Crisper Drawer

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In cake form
The Cheat in a crisper drawer.
6 years later.

The crisper drawer, presumably of the Strong household's refrigerator, is another one of The Cheat's privileges. He got this privilege by becoming a medallion gold plus card member from Strong Bad's scorecard. In the crisper drawer The Cheat orders pizza from Bubs and watches the television while using the mute button. It seems to contain at least 2 carrots and one green vegetable, possibly lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, or the tops of the carrots. In Strong Badia the Free, Strong Bad bribes The Cheat into joining Strong Badia by saying, "I'll let you sleep in the crisper drawer, while it's still in the fridge!"

In Compy Catalog, the crisper drawer makes another brief appearance. However, it is implied that the contents of the drawer have never been changed. The carrots now show signs of decay, sagging at the tips, as do the unnamed leaves at the other end of the drawer.

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