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"Hey there, Mister Strong Bad!"
The puppet version

Doreauxgard (also spelled as Deauregard) is a cantaloupe (stolen by The Cheat from Marzipan's melon patch) with a pencil-drawn face and said pencil jabbed through its base. This face has a worried expression, with a visible nose and nostrils, as well as a drooling mouth with his tongue sticking out. He is used by Strong Bad to play a prank on Bubs in the Strong Bad Email lackey.

The fruit appears in live action with Puppet Homestar in an Easter egg in the same cartoon. The Easter egg consists of the "Homestar Runner and Doreauxgard Show!" brought to you by Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kit. This show makes a reappearance in The Actions You Can Do.

Despite co-starring in a show with Homestar, Doreauxgard does not seem to like him. He threatens to quit the show, repeatedly calls him "whitey", says he has no character, and later calls him a monster when he slices and tries to eat Doreauxgard's Aunt Crenshaw. Doreauxgard apparently had a strong connection with Aunt Crenshaw, stroking the slices with his tongue ("his only appendage") to comfort her. Despite his resentment toward Homestar, he tries to help him get his pile back from Strong Bad and Shark-Tooth Bubs in The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar.

The Brothers Chaps also own an actual puppet of Doreauxgard (with a mouth that can open and close, as well as a green tongue), which was not shown on the site until Main Page 25. Based on this and the fact that he has a Quote of the Week character head, there may have been more planned for this character. He has only made a few appearances so far, and is apparently fully aware of this, saying "nobody knows what I look like anyways". Despite his few appearances, he expresses desire to be a star.

While originally puppeted by Strong Bad, he went on to become a real character while in puppet-form (in which he is seen in the majority of his appearances). While controlled by Strong Bad, he has a tendency to preface names with "mister". He also admires Strong Bad's graffiti.

A similar moldy cantaloupe appeared in the email cliffhangers.

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