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Party! Clapping Party!

Clapping Party is a video game originating from the Strong Bad Email slumber party, which Homestar Runner says is the only video game he is allowed to play. Its objective is to cause two on-screen hands to clap by clicking the text "PRESS HERE TO CLAP". After clapping three times, a screen will appear that says "ROUND CLEAR!!". On the second round, clapping three times unlocks Blistergeist mode. This involves a ghost in a hockey mask attacking the hands with a chainsaw, causing large blisters to appear on them. It can be played by clicking the word "questionable" at the end of slumber party.

According to Strong Sad, the game features an end boss.

The false autoplay for the Halloween toon Haunted Photo Booth on YouTube is apparently a video of 10 hours of 1080p Clapping Party gameplay.

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