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A glow stick

Occasionally, characters have been seen with Glow Sticks. While The Cheat has most commonly used them, there have been other sightings of them. The Cheat has a pair of green glowsticks that have made numerous appearances in the Homestar Runner universe. He sometimes uses them to throw "lightswitch raves", as Strong Bad calls them. The Cheat does this by spinning them around while dancing to music and turning his lightswitch on and off. He is usually only seen with one glowstick in his hand, although he used two of them as earplugs in an Easter egg in extra plug. He did this to avoid hearing the 'Lectric Boots' obnoxiously loud hum when Strong Bad showed them off in Club Technochocolate. Strong Bad once asked him to break one of them open and pour it into Homestar Runner's Mountain Dew.

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: Email technoThe Cheat throws a "lightswitch rave" with one. Strong Bad comments that he wants to pour the contents of one into Homestar Runner's Mountain Dew.
  • Email monument — The Cheat throws another lightswitch rave.
  • Email extra plug — The Cheat plugs his ears with a pair of them.
  • Store — The Cheat is flicking the light switch on and off while twirling a Glow Stick.
  • Strong Badia the Free — There is a box of glow sticks in Club Technochocolate.
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