The Deathly Pallor

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"Don't you touch that ZABITTABLOUGH!"
Deathly Pallor

The Deathly Pallor is the on-air name of Strong Sad. In the email radio, Strong Sad is used as a pawn by Strong Bad to dispense advice to radio hosts. Since the first rule of thumb for radio personalities is to look nothing like they sound, Strong Bad somehow forces his little brother to have the over-the-top voice of a radio shock jock. While in this state, Strong Sad refers to himself as "The Deathly Pallor," a nickname given to him by Coach Z during the Strong Sad Lookalike Contest in the email impression. The Deathly Pallor works for station WA3D, numbitty 902 FM, "The Sturge".

The Deathly Pallor also appeared in trading cards, where he was featured as a card in The Beleaguered: Alliance and uses a "Lonely Lurker Attack".

Strong Sad used the term to refer to himself in Mr. Poofers Must Die, when he invokes supernatural force against the gang's Halloween story.

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