.

{Mike spawns the second knight on the southeast tile, and brings the Trog-Meter closer.}

STRONG BAD: 'Cause that thing is gonna, like, be way too easy.

LUCKY: Good.

STRONG BAD: How many peas...?

MIKE: And we could also, how many— how much health do we start with? We should also start with like, two health instead of four.

STRONG BAD: Oh, man. See look, I— I tried to get Mike to be spontaneous, and now look what he's doin', he's throwing the rulebook...

LUCKY: Uh...

STRONG BAD: ...into the fire!

LUCKY: {taking the southwest knight} Do you want to get rid of one of these knights and put in an archer?

MIKE: {filling Trog-Meter} Mmm, the archer's... {unintelligible}

STRONG BAD: {overlapping} Ann Archer? Let's see if we can get Ann Archer to do a voice.

LUCKY: {laughing} Dear Ann Archer... Hey.

MIKE: {replacing knight with archer} Well, uh, let's try it. Let's try, uh, a knight and an archer. Good idea. Um... okay.

{Mike sweeps the cards away and replaces them on the table.}

LUCKY: All right. Speed-round.

MIKE: We're gonna deal out the...

STRONG BAD: No powers.

MIKE: No powers?


MIKE: Okay.

STRONG BAD: I feel— I feel like they...

MIKE: {simultaneously} Yeah, yeah, just actions. {takes the deck and begins to deal}

STRONG BAD: Too much, just the actions.

LUCKY: What about Stephanie Powers?

{Mike mumbles as he draws a Troghammer card, flips it over and removes it from the deck.}

MIKE: Okay, {hands cards to Strong Bad's side} Strong Bad, here's your banked card, {deals one to Lucky} your banked card, {deals one to himself} your banked card.

LUCKY: Consummate V's!

MIKE: All right, Strong Bad, you're up first.

STRONG BAD: I got Flip 'Em Up Fran.

{Mike deals a second card to Strong Bad.}

MIKE: Here's your other card.

STRONG BAD: Or I got Invisibility. I'm gonna use Flip— Frip—

MIKE: Flip 'Em Up Fran would be good.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, Flip 'Em Up Fran might be overpowered for the travel version of this game.

LUCKY: {laughing} Yeah, you just do everything, right?

{Mike points to the center tile and draws a circle, demonstrating the devastation.}

STRONG BAD: That we are currently making up. Uh... yeah, after my actions, I might do it. All right, let's do it. I'm gonna go play Flip 'Em Up Fran!

MIKE: Okay. {takes Strong Bad's card}

STRONG BAD: And I'm gonna move to the center tile.

MIKE: Yeah, four, four actions. {moves Trogdor}

STRONG BAD: Okay. One. I'm gonna eat that peasant.

{Mike moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter.}

ALL: Two.

STRONG BAD: And when I'm done with my— uh, three, I'll burninate... the tile I'm on.

{Mike removes the figures and flips the tile.}

MIKE: Yeah, three.

STRONG BAD: And then I'm just gonna say I pass on the rest of my actions.

MIKE: {replacing cottage and Trogdor} Okay.

STRONG BAD: And perform the Flip 'Em Up, Flip 'Em Up Fran!

MIKE: {displays the card for the viewer} So Flip 'Em Up Fran means he burninates all four diagonal tiles, {unintelligible}

{Mike flips the corner tiles.}

LUCKY: You— you can pass on actions?

STRONG BAD: You can— yeah—

LUCKY: That's quite a power.

STRONG BAD: You don't have to use all your actions.

LUCKY: You can use up to four actions.

STRONG BAD: Yes, exactly.

LUCKY: Yeah, nice.

STRONG BAD: You can...

LUCKY: Huh. That's...

STRONG BAD: You can opt out, if you so desire. If it is... beneficial. To your Trog-game.

LUCKY: That's a good option. I like that option.

STRONG BAD: It's a pretty good option.

MIKE: All right, Lucky. {sets down the movement deck}

LUCKY: Yeah. That's me. {draws a card}

MIKE: Flip us up... a movement.

LUCKY: Yep, here we go. {displays card for viewer} We got, uh, two peasants moving and repairing.

MIKE: {spawning a single peasant} So one moves... he moves west and repairs? {moves the peasant to the center-west}


LUCKY: West.

STRONG BAD: Nothing. Just movin'.

MIKE: Knight moves... west-west, north-north east.

STRONG BAD: That's... we're working on our knight moves.

{Mike moves the knight.}

ALL: West, west—

LUCKY: That's like Bob Seger.

ALL: North, north, ea... east.

STRONG BAD: He's just surrounding us.

{Mike moves the archer.}

ALL: West-west, north-north, east.

STRONG BAD: {as Mike runs his finger across the north row} Peow! Arrowed!

MIKE: Okay. Strong Bad, you're up. Or, wait.

STRONG Bad: I just went—

MIKE: {giving Lucky a card} Lucky's up.

LUCKY: I'm up. I did that. {turns the card right-side-up} Uh... okay. Invisibility, can't be hurt by knights during the actions on this turn, or I can go diagonally.

MIKE: Ooh, that would help, you could— uh, no. Um, {pointing to the green tiles to the south and east of Trogdor} you could do this and this.

LUCKY: Uh... if I go diagonally?

MIKE: If you use diagonal, you can get two tiles.

LUCKY: Yeah. So I... {moves Trogdor south}

LUCKY AND STRONG BAD: One, {Mike flips the tile} two...

{Lucky moves Trogdor to center-east tile.}

ALL: Three... {flips tile}

MIKE: Move diagonal...

STRONG BAD: And then four. Hey, that's pretty good.

LUCKY: All right.

{Level up theme plays. Lucky draws a movement card.}

MIKE: {discarding Lucky's card} So you used consummate V's.

LUCKY: {displaying movement card for the viewer} Uh, one peasant, uh, move and repair north.

STRONG BAD: {while Lucky moves the peasant and Mike flips the tile} Hey, tiles do not Billie Jean, chat people! We made that very clear. Tiles do not Billie Jean.

LUCKY: {taking the card again} And then bad guys move south-south, west-west, south.

STRONG BAD: That's a lot of things.

{Mike moves the knight.}

ALL: South, south, west, west, south.

{Mike moves the archers.}

ALL: South, south, west, west, south.

{Mike runs his finger over the westmost column. Nothing is hit.}

STRONG BAD: Peow! Arrowed!

{The keyboard is mashed.}

MIKE: My turn? I've got Stump and Rock, which I don't think I put a stump, oh no, there is a rock, but I had to burninate it, so that won't help.

{Mike draws a card.}

MIKE: Slantwise. Once during Trogdor's actions, he may burninate a diagonal tile for free.


MIKE: So, um... let's see. ACtually, that gives me five actions, {discards the card} I'm gonna use that. So I'll go...


STRONG BAD: You really shouldn't be thinking this hard.

{Mike moves Trogdor to the center tile.}

MIKE: One. {burninates the northwest tile} Two.

STRONG BAD: Diagonal. Yeah, yeah.

{Mike moves Trogdor to the center west.}

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: Three. {burninates tile} Four.

MIKE: {moves Trogdor back to the central cottage} And five, just move back there.

STRONG BAD: Sweet deals. All right. We're totally gonna win.

{Mike draws a movement card and displays it for the viewer.}

MIKE: One peasant, already on the board, he moves north and repairs.


{Mike moves the peasant and flips the tile.}

MIKE: He moves north and repairs this. And bad guys move north, east-east north.

{Mike moves the knight.}

STRONG BAD: North, east-east, NORTH!

{The knight lands on Trogdor's tile.}


STRONG BAD: Lost that guy! {Mike removes a peasant from the Trog-Meter} He's gone!

{Mike moves the archers.}

MIKE & STRONG BAD: And... north, east, east, north.

{Mike runs his finger over the eastern column. Nothing is hit.}


MIKE: All right.

{Mike discards the card.}

STRONG BAD: What else we got?

{Mike draws a card and passes it to Strong Bad's side.}

MIKE: You're up.

STRONG BAD: My turn. Europe.

{Theme plays.}

LUCKY: You're up, buddy. You're up.

MIKE: Majesty.

STRONG BAD: Uh, Majesty, I may burninate any tile on the board for free! Let's do that one. So... {Mike takes the card} playin' Majesty, I got four o' dems. We're gonna totally win this turn, right? So I'll burninate the one that the peasant's on. No, the top one. No, no, I'll move—

{Mike burninates the center north tile.}

MIKE: We'll just do this one.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, yeah, there we go.

MIKE: So there's your Majesty. You have four actions.

STRONG BAD: Okay, and now I'm gonna go {Mike moves Trogdor} down, and over to the peasant, so that's one, two, chompers, {Mike moves the peasant to the Trog-Meter} three, and four, fry 'em up. Burninate! {Mike flips the tile} There we go.

MIKE: All right.

STRONG BAD: Look like fried— look at that, flame— flame-broiled asparagus. In the pan.

LUCKY: Mmm, delish!

MIKE: All right.

{Mike draws a movement card and displays it for the viewer.}

STRONG BAD: We gotta keep an eye. We got eight minutes left, by the way, we should keep an eye on—

MIKE: Doing good.

STRONG BAD: —on this crowdfunding thing.

LUCKY: We're doing good. We're doing good.

MIKE: One.

{Mike plucks a peasant from the Trog-Meter and spawns it.}

STRONG BAD: One peasant comes out. Oh man. And he moves west.

LUCKY: Oh no.

{Mike moves the peasant west.}

STRONG BAD: Peasant goes west!

MIKE: And knights move west, north-north west. {moves the knight}

STRONG BAD: West, north, {the knight hits Trogdor's tile} NORTH!

LUCKY: Ouch!

MIKE: {takes a peasant from the Trog-Meter} Take a hit. {continues moving the knight}

STRONG BAD: And west.

MIKE: And west.

STRONG BAD: And arrowed-man goes...

{Mike moves the archers.}

LUCKY: North...?

MIKE AND STRONG BAD: West, north, north, west.

{The archer lands on Trogdor's tile. Mike spreads his fingers across the south row.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh! But we're on the same space! So he misses us!

LUCKY: Yeah, he misses us! {Mike discards the card} What a doof.

STRONG BAD: We just get a sweet breeze!

LUCKY: Whoo.

MIKE: Um, okay.

LUCKY: Solo.

STRONG BAD: So, that's it, man.

LUCKY: You're up, Mike.

{Mike draws a card.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah. All you gotta do is...

LUCKY: It's do-or-die time!

MIKE: Wingaling. I may start on any space, and I get four actions.

LUCKY: Do it! Start in the middle!

{Mike plays the card.}

STRONG BAD: That's it! Finish it for us! Finish it!

LUCKY: Burninate!

MIKE: {moving Trogdor to peasant's tile} I'm gonna start here.

STRONG BAD: Finish it!

LUCKY: Eat him! Eat him!

MIKE: {moving peasant to Trog-Meter} Chompers!

STRONG BAD: Chompers!

MIKE: That's one. {moves Trogdor to the cottage tile}



{Mike burninates the cottage.}


STRONG BAD: Burninated!

{Peasant burnination theme plays.}

MIKE: Trogdor {unintelligible}

{Applause. Part of the Trogdor theme plays on the keyboard.}

STRONG BAD: Nope. {plays a note, as Lucky plays with Trogdor} I forget— I'm trying to play this thing sideways. {Lucky flies Trogdor back and forth and makes grunting sounds} I'm playing this keyboard like an upright bass.

{Lucky flies Trogdor up to the camera in the face of the viewer and makes quiet roaring sounds. As Trogdor flies off, the tune resumes. Lucky places Trogdor back on the board, then picks him up and plays with him again.}

MIKE: There you go.

STRONG BAD: There we go. I did it! Uh, hey, uh... everybody, this is the game we've been playing, and we've been messing with it. {Mike shakes the meeples} Too much. The first game was respresentative of what's in the rulebook.

LUCKY: This travel edition was a fun little round.

{Sounds of agreement from Mike and Strong Bad. Mike is stacking peasant meeples on the side.}

LUCKY: You know. Maybe even if you just started with one peasant, or something like that, really up the ante of...

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I feel like it's a little too easy this way.

MIKE: {indicating Trog-Meter} Yeah, we had two...

LUCKY: We had two guys. Yeah, we had two peasants. So you could start with one or none.

{Strong Bad puts his boxing glove in the frame. He plants a Marzipan figurine on the center south tile.}

LUCKY: Uh, you know what I mean, try to make it a little— oh, there she is.

STRONG BAD: Marzipan, there. Set her on fire. Will the flame helmet...

{Mike places a Troghammer meeple on the same tile.}

STRONG BAD: on Marzipan, Mike?

{Mike stacks Marzipan on the Troghammer.}

LUCKY: It is- It's interesting to me, Strong Bad, that you keep these little figurines of your friends around.

{Mike tries to places the flame helmet on Marzipan, but drops it.}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, so I can like melt them in the microwave.

LUCKY: Ah, yes, of course.

STRONG BAD: Yeah yeah yeah. {Mike drops the flame helmet again} And like, melt— rip off of like, army figure's arm, {Mike holds Marzipan, but drops the flame helmet again} or bazooka and stick it through {Marzipan falls down} Marzipan's head. {Mike stands Marzipan up} And make it like this Franken-pan.

LUCKY: Yeah, yeah.

STRONG BAD: Franken-bazooka-pan.

LUCKY: Oh, man.

MIKE: {holding Marzipan as he tries to place the flame helmet} I think I can get it.

{Marzipan collapses. Mike gives up and messes up the board.}

STRONG BAD: You could probably stop, stop trying to stack it to the heavens.

LUCKY: {setting Marzipan upright} Yeah, maybe you— {Mike gives the flame helmet to Lucky} she doesn't need to be on top of that knight. {Lucky tries to put it on, but it doesn't fit} Uh, in order for it to have...

MIKE: I was trying to fit it around her ponytail. I don't know if it'll fit on her head.

STRONG BAD: Uh, hey, we're— we're— what do we got? We got five minutes left of this crowdfunding biz.

{Lucky has successfully balanced the flame helmet on Marzipan's ponytail.}

LUCKY: There it is. There. She's...

STRONG BAD: Five minutes left.

LUCKY: Five minutes left, guys. The final five is what they call it.

STRONG BAD: In the biz?

LUCKY: Uh, in the biz. This is the final five. This is where you sort-of check in and reflect on...

STRONG BAD: Um, should we do it, uh...

LUCKY: ...This whole experience for you.


LUCKY: Mike, what did you learn today? During... the one hour—

STRONG BAD: Where did you go, Mike? Mike left!

MIKE: {distantly} I was trying to find something interesting to...

STRONG BAD: Four minutes to go!

LUCKY: Well, tell you what's really interesting is, a man wandering around an office looking for something interesting.

MIKE: {distantly} Well, they don't see that.

LUCKY: Well...

MIKE: {distantly} They can't see me!

LUCKY: They can hear the voice. Ladies and gentlemen.

MIKE: {distantly} I'm the— they don't want me here!

LUCKY: Of the jury. Strong Bad, is there any questions up there we may answer on the stream?

STRONG BAD: Oh, yeah. Let's see, we've been neglecting you chat-folk. You're so great to hang out and watch this garbage... uh... Teen Girl Squad dating sim, that sounds like a great idea. If you see this, do you know about the, uh... the what?

LUCKY: {slowly cleaning up} I dunno, somebody probably trying to plug their own band. Hey!

STRONG BAD: I don't have your demo tape.

LUCKY: {laughs} Hey, check out my demo tape.

STRONG BAD: Everyone is arrowed...

LUCKY: Rodney eats pizza.

STRONG BAD: You guys, you guys, you guy're all the best. Aw, somebody just backed it! Thank you so much, somebody backed it. Oh man, it's like a... like when you're listening to NPR, you know—

LUCKY: Aw, yeah. {pointing to the viewer} Hey, thanks, you're gonna get a handsome tote, and a coffee mug, and maybe even a DVD screener. Of an upcoming... uh, show about Richard the Second. The— the— the... the missing Richard. In the War of the Roses. Richard the Second. Nobody— Everybody's always concerned about Richard the Third! 'Cause he's supposedly a humpback and he didn't even have that!

STRONG BAD: It's true.

LUCKY: Historically inaccurate. Richard the Second, nobody even knows. That guy, he, like, murdered children in towers. Crazy.

COACH Z: Tote bag tote bag tote bag tote bag!

LUCKY: Uh-oh. Where did— where'd you come from, Coach?

COACH Z: Tote bag tote bag!

LUCKY: Uh-oh.

MIKE Character... five or seven?

STRONG BAD: {soothing} Somewhere between five and seven, perhaps. I'm not quite sure. That's right, thank you for tuning in to our fundraiser drive, here. Thanks for callin' up.

LUCKY: Who's on the phones? Who's on the phones back there?

STRONG BAD: {soothing} Let's go to the phones, we got TV's Tim Conway, that's right. Tim Dorf on call.

LUCKY: {goofy accent} This is a-very good. I've been doing it in my Dorf a-voice. Thank you for calling. Would you like to buy a game?

STRONG BAD: {soothing} You're driving people off the phones there, Conway. They don't want anything to do with that now, if they think Dorf's gonna answer the phone.

LUCKY: {goofy accent} I'm-a gonna try ta make it to the phone, but my little old legs won't make let me get there on-the-time.

STRONG BAD: That sound like uh... Father Guido Sarducci. {Lucky laughs} {pronounced like "Perducci"} SARDUCCI!

LUCKY: {goofy accent} That's-a big-a problem.

STRONG BAD: Uh... oh, is Limozeen gonna go on tour sometime? I hope so.

LUCKY: Man, remember the last tour?

MIKE: {in the background} Rick Van Velsor...

LARRY PALARONCINI: I hope so too, Strong Bad! 'Cause I've been cleaning your house for six weeks!

STRONG BAD: Yeah. I've given— I have an arrangement with Larry. Poor guy. In between tours and albums, he needs a little something to do. So I let him clean my house. My pool.

{As they're talking, Mike is stacking peasants.}

LUCKY: You have a pool?

STRONG BAD: Uh, there's a pool.

LUCKY: That requires cleaning?

STRONG BAD: There's a pool, like in the vicinity.

LUCKY: A pool-like structure out there?

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Yeah. And Larry... {whispering} don't— don't... don't tip him off.

LUCKY: {laughing} I just wanna know what Larry's up to!

STRONG BAD: If he finds out—

LUCKY: He's in the neighborhood. It concerns me.

STRONG BAD: Uh, we're done. You guys, I think it's done! Are we done? Five-fifty-nine! It's almost there! You guys are so great! This has been awesome!

LUCKY: The last minute.

STRONG BAD: Mike! What is— Mike is doing an epic stack!

{Mike has stacked several peasant meeples upright, alternating right-side-up and upside-down.}

LUCKY: Mike, what did you learn?

STRONG BAD: STacking it to the heavens! Thank you so much! All right, thank you! Evan Piper-all. Thank you, D. F. Thank you, Chad Carwell. Dominat-OR!


STRONG BAD: Vincent Lamby Seuela! Charley, Ben-'n'-Eric! Anna S. Q.! David Oakem! Christopher! Cole, Kelly, Valalerie, aw, it's too fast! You're all so awesome!

{Mike's diligently-placed meeple stack falls over.}

STRONG BAD: I love you so much! Charley Barberlems! William Robert... David Gonger.

{Lucky plays with the Buckethand Strong Bad figurine. Mike takes it and displays the bleached backside.}

STRONG BAD: Jason Soto. We're so close! So close to our goal of whatever we hit!

LUCKY: {points to the bleached figurine} Sunburn.

STRONG BAD: I got a little— I got left in the window! For too long! {Mike turns it to the front} You guys, this is incredible! I wish there was like a seconds—

{Mike withdraws the figure.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, it says zero seconds! We did it! It's over!

{Everyone gives a fanfare.}

LUCKY: {singing Auld Lang Syne badly, Strong Bad later joins in}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Thank you backers, uh, Lucky Yates, we had so much freaking fun! {talking} You guys are awesome! Thank you so much! Thank you, Jason V.! Henriotta Stevens! And Bryan Hauser! And David Overton! And...

LUCKY: David Overton.

STRONG BAD: Valerie! And all-a y'alls!

LUCKY: Valalerie.

STRONG BAD: And Luke Schulers. You're all fantastic!

LUCKY: Used to wear a pair o' Luke Schulers.

STRONG BAD: Luke Schulers, oh those are so...

{A note plays.}

STRONG BAD: {soothing voice} Sponsored by— sponsored by Luke Schulers, the fine footwear of Lucky Yateses everywhere.

LUCKY: Oh, man.

STRONG BAD: {soothing voice} That's right, far out.

LUCKY: Remember those shoes, back then in the seventies?

STRONG BAD: Thank you guys so much. We're gonna log off. And update the webpage thing. You guys are awesome! Thank you for playing and hanging out! Good-bye, Brandon Wright and Kristoffson! Some... Sarah!


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