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Open late, free delivery Acupuncture and Pizza is a pizza place that offers acupuncture services, perhaps by using the needles as pizza toppings. It is found in chapter 16 of the phone book. It is open late, and offers free delivery. your funeral
Diskettes ETC. Diskettes Etc. is a company that sells computer hardware like floppy diskettes. Homestar Runner wears an orange polo with their logo. other days
"Look at those hills." Faceless Megacorp is a very large company which sponsors Characters from Yonder Website. It has a couple of hills on the logo. Characters from Yonder Website
"Primary and secondary investments simply won't be enough." Hot Jones Investments is a company whose polo shirts Homestar Runner and Strong Bad are seen wearing "8 or 7 years" after the events of too cool.
The company has no known relation to the Hot Jones beverage.
too cool
"Makers of funny products and funnier slogans!" joshCO! is the company that created the game "The Stab Yourself!". The company's name is a play on the email closing "Josh CO", and is referred to by Strong Bad with the slogan "makers of funny products and funnier slogans". nightlife
"Pledge it out!"
See main article: Kickcheater
sbemail 206, @StrongBadActual, PAX East - 8 Apr 2018, The Deleteheads Download, Trogdor!! The Board Game (video)
Kung-Fu Dragon is a Chinese takeout restaurant mentioned in Dangeresque Roomisode 1. Dangeresque has a container of takeout food from the restaurant in his office. Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate
"May the best man whine." Lump of Dump Pictures is the company producing the Strong Sad film Whined & Dined. narrator
Vera low prices guaranteed Manolios Ugly One's Lectro-pawn is a pawn shop owned by The Ugly One's father, specializing in used and broken electronic goods. Manolios has a flair for sales, except his stock is somewhat less than functional: he showcases a broken VCR and a smashed VHS tape in the "commercial" for Lectro-pawn and tried to sell a half-stereo to D n' D Greg for "two seventy-five". His catchphrase, muttered in tiny letters after his more bold sales pitches: "or something like that." Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
Micro Palace Micro Palace is a computer-related company, likely a parody of computer retail store Micro Center. Strong Bad wears a blue polo shirt with their logo on Biz Cas Fri. other days
Ol' Fatty's 'Lectric Boots Ol' Fatty's is the company that manufactures the "whisper quiet" 'Lectric Boots mail-ordered by Strong Bad. extra plug
"I am contractually unable to drink, talk about, or bathe in any other liquid!" The Ethical Advancement of Melonade makes different varieties of Melonade numbering in the hundreds. Homestar Runner is their national spokesmodel. Hremail 7
Th-th-these jerks STOLE IT! That Floating Horror appears to be Marshie's own personal branding, separate from Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. Stack 'Em to the Heavens!
This is the Totalsoft Electronicals LLC,,. Logo Totalsoft Electronicals LLC,,. is the company behind the game Fishing Challenge '91. lures & jigs
Very Old Inc. Very Old Inc. is the company that makes "Oh No You Dent! Denture Tablets". retirement

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