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Remember those guys from that band Limozeen?

Multiple bands throughout the Homestar Runner body of work were introduced in the Strong Bad Email band names.

Asked to help the sender come up with a name for his band, Strong Bad first recommends using "a really cool last name" (citing Van Halen, Dokken and Z'Nuff) before suggesting taking "a really cool word but then spell[ing] it all wrong." He offers four ideas: "Lazor", "Bigg Nife" (an indirect reference to i love you), "Limozeen" and "Taranchula". All four would see later reference as in-universe bands, with widely varying levels of detail and prominence.


[edit] Lazor

See main article: Lazor
You know like... "LAZOR",—

Lazor was the first proposed band name. It was later confirmed to be a real band in Limozeen Live, though they have yet to appear in an actual cartoon or have a full song.

The only known member, guitarist "Crush", gave his top hat to Larry Palaroncini.

[edit] Bigg Nife

See main article: Bigg Nife
—or "BIGG NIFE"—

The band name Bigg Nife references the running gag of Big Knives. Introduced with a metal riff and a glam-rock "well all right!" vocal, similar to what Limozeen would become, years later their first full song The Archer instead featured a slower hard rock style. The band has seen brief mentions but has never made an appearance in a toon.

[edit] Taranchula

Final Taranchula logo
See main article: Taranchula
—or something like "TARANCHULA"—

Taranchula first appeared as a proposed band name, accompanied by a heavy metal riff. The band would later be established as a Scandanavian death metal band, sounding very similar to the riff from this email (the same sound byte accompanied their appearance on the Half-Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour).

[edit] Limozeen

Final Limozeen logo
See main article: Limozeen
—or maybe like "LIMOZEEN".

Limozeen was the final name proposed by Strong Bad, accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar sound. Later entries in the Homestar Runner body of work would establish Limozeen as a glam metal group, sounding closer to the riffs that accompanied Lazor or Bigg Nife in this toon.

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