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Early 404 head

The Strong Bad 404 Error Page was an early custom 404 page on, later replaced by the 404'd page. A stylized graphic of Strong Bad taunted you for reaching a non-existent page. The user was then directed back to the Yahoo! Web Hosting page.




OOPS! You bwoke it.

The requested URL was not found.

We're sorry, you did something wrong.

Some possible reasons for this error are listed below:

  • The page you have requested no longer exists.
  • You have your head up your stupid, ugly butt.
  • The page you have requested has been moved.
  • Your crappy computer is full of crap, crap, and more crap.
  • The web site you are trying to reach no longer exists.
  • Homestar is a stupid crap for brains webmaster.

Please visit

Fun Facts


  • The color within the rectangle around Strong Bad's head is a slightly lighter shade of blue. This is because the background color in the image is slightly lighter than the background used for the page itself.

Fast Forward

  • The stylized graphic of Strong Bad's head would later be used in Main Page 11.
  • ”Oops! You bwoke it.” was later used as the Page Title for the 404’d page.

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