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Heading to the Food Court

A food court is a type of indoor plaza contiguous with the counters of multiple food vendors and providing a common area for self-serve dining. In the United States, food courts became popular in the 1980s in shopping malls and airports. It is also a yet-to-be-seen but oft-mentioned location in the Homestar Runner universe. It is a place where the characters go to hang out and socialize. It is supposedly located in a mall, although this mall remains unseen as well. According to Strong Bad's description in haircut, it is located on a lower level of the mall.

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: Email i she beThe Cheat and Great Looking Girl plan to hook up at the food court.
  • Email haircut — Strong Bad says he would like to throw nickels at people in the food court, from that railing up above.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Strong Bad asks Homestar Runner if he wants to race to the food court.
  • Email technology — Strong Bad claims that cell phones were originally for sending misspelled messages to your friends, telling them where you are in the food court.
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