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A few times in the Homestar Runner Universe, a character has used or mentioned using poison.

Dum de dum..


  • Email E-mail BirdsStrong Bad responds to an email from a "horse woman" by feeding her poison oats.
  • Sketchbook (video)Mike comments repeatedly that the intelligent-looking dragon shown on one of the pages has poison.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — The negative zone contains poison capsules. There is a poison bottle called "Toratan".
  • Email trading cards — One of Stinkoman's moves is "Cheatball Poison Rain Vornado"
  • Teen Girl Squad issue 13 — Mrs. Tompkinsrobotmomerson asks "What's poison control?" before she leaves to search for future ex-husbands.
  • Email pet show — The Cheat pours "Puke Drops" into Mme. Bodwell's glass in order to win the Best In Sheen contest.
  • Baddest of the Bands — When Marzipan autographs a Cool Tapes picture for Strong Bad with "Dear Awesome Strong Bad, you are not awesome", Strong Bad replies, "I was just going to throw poison tipped darts at it anyway."

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