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"My life is a joke."

The King of Town is the de jure ruler of Free Country, USA. However, nobody wishes to acknowledge this; it's therefore possible that this character is a satire on the obsolescence of monarchy. He is not considered funny or cool by anyone. One of his main problems is that he is a glutton and will eat anything in front of him (except peas and whatsit). His favorite food is butter. He employs The Poopsmith and a few other characters. His age is known to be somewhere in his 60's. He also leads the K.O.T.H.S. Junior Varsity Marching Band during the Fall Float Parade. According to a message he left on Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2, he can play the guitar, and along with The Cheat, he has a cut a remix demo called "Not Talkin' About Butter". He also apparently has his very own "quite popular cartoon show" according to the email senior prom, but it was pre-empted in favor of a Strong Bad Email.

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