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The Journal of The Cheat Science and Medicine

The physiology of The Cheat is indeed mysterious. Although it is one of the great mysteries of the Homestar Runner universe, an in-depth and detailed look at the anatomy of The Cheat was published in the The Journal of The Cheat Science and Medicine. It was first seen as an Easter egg on the Strong Bad Email big white face. The Cheat's physiology just plain baffles Strong Bad.

The physiology of Blue Laser Commander was revealed in Blue Laserdisc Challenge and gives further insight into these mysterious creatures.

The Cheat's external and more easily observed features include his teeth, including one gold tooth (also one of the internal features). Although only four teeth are visible on the outside, it is revealed that The Cheat has five total. The Cheat has yellow and black fur with about 30 black spots visible at once. (more...)

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