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Mel the Mello Mushroom
Melody a cousin of Marzipan?

Mellow Mushroom is a non-Homestar Runner related site designed by The Brothers Chaps in 2001 for a chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in Georgia. The layout, navigation, and sound effects are similar to that of the Homestar site, and the voices of the brothers and Missy Palmer are very distinctive.



  • Mel O. Mushroom - Cool dude and farmer in Shroomville
  • Dude Shroomington - Friend of Mel and love interest of Melody
  • Melody - Friendly employee of Mellow Mushroom
  • The Fungis: "Port, Toe & Bello" - Trickster mushroom men
  • Wizard - Helpful mountain wizard


  • Toons: One so far - "The Sun Almost Rises"
  • Games: Pizza Darts, Skateboarding Dude, Wack-a-FunGuy, Dress up Mel
  • Mel-Locater: Locations of all the Mellow Mushroom Restaurants
  • Characters: Fountain drink machine character page
  • Menu: All the food available from Mellow Mushroom restaurants
  • Gear: Clothing and gift certificates, plus now a new 2005 calendar.

Fun Facts

  • "Mountain Dude", in the Characters Page, sounds very much like Mountain Dew.
  • "Melody-ade", in the Characters Page, sounds very much like Melonade.
  • Melody's head, ponytail, and overall body shape bear a striking resemblance to Marzipan.
  • Port, one of The Fungis, makes extremly similar sounds to The Cheat.

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