Fishing Challenge '91

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"Come on and get in the boat!"
Total logo action

Fishing Challenge '91 is a game by Totalsoft Electronicals LLC,,. It is only accessible via the email lures & jigs.

Strong Bad sees how good the graphics are and (mistakenly) assumes that the sound will be "just as good".

[edit] Game Play

  • Press "L" to lure.
  • Press "J" to jig.
  • Green Fish = 50 or 100 pts.
  • Grey Fish = 100 pts.
  • Red Fish = 400 or 500 pts.

[edit] Hints and Tips

  • Grey fish seem to respond best to lures, while green and red fish respond best to jigs.
  • If you repeatedly alternate between pressing J and L, you'll catch every fish on the screen.
  • The score in the lower-left corner only displays the left most four digits. When your score reaches 10000, it will display 1000, hiding the ones digit.
  • Hit the buttons while the fish are exhaling bubbles for the best chance to catch them.

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