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"This might be a good time to show peasant burnination!"

In the first episode of Strong Sad's review show Six-Sadded, Die, he and Mike Chapman explain the rules of Trogdor!! The Board Game for the Kickstarter campaign.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, Mike Chapman

Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Running Time: 15:38


[edit] Transcript

{Shot of a black surface; a six sided die lands with a blank face up}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded— Oop.

{Strong Sad picks the die up and rolls it again; the die lands on two}


{Strong Sad picks the die up and once again rolls; it lands on five}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded— {grunts in frustration}

{Strong Sad rolls the die again, landing on two and revealing that two of its faces have been modified}

STRONG SAD: Six— {grunts in frustration}

{Strong Sad picks up the die and places it so the modified sides face the camera, revealing it to resemble his head.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade to black and then fade into a top down shot of Strong Sad's hands setting up a game of Trogdor, sped up}

STRONG SAD: {voice over} Hello to all you Six-Sadders out there. Today we're going to be playing Trogdor!!, {Logo appears at the top of the screen as he says it} from Boardelectrix and my {extra emphasis} horrible brother. {logo fades out, Strong Sad resumes speaking normally} This is a co-operative puzzle-slash-area control-slash-area influence-type game for two to six players. Gameplay usually runs between 30 and 45 minutes, and set-up should take you a lot less time than it did me, due to my stubby fingers. So as we always say, let's roll a sad six!

{Six-Sadded Die logo fades in, as Strong Sad gestures his hands in front of the camera at normal speed}

STRONG SAD: {in person} Greetings everyone, and welcome back to the Six-Sadded, Die.

{logo fades out}

STRONG SAD: I am your host, Strong Sad, here today with human Mike—


STRONG SAD: —and we're going to play Trogdor!! The Board Game. So, we've already dealt each other our Keeper cards and our Enchanted Items— Mike, who did you get?

MIKE: I am Stonklar! Stonklar has wraparound movement, which allows Trogdor to move, um, if he was here and wanted to move West, he would jump over here, if he was here and wanted to move south he would jump up here. Normally Trogdor can't do that—unless you have this special power—but the knights, archers, and peasants all do that automatically, they have that wraparound.

STRONG SAD: Oh, like a King's Quest game!

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG SAD: Okay! And then what is your magical power?

MIKE: My item is Two Gross Beans, which just gives me two extra Action Points, um, and these item cards need to be recharged a-after they're used, so my recharge is, uh, when he visits one of the four forest tiles.

STRONG SAD: Ah! Okay, so then I got Galgabudge, and this Keeper can treat mountain tiles as if they were also tunnels. So, there are these tunnels which, uh, Trogdor can use to take a little shortcut, and then apparently there are hidden channels within the mountains, so he can use them, like, for subway stops, basically. Uh, and then I got— My item is the Ring of Voip, I can jump to any tile. Like a teleport, right?

MIKE: Okay, and how—


MIKE: How do you recharge that?

STRONG SAD: I recharge when a cottage or cottage space is burninated!

MIKE: Okay, so we got our three cottages and three cottage spaces, there.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so now what do we do first? We—we deal one another an action card from the Trog-deck.

MIKE: Here's your card...

STRONG SAD: Okay, I got Smell the Daisies... What did you get?

MIKE: I got Sidewise. So these are our banked cards, and we'll just keep those ready...

STRONG SAD: So we just keep tho— All the time we have one banked card—

MIKE: You always have one banked card, and then every turn you'll draw a new one, and you choose between your banked card and the card you draw that turn.

STRONG SAD: And what is this number here on the card, Mike?

MIKE: Uh, AP, Action Points. So that card, if you play that you'll get four Action Points, which is a movement, or...

STRONG SAD: Okay. Well then, uh, why don't you go first, and let's just start a turn!

MIKE: Okay, so I'll draw, here... Shotput, which, uh, says, "After all Trogdor's actions, you may burninate from 2 tiles away. Includes eligible cottages."

STRONG SAD: Okay. So then you—

MIKE: Um, and that's five Action Points, or I can use Sidewise, which is six Action Points. So I think at this stage in the game I'm gonna use Sidewise.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so six Action Points, and then you, uh, we play that.

MIKE: So, I'm gonna discard here and play that. So I have six Action Points. So, uh, why don't you tell them what the—my different options as far as actions are.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so an action can be: moving Trogdor one tile; uh, he can burninate the tile he is currently on; if he's on a tile with a peasant, he can devour that peasant, and it will go into the Trog-meter, which is Trogdor's health, his health—he runs on peasants; uh, he can also burninate a peasant, which—you put the flame helmet on the peasant, and they will leave a path of destruction, but they don't go into your Trog-meter, so it's a risky move, but pretty fun to watch; he can also hide, if you have actions left at the end of your turn and you go to a mountain tile, you can hide there, and you'll be, uh, immune from damage, immune from damage.

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} So, just to recap, an action can be: Trogdor moves one tile, North, South, East or West; Trogdor can devour a peasant on the tile he occupies; Trogdor can burninate a peasant on the tile he occupies; oh, and one I forgot, Trogdor can burninate an eligible cottage on the title he occupies. More on eligible cottages later; and last, Trogdor can hide on a mountain tile, if he has at least one action left.

STRONG SAD: Uh, what am I missing, what else can Trogdor do?

MIKE: Okay, well, so, movement, we gotta make sure— So, movement— Uh, Trogdor can only move—uh—North, South, East, West normally, he can't move diagonally, um, unless you have a special power, there are special diagonal powers, but— So, I got five, um, first—

STRONG SAD: You're playing the one with six!

MIKE: —six! Six! Six action points. So, I'm gonna start by burninating this tile! And we're on.

STRONG SAD: That's one—one action...

MIKE: One action... So look at that.

STRONG SAD: You flip it to show the burnination.

MIKE: Burnination. Um, and we're gonna start, I'm gonna start heading, uh, working on burninating this cottage, and in order to do that, we have to burninate all the surrounding tiles and the tile it's on first, before we can burninate the cottage. So I'm just going to start working on these nine tiles here. Alright?

STRONG SAD: Let's do it!

MIKE: So that was one, two, move here, three, burninate here...

STRONG SAD: Oh, I like that lonely tree. Very desolate.

MIKE: Four, move here, five, burninate... and then I have one action which burninates an adjacent tile, so that would be this one, then. So, with my sixth action I'll just burninate this one.

STRONG SAD: Whoa, look at the destruction on that forest tile!

MIKE: Yeah. Um, so, that's the end of Trogdor's movements, so now the next part of my turn is for the countryside to move.

STRONG SAD: Oh, it's the bad guys' turn!

MIKE: The bad guys. The knights, two knights, and the peasants will move, and the archers. So first, we'll draw a card here...

STRONG SAD: What does it say?

MIKE: Peasants: so first, we're going to re-spawn peasants, if necessary, or if—um, we're going to look at this number here, three peasants, and we have three peasants on the board. So that means no new peasants are generated.

STRONG SAD: That's great!

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG SAD: Where would those peasants come from if they were generated?

MIKE: They would come from the Trog-meter up here, which is basically the health, so you don't want that to happen, and they would be generated at any un-burninated cottage.

STRONG SAD: Oh, so we want to get those cottages burninated!

{fire engine starts sounding in the background}

MIKE: We want to get the cottages burninated, and get the peasants burninated, and they won't re-spawn.

STRONG SAD: Okay, then here, hold up that card so we can see what... {Mike holds up the card} so then, what does this move mean over here?

MIKE: So, these peasants, the peasants...

STRONG SAD: Hang on one second, let's let this... fire engine pass. {they wait until the fire engine is out of earshot}

MIKE: Okay. So...

STRONG SAD: What—what does this move mean?

MIKE: So, this is the peasants. All the peasants on the board are going to move that direction, northeast.


MIKE: One tile, so they're just gonna all move northeast. {Strong Sad moves the piece} So, that guy's gonna move, uh, there. Good job, you got it, you got it. I'll straighten these out a bit. So this guy's gonna wrap around, where will he go?

STRONG SAD: So he'd go northeast, which'll be right there on the Trog-space. You— I'll let you put him on there.

MIKE: Okay, yep, so he's on our space, he doesn't damage us. And then, this guy's gonna move northeast up this way, which is this tile.

STRONG SAD: Oh, he's—he's going caving.

MIKE: Mm-hmm.

STRONG SAD: A spelunking peasant, perhaps.

MIKE: Um, okay. Um, so now we move the knights and archer.


MIKE: So they're gonna move east, east, north, east. So,

STRONG SAD: All right. Let's call it out.

MIKE: Let's go, we'll start with this knight here.

BOTH: {Mike moves the knight accordingly} East, east, north, east. Okay.

STRONG SAD: And then this guy down here.

BOTH: {Mike moves the knight accordingly} East, east, north, east. Okay.

MIKE: We're safe.

STRONG SAD: And now the archers.

MIKE: {overlapping} And then the archer.

BOTH: {Mike moves the archer accordingly} East, east, north, east.

MIKE: Now, the archer, what he does, is he mo— he shoots arrows in the direction that he just last moved. So his last move was east, so he'll shoot arrows off this whole row.

STRONG SAD: And, what do we say? What do we do?

MIKE: We, of course, in the vein of Teen Girl Squad, say, {As Strong Bad} Arrowed!

STRONG SAD: Whoa, that's a pretty good Strong Bad, Mike!

MIKE: Thanks.

STRONG SAD: Can I try?

MIKE: {As Strong Sad} I can do a pretty good Strong Sad, too.

STRONG SAD: Whoa, that's pretty good.

MIKE: {As Strong Sad} Yeah.

STRONG SAD: You're creeping me out.

MIKE: {laughs} Um, by the way, the knights, when we moved the knights, if they had moved or intersected a tile—the space that we were on, uh, they would have taken one peasant, uh, from our health meter, uh, Trog-meter there.

STRONG SAD: Oh, well I'm glad that didn't happen.

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG SAD: So we're safe now!

MIKE: So we're safe. So we moved our peasants, we moved the knights, we moved the archer, he shot along this row...


MIKE: And, um, we're safe. So now, it's your turn.

STRONG SAD: All right, well, you draw me a card there. What do I get?

MIKE: So you can draw a card.

STRONG SAD: Okay, I got "Jhonka Help". Uh, six action points, and for one action point I can devour any peasant on the board! Or...

MIKE: That's pretty good.

STRONG SAD: Or, I've got "Smell the Daisies" here, which is four AP, and if I end my turn on a flower tile, the next player, which would be you, Mike, gets three extra action points.

MIKE: Okay, so this is a daisy tile, and this one that we're on right here, that we already burninated, is a daisy tile. So, if you were to end your turn on one of those two tiles, then I would get three extra points.

STRONG SAD: I say we go with "Jhonka Help"...

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG SAD: ...and I'll keep doing what you were doing, try to bur— get this cottage burninated. We've gotta surround the cottages with burnination, including the one it's on, before we can burninate the cottage, right, Mike?

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG SAD: What about these ones on the side? Do you have to, like, burninate the—the wraparound tiles?

MIKE: Nope, so the one on the side, you only need to get these six tiles, and the one in the corner, you only need to get these four. So, the cor—

STRONG SAD: Oh. {forcefully} Why did you start with the hardest one?

MIKE: I was close to it. I was right there, and I had all those action points. We're doing— we're doing fine.

STRONG SAD: Okay. Well, then, I want to play "Jhonka Help".

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG SAD: Uh, so then I got six actions...

MIKE: of which can be devouring any of the peasants.

STRONG SAD: Rrright, so, let's see... I'm gonna... uh, should I go ahead and devour that guy, then?

MIKE: Yeah, since we're on... this'll just be one of our actions.

STRONG SAD: Or, should I take advantage of the Jhonka's Help and devour any peasant on the board?

MIKE: {overlapping slightly} You should... I... It's up to you, you can do both. You can do this with the regular action and use the Jhonka's Help to do one that's further away.

STRONG SAD: Okay, let's, uh, go ahead and... eat that guy, {Mike moves the peasant to the health meter} so that's one jump, one action.

MIKE: It's up here.

STRONG SAD: {moving the Trogdor piece} Two actions, three, and I want to burninate that tile.

MIKE: {flips the tile over} Four.

STRONG SAD: So that's four actions.

MIKE: You've got two more.

STRONG SAD: {moves the Trogdor piece one more space} And then five, I'll move here with that guy, and hmmm, this might be a great time to show... peasant burnination!

MIKE: Oh, you're gonna...

STRONG SAD: Well, we already added one of these guys to our health, and I'm feeling pretty confident, and...

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG SAD: ...peasant burnination's kind of fun to watch, so I'm...

MIKE: Uh, yeah.

STRONG SAD: I'm opting not to use the Jhonka Help, which is okay, you can always, you can just... you may use the abilities given to you by a Trog... a Trog-deck card, uh, you don't have to, so I'm not gonna use the Jhonka help this time, I'm going to burninate this peasant with my last action, so that means we've...

MIKE: {puts the flaming cap on the peasant} Hey.

STRONG SAD: ...put the flaming peasant helmet on him.

MIKE: {overlapping} put the fire helmet on him, look at how good he looks.

STRONG SAD: And then we're gonna draw a movement card up there, Mike.

MIKE: {draws a card} Yes, this is a burninated peasant instead of a devoured peasant, and now we're just going to— normally peasants move {indicating the peasant's arrow} this way, but for burninated peasants, they're gonna take the knights and archer path.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so, first of all, we burninate this tile that he's on, right?

MIKE: Tile that he's on, yeah. So, {flips the card} that gets burninated.


MIKE: And now he goes, south, south, west, south.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so,

BOTH: South.

MIKE: Burninate.


MIKE: South.

STRONG SAD: Burninate.

MIKE: Burninate.

STRONG SAD: And then, west, okay, burninate that one.

MIKE: {overlapping} West, burninate, yep.

STRONG SAD: And, south.

MIKE: {overlapping} South, which was already burninated.

STRONG SAD: And so, then, what happens to that peasant?

MIKE: So, that's the drawback of the flaming peasant— of burninating a peasant, is that he goes off the board, {mysteriously} into the void.

STRONG SAD: {nervously} Where's that?

MIKE: It's just over here somewhere, it's over here, off the board, {pushes the peasant away} off the camera view.


MIKE: Instead of going— when you devour a peasant, they go up here, but burninated peasants, they do some damage, but... they don't become health.

STRONG SAD: That's okay, we get some good damage, I feel like.

MIKE: {overlapping} Got some good damage, yeah. That was... that was good.


MIKE: {indicating health meter} Still got five guys in our... and, um... Okay, so that's...

STRONG SAD: {overlapping} So now it's time for the bad guys to move again.

MIKE: Yep.

STRONG SAD: So flip that.

MIKE: So now we're gonna draw this card.

STRONG SAD: Okay, and then we gotta spawn peasants first?

MIKE: Spawn peasants. Four peasants are there on the board— or, on the card.

STRONG SAD: So what does that mean?

MIKE: There's only one on the board.

STRONG SAD: So does that mean we have to bring three more peasants out?

MIKE: It does.

STRONG SAD: Oh, and we got...

MIKE: 'cause we don't have any un-burninated pe— uh, un-burn— uh, burninated cottages, excuse me, so you gotta try to get up to this, uh, that number.

STRONG SAD: Okay, so, bring 'em out, Mike!

MIKE: Ugh, this is rough, this is rough.

STRONG SAD: Yeah. I'd knock 'em over like dominoes with my stubby fingers.

MIKE: One, two, three.


MIKE: I've got four peasants on the board.

STRONG SAD: And now what do they do?

MIKE: And now, we're gonna explain a new thing. They're gonna move east, they're each gonna move east, but this says "Move & Repair".

STRONG SAD: 'Cause it's green and there's little plants on it!

MIKE: {overlapping} It's green and there's plants on it. So they're gonna move east, and if they move onto a tile that's burninated, they're gonna fix it.


MIKE: Yes.

STRONG SAD: Oh, man.

MIKE: {takes a knight} So, we're gonna start with this guy here...

STRONG SAD: No, that's a... that's a knight. That's not a peasant, Mike.

MIKE: {overlapping} Oh, that's a knight, that's a knight, that's a knight, {takes a peasant} this is a peasant. He's gonna move east...


MIKE: Repairs...

STRONG SAD: Oh nooo!!

MIKE: We're gonna move this guy east...

STRONG SAD: Uh huh...

MIKE: That's not burninated, so he doesn't repair.

STRONG SAD: That's good.

MIKE: And this guy moves to the lake.

STRONG SAD: Oh, he's going for a swim.

MIKE: Yep. This guy moves back here, east.

STRONG SAD: Oh man!!

MIKE: And he fixes that. So we had two... man, that was a rough card.

STRONG SAD: That was... yeah, that's some rough peasant spawning.

MIKE: Three peasants spawned, and two of them repaired tiles. All right, let's see what happens with the knights.

STRONG SAD: Oh, I have a bad feeling.

MIKE: North, west...

STRONG SAD: All right, le— I'll call it out.

MIKE: Okay, you call it. I'm gonna start with this guy.

STRONG SAD: {Mike moves the pieces accordingly} North, west, north, east, east.

MIKE: {sighs} Okay.

STRONG SAD: And then the next one: North, west, north, east, east.

MIKE: Okay.

STRONG SAD: And the archer: North, west, {Mike moves the archer onto the spot Trogdor occupies} So does that hurt us? He touched...

MIKE: Nope, archers are a— what do you call it, a ranged attack. So ranged attacks are ranged...

STRONG SAD: {overlapping} Okay, so, he's useless at close range!

MIKE: Useless at close range, exactly. That was west...

STRONG SAD: Uh, north, east, east.

MIKE: {moves west on the first east command, then fixes his mistake} Wait wait, east, east, sorry. Okay, there. And then he shoots...

STRONG SAD: Arrowed!

MIKE: Arrowed! All that way, and we're not on that row, so we're safe.

STRONG SAD: {indicating the knights and peasants in the line of fire of the archers} And what, these guys just duck?

MIKE: Uh, yes, they... exactly. They're short. Um... okay.

{Six-Sadded, Die logo zooms in. Mike and Strong Sad continue to play in the background as the footage plays in fast-forward}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} Okay, so those are the basics of gameplay for Trogdor!! the Board Game. Be sure and tune in to future Six-Sadded, Die episodes for some more in-depth looks at different gameplay elements. All in all, it's a great way to encourage my... weird obsession with my brother that mistreats me.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Strong Sad compares the wraparound mechanic to world traversal in King's Quest.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • The Six-Sadded, Die series would eventually become a recurring feature.
    • Additionally, a Six-Sadded, Die shirt was added as a Backerkit add-on, and the file to 3D-print your own Six-Sadded, Die was given out.

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