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Happy New Year 2012!

After two years, that one Anonny is finally here. Thank Theycallmefree for delivering the final blow for the inspiration for me to finally join!

For those who are wondering, my name originates from a store mentioned on Strong Sad's Lament (which Strong Sad was banned from in an interesting story).

[edit] My history with Homestar Runner

My first experience (or "impression") of Homestar Runner was a bad one. I believe I was browsing the iTunes Music Store for podcasts when I noticed what might have been the Homestar Runner podcast. It's a vague memory, but it looked like the Homestar and Strong Bad Poster (but with Strong Bad popping out of the left side), and apparently something that looked like the White House or some white US government building, to the right with a flag hanging off of it. The podcast was labeled as explicit. I doubt this was actually it, but when I saw Homestar Runner for real the first time I thought I was watching something I shouldn't have been.

In early 2007, a friend's friend and I were on the computers at school one morning. He was wondering if linking directly to a file would bypass the filter we had at school. The link was to First Time Here, and I found it funny. I think the sailor costume was what was chosen for Homestar out of the random costumes, too, if I remember correctly. Fortunately, wasn't, and still isn't, blocked, but now with a new filter it blocks this wiki's domain under "forums and blogs" (and it block's Wikipedia's edit page under the same category...huh). Afterwards, he showed me kids' book and I was hooked. Then it seemed classmates watched a bunch of Strong Bad emails that week, and people especially liked guitar. Of course, like some of you, I wasn't at all familiar with the characteristics of the Homestar Runner Universe the first time I saw it, so at first it was all strange. I especially wondered why all the characters looked so strange, especially in the moving silhouettes in the first background of the Fluffy-Puff commercial in retirement (and I watched that email a lot). The following week, I watched your funeral and Drive-Thru. One day I showed my sister the site, and she soon starting liking Teen Girl Squad. I believed she watched all of them, and one time, my sister showed my mother and I her favorite part of Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, which was the "Uh-oh. We got a spinner." part, which we all liked.

Later on, we bought a lot of merchandise, enough to get all of the Freebies. We got all the strongbad_email.exe DVDs there were at the time (which was up to disk five), some t-shirts and Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits. As soon as I got all of the strongbad_email.exe DVDs I watched everything on them. And, except for pizzaz, had already watched all of them online, so I went through all 160 emails and their commentaries. I am crazy. I think it took me all just one day to go through all of the emails' commentaries.

When the "Save The Cheat Foundation" offer was around since the infamous Kick The Cheat toy was going away, my sister and I both got one. Right now we have no idea which one is who's.

Ever since my interest (and comprehension of the Homestar Runner Universe) has been growing ever since. However, at school classmates no longer take Homestar Runner lightly. They now consider it as "something that was funny in third grade", and they really don't find it funny, and often ask me to stop watching.

But, this school year, I've met a few more people who actually recognized my Strong Bad shirt (one day, I was wearing both my Strong Bad shirt and the skull n' cross-bones Strong Bad hoodie, to which quite a few recognized). One, to my knowledge so far, knows about the wiki, however he isn't too crazed to join. He used it once for one of our walkthrough articles.

[edit] My history with Homestar Runner Wiki

I eventually discovered the Homestar Runner Wiki in a Google search, again, if memory serves me correctly. At first I didn't really notice, or care, but eventually looking through I found it interesting. At one point, I made my first and hasty edit, that was just a repeated "Real-World References" statement, and was reverted. Well, actually, my first edit was on HRWiki:Introduction, but does that really count?

In Later Months I transcribed the commentary for redesign, since I was a Mac fanboy at the time, and Mike in the commentary "mentioned" the name of The Cheat's new computer (which looked similar to some polycarbonate plastic iMac with the iSight camera). I tried to claim it a few days before I had the time to do it, and being inexperienced with MediaWiki markup and the standards it was an utter mess between me and a few other users (and thanks for the hekp, guys!). The big issue was that I was using Safari and the textarea is displayed in a sans-serif font, and I thought bold was done by a quote and apostrophe (with Helvetica at that font point, you can get the two easily mixed-up). I also got a spot on Loafing's Hall of Fame when editing the article for Monosodium Dreams. To be honest, I was trying to, heh heh.

When original was released, I, not with the Greasemonkey script (I wasn't even aware of it's existance!), but the Flash menu by viewing the flash file directly, found a Goof with Strong Bad's neck as Bubs was punching him. I took a screenshot, uploaded it online long enough for It's Dot Com to put it on here and use it.

At one point I found out about the Greasemonkey script through a mention it in a description of an easter egg (from mile?), downloaded Firefox, and got it. Somehow before or after that I had learned about the Subtitles project, and quickly, knowing some HTML at the time (I'm not to sure I was aware about XML then), caught on.

[edit] Notable Contributions

I just quickly (if you'd consider a period of a couple hours "quick") ran over my IP contributions according to my list. Here are some of my major, or notable contributions. These are in no particular order, but for the most part they are in descending chronological order.

[edit] On IP Addresses

[edit] Subtitles

[edit] On my account

Watch as I take over RecentChanges!
  • Created the transcript for independent, which took quite some hours out of my day.
  • That'sBupkis and I converted several navigation templates to MediaWiki tables, spruced them up with some CSS, and undid my whole "<br style="clear:both;" />" thing from when I was an anonny. As of 19 Sep 2009, 20:56 UTC, we're not done yet.
  • On 31 Dec 2009, I have begun to transcribe/checked the commentaries for strongbad_email.exe Disc Six.
  • Numerous Image Summary Cleanups.
  • Replaced hyphens and raw em dashes on the Main Pages' Button Effects section with the entity.

[edit] Both

  • Created one heck of a long external links list, and did a great amount of work on all things related to Thorax Corporation.

[edit] IP Addresses Used By Me

One day, I made a list of all the IP addresses I could find that I used, and made a list that would grow a little bit. These aren't all of them, but all of them are related to some of my major contributions. Here it is, copied right from the text file!

IP Adresses:
# (Jul 12 2009- (Jan 8 2009-Mar 4 2009) (Apr 10 2009) (Apr 7 2009-Apr 9 2009) (Dec 6 2008-Dec 21 2008) (Nov 23 2008-Dec 6 2008) (Nov 18 2008-Nov 22 2008) (Nov 12 2008-Nov 17 2008) (Nov 9 2008-Nov 11 2008) (Oct 13 2008-Nov 1 2008) (Sep 7 2008-Sep 13 2008) (Sep 6 2008-Sep 7 2008) (May 26 2008-May 28 2008) (Apr 28 2008-May 18 2008) (Apr 10 2008-April 22 2008) (Mar 20 2008-Mar 22 2008)

---- (Nov 21 2007) (Sep 25 2007) (Sep 3 2007-Sep 4 2007) (Sep 8 2007-Sep 10 2007) (Jul 13 2007-Jul 16 2007)
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