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Creepy pants all the time get some light globes.

There have been numerous occasions when the phrase "all the time" is used when "always" would be more appropriate. The phrase is also occasionally used in statements of obvious falsehood.

[edit] Appearances

  • Main Page 5 — The page title is "Doing it right ways all the time...It's Homestar Runner!"
  • Email personal favorites (DVD commentary) — Mike says that "people would all the time email [them]".
  • Videlectrix — The first update says that they are "all the time working on new games and titles".
  • New Boots — Coach Z raps that "ladies all the time be askin' [him]... how come [he doesn't] dance no more".
  • Email the facts — About his catchphrase in his cartoon, Homestar says, "I'd be all the time sayin' 'That's bupkis!'"
  • Sample of Style — Mike comments that "people are all the time asking [him] how [he does] those stupid voices".
  • Sample of Style Too — Parodying the structure of the first, Mike comments that "people all the time coming up to [him] on the street", and also later remarks the ping-pong balls on Matt's motion capture suit are "all the time sending out electronic messages".
  • Email long pantsStrong Bad modifies the email to say "Creepy pants all the time get some".
  • Fall Float ParadeCoach Z refers to Bubs as the guy who he's "just all the time hangin' around and doin' stuff with".
  • Email highschool — Strong Bad talks about how he and Strong Mad were "all the time trying to liberate Homestar from his ridiculous stripèd pants".
  • Email disconnected (DVD commentary) — Matt says "they were all the time just vlipped on vlop."
  • Costume Commercial — Homestar says that his Bubs costume is "just like Bubs all the time wears".
  • Where My Hat Is At? (toon) — Homestar claims to all the time drive around a car, which he all the time calls an auto.
  • April Fools' 2014 — Homestar says that "peoples all the time be askin' me: 'Hey Homestar! How come you stopped updating [your website]?'"
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 16.2 — Strong Bad tells Strong Sad via answering machine, "I left some of my stuff over at Marzipan's the last time she always had me over there for dinner all the time."
  • Fan Costumes 2015 — While wearing bad costumes of themselves, Strong Bad greets Homestar with "Hey, All-The-Time Homestar."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 — Strong Bad calls Marzipan pretending to be her acupuncturist, "Joanie Allthetime".
  • Skills of an Artist - End Boss — Strong Bad says that people all the time ask him how to draw an end boss.
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