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Something losers would do

Graffiti art is a common practice for the Homestar Runner crew, especially Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat. Taggers usually spray paint their name to let others know that they were there, but often it's just done for the sake of vandalism or to annoy people. The metal gate over the concession stand is a common target, but the most common are brick walls. Homestar Runner related graffiti is sometimes drawn by fans. Tags are commonly written with letters replaced by numbers.

[edit] Appearances

Tag Message Location Appears In
HOT LAVA A tub of lava your friends
POM x2 Metal Door Wallpaper
JOB Graffiti Wall A Jorb Well Done
Prance Graffiti Wall Dancin' Bubs
Fade me N/A These peoples try to fade me
SB Bubs' Concession Stand lackey
GET TO THA POINT Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum studio pizzaz
Ooh Dang, Strong Bad! You go child! -JackeƩ Pink Border Dream World dreamail
St8K DiNNeR The Stick/Marzipan origins
On Point Bubs' Concession Stand origins
RAD, RAD ROBOTANK Art Gallery portrait
4actor Z Bubs' Concession Stand narrator
NEB-1 Graffiti Wall New Boots
Hip N/A New Boots
Dance Graffiti Wall New Boots
CooL Tapes Marzipan's Living Room Cool Things
FIReWORKS or die The Fence (Strong Badia) 2 years
Strong Bad gots the style 3D Maze Screensaver technology
Strong Bad LUVS Carla Lewis!! and thinks shes hott!! The Couch couch patch
POOF! Bubs' Concession Stand magic trick
Whatchu Think U Gonna Do? The Brick Wall Where U Goin' 2?
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