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Puppet versions of the two-dimensional characters.

[edit] Puppets

Image Description Appearances
"Everybody knows it!"
[edit] Puppet Homestar Runner

The puppet was created in September 2003. His eyes are made of felt, so they can be moved around if necessary. They are only seen on one side of his head at a time, similar to his Flash counterpart. His propeller can be spun, and he frequently asks others to "spin his buzzer", although it has a tendency to fall off. Being a puppet, his legs are never shown on screen. According to himself in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2, he has "eight percent more sass than the regular Homestar". He refers to the bottom of his mouth as a "mouth-shelf", which is handy for catching snowflakes.

"Going on my 7th coffee run!"

"RIP fleshtangle mouth"
[edit] Puppet Strong Bad

The first puppet was created in January 2005. He had a red piece above his mouth that slid up and down as he talked, giving the illusion of his mouth moving, as it does in the toons. His head could rotate, and his arms were usually controlled from below using wires. Unlike most puppets, his legs are visible at times, dangling below his body.

A new Strong Bad puppet debuted in 2016, first seen from behind in a tweet. This puppet is smaller and has a fully opening underbite mouth. It was created by the people at the Georgia Puppetry Museum, as revealed to a fan when they talked in 2019.


Meh 2.0
[edit] Puppet The Cheat

While a Kick The Cheat doll was used as a puppet in Puppet Time and Some Puppet Stuff, The Cheat uses a similar but unique, handcrafted doll which debuted in Everybody Knows It. This puppet's defining features include more consistent dots on his back, a red-orange colored swirl on his chest (colored rather than embroidered), and pure black oval-shaped button eyes.

Email pie?
[edit] Shark-Tooth Bubs
See main article: Shark-Tooth Bubs
"Forget you, whitey! I'm going solo!"

"You ain't got no character, whitey!"
[edit] Puppet Doreauxgard

Much like the cartoon version, the original puppet was merely a cantaloupe jammed onto a pencil with a silly face drawn on him. A more puppet-like version of Doreauxgard, complete with an opening mouth and a felt green tongue, was later made.

"Nice upchuck, Bennedetto!"
[edit] Puppet Frank Bennedetto

The "puppet" is a Presto PopLite hot air corn popper, the same popcorn maker that the animated version of Frank is modeled after.

Labor Dabor
"Hey, juys!"
[edit] Puppet Marshie

Due to Marshie's lack of a body, the arm controlling the puppet can often be seen.

"Well, I am the Exact Same."
[edit] Alternate Puppet Homestar Runner ("The Exact Same")
See main article: The Exact Same
"I think this permanent marker is giving my hand a rash."
[edit] Puppet Strong Sad

Puppet Strong Sad is a hand with a gray glove and eyes crudely drawn on it with permanent marker. It is implied that it is actually Strong Sad's hand.

The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar
[edit] Puppet Casio Head Strong Bad

Puppet Casio Head Strong Bad is just Puppet Strong Bad with a VL-Tone VL-1 Casio keyboard in place of his head.

@StrongBadActual Tweet (23 Apr 2015)
"I totally just ate your cat."
[edit] Puppet Rocoulm

Designed to look like a Halloween animatronic decoration. The torch glows constantly; when activated, the eyes light up red, mouth opens and closes, arms move slowly, and tinny audio of the Jibblies 2 theme plays. The Unconcerned Citizen also enhances its appearance with green laser lights and a fog machine.

Action Cool News-oween Report
Who this guy?
[edit] Puppet Renaldo

The turban pin is a crescent with an overlaid "Z", rather than the older star and crescent symbol. His eyes are plastic black rings.

Cool cool shades
[edit] Puppet Sultry Buttons

Her dress appears to be leather.

[edit] Puppet Perducci

Visor sunglasses, sans arms, are placed on his face. The loops on his beard are made out of separate yarn. The "Hello, my name is" name tag is custom-printed.

A puppet?
[edit] Puppet Killingyouguy

His body appears to be a large box. His skin is felt while his singlet is velvet, and his eyebrows are pipe cleaners. The scar and bullet hole sticky notes are made of real paper.

[edit] Cheat Commandos

All the Commandos are modified Kick The Cheat plush toys, with the exception of Firebert (The Cheat puppet). Notably, these Cheat Commandos exist in the same universe as Strong Bad and/or Dangeresque, unlike their animated versions.

Image Description Appearances
"Hey! Why does this Hot Jones taste like burnt gasoline?"
[edit] Puppet Gunhaver

Puppet Gunhaver lacks the signature chin spiral and his mouth appears to be more grimaced. He wears Gunhaver's clothes, which feature an additional flying wings patch on the jacket.

Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack
"It's only Warm Jenkins for me!"
[edit] Puppet Reynold

The Kick The Cheat toy has its eyes obscured with yellow tape. He wears browline glasses with solid white lenses that lack temples. His tie is a muted plaid rather than the typical red polka-dot pattern.

Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack
"I'm surprised to see you drinkin' Hot Jones, Reynolda!"
[edit] Puppet Fightgar

Puppet Fightgar's ammo belt is made of tape and modified foam darts, and he wears a bandana and has had tiny black squares stuck to his face to add stubble.

Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack
[edit] Puppet Crackotage

Puppet Crackotage is a Kick The Cheat toy wearing headphones.

Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack
Limited-edition Firebert: eats anything with nutmeg!
[edit] Puppet Firebert

Firebert's clothes have been simplified; each belt only has half a clip.

Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack

[edit] Strong Bad's Technology

Image Description Appearances
"I was just, um, doing nothing, with... nothing that belongs to Strong Bad."
[edit] Real Compy 386

It is an Apple II monitor with a Dell QuietKey keyboard.

Puppet Time
"Whoa! Real-live email!"
[edit] Real Lappy 486

It is a Compaq LTE series laptop.

Real-Live E-mails
"I was just, um, doing nothing, with... nothing that belongs to Strong Bad."
[edit] Real Corpy NT6

It is a 1979 Apple II monitor and a Dell QuietKey keyboard.

[edit] Real The Paper

It is a regular piece of paper from a dot matrix printer. It is used as @StrongBadActual's background photo, and seen in many early Tweets.


[edit] Not Quite Puppets

Image Description Appearances
"What not-so-classic sbemail is plushie Strong Bad waggling his head about?"
[edit] Plushie Strong Bad

His eyes are a metallic gold rather than green, and placed higher on his face than usual. His red mask extends down to partially cover his neck.

"Oh, I have a plush duck mouth. Quack quack."
[edit] Plushie Homestar Runner

His underbite jaw is rendered as a thicker bump without a clear mouth line, leading to jokes that it looks more like a duck's bill.

"Welcome back to another Skills of an Artist!"
[edit] Strong Bad Gloves

They are two boxing gloves resembling Strong Bad's, complete with beige sleeves to resemble his arms.

"Greetings everyone, and welcome back to the Six-Sadded, Die."
[edit] Strong Sad Gloves

They are two gray three-fingered felt gloves shaped like Strong Sad's hands.

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