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Spliced from Flashback, Pop-up and Monument

The computer room is where Strong Bad answers most of his emails. It contains his current computer, the Lappy 486; a Floppy Disk Container resting on a table; and the stool he sits on. Under the table is a power outlet for his computer, as well as an extra plug for additional electronics. On the far right side of the room, there is a window with an old sycamore tree outside. In pop-up, the ceiling of the computer room is shown to have recessed lighting, a fact which was previously stated in different town. Another custom feature of this room is the special light switch set just the right height for The Cheat. Strangely, the area beneath the light switches has no carpet. Mike Chapman makes fun of this oversight in the DVD commentary for techno, saying, "The Strong house has problems." (more...)

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