Strong Mad and Marzipan's Relationship

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"That's the best stack of VHS tapes I've ever..."

Strong Mad and Marzipan’s relationship is an oddly friendly and supportive one. Marzipan can be seen supporting and encouraging Strong Mad many times and in return Strong Mad gives her a hand. Due to Strong Bad’s influence however they can be at odds with each other.

Strong Mad and Marzipan getting along

Strong Mad and Marzipan in Conflict

  • The Luau — Strong Mad helps Strong Bad steal firewood from behind Marzipan’s gazebo.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 4.0 — Strong Mad (unsuccessfully) prank calls Marzipan's answering machine.
  • The Reddest Radish — Strong Mad helps Strong Bad steal Marzipan's radish.
  • 3 times Halloween Funjob — Strong Mad "papers" Marzipan's house by punching a hole in it with a roll of toilet paper.
  • origins — Strong Mad tries to spraypaint Marzipan with cooking spray.
  • senior prom — Strong Mad helps Strong Bad crash the senior prom that Marzipan attends. (If anyone can word this better, please do.)
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