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Butt-Patting Action!

Butt-Patting is an apparent habit of Coach Z.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email stand-upLil' Strong Bad thanks Coach Z "for not patting [his] butt."
  • Email action figure (Easter egg) — The Coach Z action figure has "Butt-Patting Action".
  • Email keep cool — Coach Z is disappointed to hear that one of the pool rules is "no butt-patting".
  • Email trading cards — Coach Z's butt patting record for 1984 is 23. (Homestar was the recipient of all but one of those butt pats, the one in question going to Coach Z himself.) Also, a quote on the back of Coach Z's trading card reads, "Ol' Butt Patterson once made a castle out of toilet paper!"
  • Homestar Ruiner — Coach Z's office is referred to as "the Temple of Butt-Pattery".
  • Coach Z's 110% — Coach Z claims to have a "butt-patented system" towards teaching victory.

[edit] Related Appearances

  • Email 1 step ahead — After Strong Bad glues Strong Sad's hands to his butt, Coach Z cheers Strong Sad on.
  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — According to Homestar, somebody was "a-grabbin' a-my butt" when the lights go out. Coach Z and Bubs stood right behind him at the time.
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