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The Cheat has not changed much in appearance after his first Flash design. After several revisions to his coloring and shading, he has looked largely the same since late 2001.

Image Remarks Created Appearances What's Changed?
First design

Although referred to as a "cheat", that is not specified as his name. 1996 Original Book

flashback; Main Page 20, The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw; Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold

Second design

Named "The Cheat" January 2000 Old Characters Page

The Cheat is wider and stockier, positioned in a more upright stance with a shorter right "foot", and stands slightly shorter. His fur has a warmer shade, with a gradient color, while he has fewer dark spots. The front of his head is less pointed, and he has only three tufts of fur on his head instead of four. His eyes are closer together and shaped like ovals.
Third design

April 2000 (or earlier) Dancin' Bubs; Character Cards; The Reddest Radish; Yearbook Character Page (in photo)


His overall appearance has been cleaned up, with smoother, thinner lines and rounder spots. His eyes now shine. His fur is more of a golden tone.
In some appearances, his outer lines have a "shaggy" furred look to them.
Fourth design

April 2000 (or earlier) A Jumping Jack Contest

Hremail 7

The Cheat's fur is now goldenrod rather than gradient bright yellow. The spiral on his chin is tighter. His "hands" are more rounded. His shading has gone. His spot pattern has been revised to more circular spots that occasionally overlap; the pattern is exactly the same in all subsequent designs.
Fifth design

May 2000 (or earlier) Theme Song Video; Homestarloween Party; Strong Bad Sings

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His outlines are now colored.
Sixth design

December 2000 A Holiday Greeting; The Luau; A Jorb Well Done; The Interview; A Mother's Day Message; The House That Gave Sucky Treats; Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True; Some Stupid Turkey; Yearbook Character Page; lunch special; privileges; Toikey TV; Compy Catalog He has a little bit of shading.
This design is sometimes used in conjunction with the current design, typically when he is lying on his back or for a rear view.
Seventh design

This is the current design. December 2001 Toons from The Best Decemberween Ever to current; Main Pages 15 and 23; various Strong Bad Emails starting with i rule; Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 8.0; Teen Girl Squad Issue 10; Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2 His shading has been redone, with highlights added as well. His eyes are glossier, with a second highlight spot. He is drawn with a darker outline that varies in width to add depth.

Starting with Where U Goin' 2?, The Cheat has gained a new walking animation, bouncier than the previous ones.

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