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[edit] Helscome to my user page, it's not done

For the sake of Barberzdry, here's bald Graw Mad File:baldymad.PNG



File:come_in_and_be_in_the_thing.PNG File:tennywennybenny.PNG File:stave_moon.PNG File:stave_bean.PNG File:zoningpermit.PNG File:z_and_b.PNG File:torn_rubdominal_scrimmage.PNG

Hello, I met Matt Chapman in a Coffee shop and i am still in contact with him.

I created a spinoff of homestar called jimmy zenshins. Here are some links to look about it.

Heres a cool picture:
"Is this a forest or a living room?"

-Scratch -Reddit -Twitter

Ask me about this spinoff on my discord or those things i listed

(Get my discord through Twitter DMs)

Vote for a costume for magic book





Jeffjman[1] 21:03, 17 June 2020 (UTC)

See below

Meme about Jimmy:

This is real.
System report:
Watch my latest cartoon: Fuse with Shrimpy

I have been trying to make this point for years, Mr. Bossman is the Boss from Jimmy Zenshins, the similarities are uncanny, and NO i did not base him off of mr bossman, I could ask Strong Bad, he could confirm it! or maybe not...

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