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"Greetings, all you morones. Holy crap!"

Although most toons are implied to be set during the time they are released, some cartoons are meant to be set well before or after the date they were made. However, the beginning and end of these cartoons are often set in the present-day.

[edit] Past

ToonDescriptionRelease DateChronological Date
sb_email 22 This email was released after vacation, the 40th Strong Bad Email. September 2, 2002 April 10, 2002
flashback Strong Bad pulls out a storybook detailing how he and Homestar Runner first met. March 16, 2004 Before the Original Book (1996) Remarking that the email he received that day closely resembles one from his past, Strong Bad plays a Laserdisc showing him answering that email in the style of Marshmallow's Last Stand. August 8, 2005 Around 1999-2000
original Strong Bad shows what the website looked like before Bubs was a member of the main cast, showcasing Original Bubs, his departure, and many replacement Bubses. September 3, 2007 Various unknown times before Where My Hat is At? (2000), albeit with the characters' modern depictions
The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw Strong Bad reads another storybook, this time regarding the origin of Homestar Runner's signature red shirt. In addition to the main plot taking place in storybook times, the story is told by Strong Bad around the date of flashback in 2004 (as revealed by his use of the Compy 386), despite the toon being released in 2008, making this toon a flashback within a flashback. April 14, 2008 The storybook takes place post-flashback and pre-Original Book (1996), while the end scene is presumably between March 16 and November 15, 2004
Hremail 7 This cartoon is shown to be made in 2001, despite being released in 2009. It shows how Strong Bad supposedly first received the Tandy 400, and is animated in the style of A Jumping Jack Contest. Likewise, Hremail 49 and Hremail 24, which were referenced in email thunder, were released as Easter eggs shortly afterward. May 4, 2009 Between January 1 and August 22, 2001
Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold Though long rejected, Homestar and Strong Bad pull this storybook out of the shed to discover what would have happened if it were released back then. September 2, 2016 (shown live, early version)/December 24, 2016 (on site) Around 1996, post-The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
The Homestar Runner Enters The Spooky Woods Strong Bad reads another storybook, this time Halloween-themed. October 30, 2019 Around 1996, post-The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw

[edit] Future

ToonDescriptionRelease DateChronological Date
All 20X6 toons These toons are presented as a futuristic anime version of Free Country, USA, and implied to be the future in the email time capsule. January 6, 2003 and beyond 20X6
2 years Strong Bad shares his predictions of what Strong Badia will look like in 2 years. These events did not come to pass. September 22, 2003 2005
Bonus email Accent Strong Bad looks at a projection of his accent's decline in five years, made by Strong Sad. These events did not come to pass, either. June 5, 2007 2012

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