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Banana Mint Pickle ice cream. Yum!

A pickle is a cucumber that has been preserved in brine, vinegar, or the like. Chris-chan hates 'em.


  • Marshmallow's Last Stand (DVD Commentary) — Homestar Runner tells Mike that his hat was in the fridge "between the milk and the pickles" to explain its absence during this toon.
  • Strong Bad's Website — The Cheat is seen raiding a fridge that contains, among other things, a jar of pickles.
  • Happy Hallow-day (DVD Commentary) — Mike comments that he likes "the bread and butter pickles song" and Matt sings "Got some bread and butter pickles."
  • Quote of the Week (03 Nov 2006) — Marzipan's reggae song from Happy Hallow-day was given the lyrics "Want some bread and butter pickles. Ooo-ahh! Give me that bread and butter pickle, bread and butter pickle. You are."
  • Email english paper — At around the time this Email was released, Homestar posted somewhere that he would, in an upcoming auction, be selling "Marzipan's bread and butter pickle recipe".
  • Email pop-up — One page of Strong Bad's pop-up book has a refrigerator that reveals a burger patty with two pickle slices on it each time the fridge is opened.
  • 8-Bit Is Enough — On the code wheel outside of Peasant's Quest in the Videlectrix Mainframe, several combinations result in the ice cream flavor, "Banana Mint Pickle".
  • Email imaginary — Lil' Strong Bad's "open faced booby trap" is a slice of bread with two pickle slices on it.
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