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Homestar Hitchcock Presents

Some elements of the Homestar Runner body of work draw inspiration from movies and television programs directed by Alfred Hitchcock, especially the hit Psycho.

[edit] References

  • An old loading screen that featured the outline of Homestar Runner's profile was modeled after Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
  • Experimental Film — The swinging lightbulb and the oscillating shadows it creates are from the famous penultimate scene in Psycho, and Strong Sad falling into a descending spiral of presidential faces references Vertigo.
  • That a GhostThe Old Pietimer Place looks inspired by the Bates mansion from Psycho.
  • Email retirementMarshie telling his mother to walk away references Psycho, and the painting of her resembles the caricature seen in the opening for Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
  • Jibblies 2Coach Z's line about a shower being the safest place for a "pretty young thing" references such movies as Psycho that feature a woman getting killed while taking a shower.
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Strong Bad recalls that he and Strong Sad used to play, "Who's hiding behind the shower curtain with a knife" (another Psycho reference) in their bathroom.

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