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"Lucasfilm" redirects here. For the company formerly known as Lucasfilm Games, see LucasArts.

The works of George Lucas and Lucasfilm, especially the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, have left a profound impact on filmmaking and pop culture, and Homestar Runner is no exception.

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[edit] Star Wars

See main article: Star Wars

Lucas created the Star Wars series, writing and directing the first movie and continuing to write and/or direct the subsequent five films. He remained heavily involved in many aspects of the series until the 2012 sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.

  • Email what i want — Strong Bad asks the sender, Talon Jendro, if George Lucas came up with his name.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Using the glowstick on the katana causes Strong Bad to say, "Glowing swords used to be cool, until someone ruined my childhood", referring to fan backlash against Lucas driven by his work on the Star Wars Special Editions and prequel trilogy which some fans considered to have "ruined" their childhood fondness for the series.

[edit] Indiana Jones

See main article: Indiana Jones

The Indiana Jones character was created by Lucas, with Steven Spielberg joining as director and collaborator on the first four movies.

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