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Just hangin' out.

Product description:

The Homestar and Strong Bad poster depicts everyone's two favorite characters against the colorful background of Free Country, USA.

The Homestar and Strong Bad poster was sold in the Yahoo Store. The poster depicted a stylized illustration of Homestar Runner standing in the Field with Strong Bad leaning in from the edge of the poster. A small H*R logo appeared in the top left corner.

[edit] Differences

Homestar, Strong Bad and their surroundings have a stylized appearance in this poster:

  • General differences
    • The Field has little stubs of grass
    • There's no shadow from the bushes in the background
    • The bushes have no shading
    • Shading does not quite touch the characters' outlines
    • The characters have black outlines, and their edges are outlined in white
  • Homestar's differences
    • The back of his shirt has different shading
    • The front of his shirt has no shading
    • Legs have asymmetrical shading
    • The blue soles on his feet have no shading
  • Strong Bad's differences
    • Blue diamond has no shading on the left of it
    • Gloves have no window reflection
    • Eyes have no gradient
    • Black part of mask has no shading
    • Pants have no shading (although we can't see much of them)
    • Feet do not have white soles

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