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I know that this isn't all of the times "-'d" has occurred -- the glossary lists at least FLOOR TOMMED!, POM-POMMED?, TWELVE-SIDED DIE'D in addition to what's already here, but I can't remember where they occurred. Please add them along with their locations. -- Wfaulk 17:38, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

I started doing a complete list, but I need to quit now; I'd love for somebody to continue. Make sure to check the release dates; so far they should be chronological. Also, I was thinking after getting the list completed, some references in the text can be taken out (especially those following the phrase "delivered by Arrow'd Guy" which weren't actually). —AbdiViklas 17:57, 31 December 2005 (UTC)



Do "p├śwned!!" and "p4wned!" count as -'d? --smileyface.PNG11945 (Talk/Ctrbs) 18:05, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

Not sure. They probably shouldn't, because powned is always spelled with a d on the end. We should delete them or at least mention that they are honarary only.-Runstar Homer


Is this not, if at least partially, already listed at Arrow'd Guy under the Arrow'd Guy at Work section? — Lapper (talk) 18:25, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

Yes, a huge majority, if not all, is taken from the glossary and, like Lapper said, arrow'd guy. This article best serves as a redirect to one of those two. Rogue Leader / (my talk) 22:02, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

As I write this, eight separate people have worked on this page in the six days of its existence, none of whom I (the creator of the article) recruited. There is at least some interest in it. I don't really understand why you're so opposed to its existence. It certainly works better as an article than as a category (I made a bad assumption about how many separate articles there might be about it), but I think the notion that it's useless is disingenuous. — Wfaulk 22:14, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

Age of Empires III

No mention of the "Musketeer'd!" cheat code in Age of Empires III? This lurker is shamed.

Mr. Lurker didn't check Game Sightings? This Lapper is shamed. — Lapper (talk) 02:18, 14 February 2007 (UTC)


wasn't there a VOIP'd in one of the Teen Girl Squad episodes? I seem to remember that, but can't find that term anywhere in the wiki.

There were a couple instances of Voip, but no 'd, I believe. Trey56 00:22, 15 May 2007 (UTC)
Nope. This guy.


I personally think that should be on the list!

Thats all. Button.
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