The Cheat Evolution

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Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
File:oldthecheat.gif The 1st The Cheat design 1996 Original Book, flashback N/A
The 2nd The Cheat design 1999 Old Characters Page Wider and larger, thicker outlines, fewer spots, three tufts of fur on head instead of four, darker yellow, eyes closer together, right "foot" shorter.
The 3rd The Cheat design 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest Smoother, thinner outlines, Eyes are now glossy, slightly lighter yellow, hands are rounded.
The 4th The Cheat design 2000 The Luau, Theme Song Video, A Jorb Well Done, The Interview, A Decemberween Pageant Colored outline, yellow slightly lighter.
Current The Cheat December 2001 The Best Decemberween Ever to current More advanced shading, glossier eyes, darker outline than the fourth version, lighter color.
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