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Doug the Dino is a short stop motion film created by Strong Mad. Strong Bad criticizes this film for displaying misguided direction, a lack of comedic timing, and being riddled with gaping plot holes. It seems as though major plot points include a Dinosaur named Doug mauling a green cylinder and getting flushed down a toilet. Strong Sad later wrote up a full treatment for Doug the Dino, which Strong Mad didn't seem to be interested in. The film is also one of the times that blood is featured in the Homestar Runner body of work.

[edit] Transcript

{A title made out of clay which says "DOUG THE DiNO" (the "O" in Dino is in the shape of an egg) appears.}


{Cut to two clay cylinders. A clay dinosaur enters. Strong Mad makes various noises to go along with the action. Doug the Dino roars. The green cylinder flips over like a Slinky and a smiling face appears on it. Suddenly, Doug the Dino attacks it and it spills clay blood. While Doug is eating the green cylinder, a tape dispenser can be seen for a few frames. The yellow cylinder appears to flee as Doug licks his lips. A clay toilet enters and Doug presses the flush lever. The seat lifts and a red appendage appears out of the toilet, grasps Doug by the face, and pulls him in. The green cylinder "sits up" and smiles and Strong Mad's hand can be seen leaning on the table for a few frames.}

[edit] Appearances

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