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The venue

At the Georgia Tech talk of April 26, 2007, The Brothers Chaps gave a speech and demonstration at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The event was scheduled to include Q&A, background info, a Flash demo and more. It took place in the library of the Georgia Tech campus, in the multimedia studio that houses all of their high end multimedia software and equipment. The studio is currently decked out as "Mario-land" and discussions have taken place regarding the possibility of doing a Homestar Runner theme for the summer months. Alison Valk and Joel Linderman organized the event. Due to various programs on campus and the high interest of many of the students there in Flash animation, Alison and Joel felt The Brothers Chaps would be ideal speakers. Alison focused on the idea of collaborating with her management to bring in some "nontraditional speakers" to the library, such as "the guys from Homestar Runner."

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